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Working Woman Hires Me First Time

I am Rahul from Bangalore.Now I am 25 year, average male 5’10’, not too slim.the decent looking guy with 5.5″ dick.This is my first story in ISS.I am working in Bangalore and also working as a male escort in Bangalore.

Back to my story,It started just before my 24th birthday,I was working in private firm in Bangalore. My life changed when I met Kiran.He was friend of my senior colleague.My colleague gave me intro to his friend Kiran. Who was working in MNC and he also runs a Male escort agency in South India, which is full of secret team. In few days We became good friends and Kiran told me to join his escort agency. I first told him no, after hearing more from him.i told ok to Kiran.he explained me everything about the service and told me that he will contact me soon.

After somedays, Kiran contacted me and told me to come to his office on next evening as he had my first client.I had already spent some time with Kiran.he told me,It won’t always be sex. Some ladies are dominant,some ladies want a man who do everything as they evening I arrived at his office and he gave me a number and told the lady name is Nethra( name changed) and you want to meet her tomorrow morning at the xxxxx Restaurant.he didn’t tell me anything and all I know is her husband left her.Is she pretty? I asked. All I can tell you is she is 38 years old,Kiran spoke.he shared my photo to her. So she will identify me.

38? To a twenty-three years old guy like me.I knew what I had been letting myself in, and Kiran told me that,she will pay me well.on next day,I dressed in formals and arrived the restaurant at the appointed time. A waiter told me to occupy a table.i sat there and looking around here and there.a lady there, smiled at me and my breath caught in my throat. she had a face of sultry beauty with wide eyes and warm kissable lips. My eyes took in the rest of her as she was wearing sleeveless t-shirt her cleavage was most inviting.she came to me and spoke, I am Nethra and you must be Rahul.I nodded my are not what I expected, she said as I sat opposite her.I asked for a man, but you are a young guy.I told her that this was my first.

She laughed, a lovely sound, Oh, then you must be nervous. She spoke, I know already about you, Kiran has told me everything She certainly did not look nervous.she told me that she had already fucked Kiran.she took wine after having finishing two glasses. she began to open out, that her husband had left her nine years early.He must have been mad, I said.She gave me a smile and her hand reached across the table to touch mine, We had finished the breakfast and she paid the bill.she said I choose this restaurant because my apartment is just around the corner.

Working Woman Hires Me First Time

It was only a short walk and she held my arm as we walked to a building where we took the lift to the second floor.The apartment was clearly owned by someone with money.We entered into her flat, she stood close to me and told me to kiss.i kissed her on lips, Her lips were soft and she came willingly into my arms.As we broke apart she took my hand and led me into a bedroom decorated in green bed cover. Green is My favourite colour, she said, and immediately slipped out of her sleeveless t-shirt.I stood near the king-size bed as she removed her t-shirt from her body. 38 years old!!! With a body like that?she was maintaining her body good.

a white bra gave little support to her big boobs, my eyes were fixed on her body as she undressed, and as she unhooked her bra and the bra dropped away to reveal a pair of boobs.Quickly I removed my shirt and I began unbuckling my pants she stood there watching. the pressure inside my pants increased. I stepped out of my pant.she started to remove her lower dress and soon became next second, we were side by side on her bed. I rested one hand on her hip, feeling her skin. She looked into my eyes.I will be as kind as you want me to be, I said and kissed her gently.this time her lips parted and her tongue slid into my mouth and for a while, we just lay there our tongues met each other.

After a few minutes, I moved my hand from her hip up to the side of her breast, and then pressed her right boob.Teasing around the nipple without actually touching it. The pressure of her tongue told me that this was having some effect on her body.then I allowed my finger to rest on her nipple, circling gently around her nipple.She broke the kiss and spoke,Kiran was never like that.Like what? I asked her. She told, Caring like you.I kissed down the side of her neck, moved my lips down to her boobs.For a brief moment, I sucked at the softness and licked around her nipple.I heard her breathing heavy as my tongue touched on her nipple.

Carefully I took it between my lips, the tip of my tongue licking over it as my lips squeezed around it.I spent several minutes on her breasts, occasionally rising to kiss her lips.The way I was lying alongside her my erect penis was just below her hip. One of her hands moved down to it. Her touch was light and teasing, it was time to take the next step.As her fingers started to move up and down on my shaft.My mouth continued to suck her wonderful boobs.I moved my fingers through her pubic hair for a while that moment her whole body tensed, and she jerked sideways.I am sorry.she murmured.

It’s all right, I told At the same time I kissed her gently. Now was the time to increase the momentum. I removed my lips from her lips and moved down over her smooth boobs until I was licking around her belly button, and then on down to her pussy. she gasped, I removed my finger from her pussy and replaced it with the tip of my tongue. Oooooooh she moaned.I rested my hand on the inside of her thigh, while my tongue circled and licked her clit, I was licking it like a drop of honey. I began to move my tongue up and down on her pussy.

Suddenly her body moved up, her pussy pushing hard against my face, as she moaned loud Oh, God. Do it. Do it, Rahul.Her hand pulled at my cock, wanting it in her.My finger was making circles around her pussy, finding it wetter, more ready to final action. I raised my head to see her face.I slid up alongside her and kissed her mouth, her tongue immediately met mine, while I gently parted her pussy lips and inserted my finger into the wet pussy. Her fingers closed around my erection and her touch made my dick hard.She broke our kiss to ask, Do you like my touch?

I told her it was good and asked her, Did you ever take dick in your mouth?She looked shocked.Never, she told. Is that what you want? I feel I owe you.I smiled at her words, No. Not necessary. This is your party and I think it’s time for the final act.I moved over her and began to place my cock between her thighs,I took the condom and started to roll down it on my dick but she reached down and spoke, Let me do this.she took my cock in her hand, rolled a condom over it and raised her hips.Carefully placed my dick tip at her entrance. A gentle thrust and I were three inches inside her.Slowly I made my next thrust, deeper into her wet cunt. I repeated the action, several times until I felt the walls of her vagina beginning to pull at me.

I made my stroke fast, each time going deeper. Listening to her breath, seeing her eyes rolling, her head beginning to make rounds, I moved slightly upwards so that each stroke made contact along with her clit and G-spot. Faster and deeper until she began to moan.In no time we were fucking hard. She herself moving up and down on my shaft.You, nethra, are a sex god, I whispered in her ear, and it was almost as though my words triggered her, for she gave a massive orgasm and a loud gasp as she collapsed backward taking my full weight and full length into her.

As I burst she moaned beneath me. I rolled down and slept next to her.When we finally calmed she lay with her head on my chest.after some time she got and went to clean herself.came back near me and took her handbag. Gave me 10k. But Kiran told me that I will get 5k. I asked her same. Nethra told that she really enjoyed my company so she is paying me to double. I kissed on her lips and got dressed and left from there.

If any women and girls living around Bangalore. Looking for sex, Just drop me a mail on [email protected] and I will share my photos with you.Many people have trust issues. I assure you that your identity will be a secret.I request to readers, please don’t ask contact numbers of my clients, they have great trust on me.

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