A Thrilling Fuck In A Theater | English Sex Story

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A Thrilling Fuck In A Theater

Hi all, This is Abhi from Chennai. I work with an MNC here and the story which I am going to narrate is a real Indian sex story which I had with my Ex-Girlfriend in 2012.

A short description of my Ex. She was 21 yrs then fair looking slim girl with sizes 33-32-34.I was 22 then. We were then in college final year and our hormones were also racing day by day. We didn’t have a place to spend privately then. So we thought we could go for a movie in the noon rather than roaming in the hot sun. So we went to a theater and got tickets for a long-running Telugu movie. When we showed the tickets to the attendant he told that only our 2 tickets were booked for the show. She gave a wicked smile to me and said you are going to enjoy.

We and sat in the middle of the theater in the corner seats. Then the movie started and I checked whether there is occupancy but it was empty. So thought this is the right time so I started kissing her chubby cheeks and then slowly went to her neck and started licking and kissing her there, I know it’s her weak point where she gets horny when kissed there. She got into the mood by then and pulled my face and sucked my lips like never before, I put my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it with her lips and she did so like me. We were exchanging our saliva.

By then my hands slowly went on her boobs and I slowly pressed them which were a handful for me, while pressing I came to know that she isn’t wearing a bra underneath her t.shirt. I could feel her big nipples protruding because of our act, this made me hornier and I pulled her t.shirt up and went between her legs there I saw the beautiful apples I just wanted to tease her more so went near her boobs and blew hot air on her nipples which were already like strawberries. This made her wetter and she took her nipple between her fingers and put it in my mouth. They were so soft that I started biting them and sucking her whole boob in my mouth. She was in ecstasy was moaning softly saying ouch aahhh ouch and saying bite it harder da.

A Thrilling Fuck In A Theater

After that, I was smooching and licking her soft and supple stomach area. I could feel her going wet in her jeans so I opened her pants button and pulled it little down till her thighs. Her panties were all wet with juices flowing from her pussy. I licked on the wet patch area of her panties and the aroma was awesome then I gave a bite on her pants and she wriggled and moaned aahhh ouch. I pulled her panty down and her pussy was neatly trimmed and glowing with juices. I went near her pussy and started licking slowly on her upper pussy lips she was moaning aaahhhh and said go deeper baby. Then I opened her lips with my fingers and went closer and started licking roughly inside her pussy and was tongue fucking her, she went crazy and pulled my head tightly and moaned aaahhhh ooooohhhhh. With that, it was 45 mins so I stopped for the interval to come.

Now after interval we could not stop and were very horny so I again opened her pants and started putting my finger inside slowly, with this she closed her eyes and started moving her hips to meet my finger fucking so I started fingering her faster then I fingered her with 2 fingers wherein I thrust my fingers deep inside and twist my fingers to feel more inside, with this her pussy juices started flowing more and more. With all this acts my cock was fully grown and throbbing to come outside.

I stopped fingering her and told her to suck my cock. She obediently kneeled down and started sucking my cock fully. The air conditioning was sending chills down my spine and I couldn’t control. My cock needed a warm place to be in. So I told her to lie down and I pulled pants till her knees and pulled her t.shirt up. As there wasn’t enough light it was a bit difficult to position my cock into her pussy. Once positioned I inserted slowly and it was tight it started paining for both of us. But I couldn’t stop it and slowly started pumping in and out. Oh, my goodness her pussy was all warm and tight. I felt like keeping my cock inside forever. She started to move her hips and moan accordingly. She started saying fuck faster da yes go deeper and faster aaahh yes yes. I started to bite her boobs and thrust my cock deeper.

We forgot that we were in a public place and we’re fucking like rabbits. Then I stopped her and made her to sit with me and fucked her. In this position, it was awesome as my cock hit her womb Everytime she sits fully on my cock. So she couldn’t hold that and started to cum on my cock in that position. It was an amazing and Thrilling experience where we had to keep checking if someone might come but we were unstoppable then. After that, as I didn’t wear a condom I was about to cum so I told her and took out and placed my cock in her mouth. She drank it fully and kissed me blissfully smiling. As it was the time we sat in our seats but I could not stop fiddling with her nipples which were in the size of strawberries.

So this is my experience friends but our relationship broke up in 2013 and she got married to someone else recently. After that, I’ve been alone and dint gets into any relationship. I am looking for a good relationship irrespective of any age group women with whom I can share my feelings and theirs too. For response please mail me at [email protected]

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