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The Marriage Night Sex

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Hi, guys and girls. This is Jack, 25 years old and doing my MBA in Mumbai. This site has had some really good hot stories which give us an awesome feel [actually more feel than watching :P]. So I thought why not share my experience here too. This happened last year when I and my family had decided to attend my father’s close friends daughters marriage. I did not know them so close because during my studies I had been in the hostel and was not here.
Coming to the story we reached Shukla uncles house the day before the marriage. As I knew before we had to come a day before and that and that I could not meet my girlfriend for the next two days we had a session just before I came here.

The Marriage Night Sex

On reaching Shulka uncles house we saw that the house was full of people and arrangements were going on. I also went about helping the people. Did not know how time had flown by it had become 9 pm and everyone started to settle down to sleep because the marriage was the next day. As it was very crowded everyone was sleeping on the floor. My mom and dad were given a bed as it would be difficult for them to sleep on the floor. I decided to sleep on the floor instead.
While lying down I was chatting with my girlfriend. The chat then slowly turned into a sex chat and she said she wants to fuck me now. I said her to finger her pussy by closing her eyes and thinking of me. She did as told and went offline but now I was hot so decided to go to the washroom and shake it off and came back and lied down. It was completely dark and only the moonlight coming through the window was a source of light. Somehow I felt something wrong.

I had not been in the place I had been before.On turning to my left side I saw a beautiful figure lying beside me.The moonlight was shining on her body. She was wearing a saree and below her navel. Her backside was visible to me. The moonlight shone on her hips which showed sweat drops because of the humidity. This turned me on. I moved closer to her and could not resist cuddling her. I kept my hand on her hips and started feeling it. OMG so fluffy and sexy. My hand automatically grabbed her whole body and pulled her towards me. She just moaned as though something was disturbing her sleep. But now I was cuddling her. My hands started pressing on her navel. I started circling around her belly button. She starts moaning and says ” Ohh Mohannn “. I now understood who should have been beside her and who is now. I decided to take full advantage of this situation.I started massaging her belly and sweat dripped hips.

She started moaning sexily. I was afraid someone would listen, so I signalled her to keep quite. While my hands were massaging her belly I bit her neck [ guyzz pls do not only fuck your partnerss give them the pleasure of love bites also especially on the neck and the ears… they ll go crazy.. trust me]. She went crazy and along with that I slide my hand through her saree to her panties. It was wet down there. I started circling above her panties. She orgasmed then holding my hand. I understood then that she was fresh and had not been used by anyone and she was experiencing such feelings for the first time. I made her turn towards me and pulled her towards me. We could feel each othrs breath. I took my lips closer towards her lips. She just kissed on my lips. An amateur kiss I would say without opening up her lips.But then she understood it was not her guy, but she just said “you are not Mohan “. I said ” Sorry, I could not resist you”.

“Just finish off what you started because I have never felt so good before,” she said

With this, she again started to bring her lips closer to mine but I had other intentions in mind. I just love to tease women to the limit which makes them hornier. I moved away from her whenever she came forward. After some unsuccessful attempts, I came above her. I took her hands behind her head and locked them there. Now I kissed her eyes, nose and came to her lips. I took her lower lip. Sooo soft and juicy they were and then she also understood the art of kissing. We had a really long smooooooch and she wanted more. But I stopped with kissing because I had other areas to cover. I started moving down her neck and gave her small kisses and then came to her boobs. I removed the saree pallu. Now she was in her blouse. I juz opened it and removed her bra too. Her white plump boobs were in front of me. I started circling around her nipples. She could not resist this and started whispering dirty.

“You are such a fucking teaser u bitch. Drink the milk inside you bastard. You are teasing me because your dick is small and have no other ways to please me”

I must admit she too knew how to tease and that caught me. On hearing this I got wild and started sucking her boobs. One after the other sucking it wildly. She started pulling my head more towards her boobs. Then moved towards her belly and encircled with my tongue. She had a nice long stomach line mostly like these Bollywood actresses. Then I went to her feet and started sucking those too. I lifted her saree and inserted my head inside to meet her pussy.She had widened her legs to accommodate my head. All my teasing had lost control now and I was like a mad man feeling the wildness of a desi women. Did not know desi women could be sooooo hottttt. I wildly smooched her pussy lips. She thought I would start off slow but she was shocked and enjoying it. I kept smooching it.

“AAAAHHhhhhhhhhh…….. lick itttttttt…like that ….yeeeaahhhhhhhhhh……… MMMMmmmmmm yeahhhh”. She was out of control. I was scared she would not wake up the rest of the people. But still, I was onto her. I licked her pussy clean. Her juices were tasting like sweet. Her husband did not enjoy these juices I think. Because if he would have he would never leave her even for a minute. Then I came again to her lips and started smooching again. She had kept her thighs on my legs and our legs were entangled together making us closer to each other.

“I want to fuck you,” I said

“No. I have been married for only a week. My husband has the right to make me lose my virginity. I don’t know if my husband can satisfy me or not like you did but still I don’t want to get into trouble” she said

I understood her feelings and said ” No probs. I understand. At least I could teach you to kiss properly”.

The climate was turning cold and we both cuddled together.
I was lying there with her warmness against my body. We slept off then

But there was still one question in my mind. Where did this Mohan go during the night leaving her sexy wife here?
That question has an answer in my very next story
Thank you guys and girls for reading through and hope u feel satisfied.

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I ensure you that you will have a good time and get really wet.

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