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Sexually Starved Housewife

I am living in Coimbatore for last 36 years. I respect womanhood and I vouch on the fact that a woman needs to enjoy sex more than a man and I have practically realized it whenever I loved a lady in bed. This happens when women don’t get fucked the way they want to be by their husbands. I like ladies with good looks, figure and good sense of humor. These qualities help me to bring out more out of me to offer services to the lady I am sexually playing with. Now I am going to narrate a story which I had experienced just a couple of years after college before my marriage. I was 24 years old then. This story is about my neighbor Nandini, she was the only daughter to her parents a typical south Indian girl, about 5.5 ft tall, plump body, sexy face and a course an out of the world body of 34-32-36 while she was just 29. I had known Nandini rs and shared a very strong relationship with their family. Her husband too trusted me with his wife. It was one of those times when I used to wait to get a glimpse of Nandini’s sexy boobs and also lusted for her body. But never showed it out as I was the most trusted friend of hers. Hence is waited quiet for my time. And my time came one day while I went to visit her at her mom’s house as she had just delivered her first baby. I went home and found both their parents getting ready leaving out for shopping. They told me that Nandini is in her room and I can close the door and go up.
Sexually Starved Housewife
I locked the door and went up and say Nandini sitting down and squeezing milk out of her tits into a glass. So I gently knocked the door and she got cautious and asked me to come in. She was really looking gorgeous, plump and shinny skin. And she was of course horny squeezing her own boobs. I did not know what to do. So I started talking casually to her and how her health was. She said everything was fine. Just that she has chest pain. I asked her why ? She did not want to answer, but I still kept asking about the chest pain. She kept postponing but I again got to the same question and she shyly told that she secrets more milk than her child can drink so her breasts feel filled, heavy and pain a lot, that’s why I keep milking myself and that very painful. I asked her if her husband does not drink her milk. She said shchee… I said boss ask him to drink. Then she said that her husband has never even sucked her nipples as he believes he can only suck his mom’s nipple and if he does so to his wife then his wife would be deemed to be mother. I though what an idiot who does not want to suck such beautiful boobs. Then I pointed towards the glass asked her what do you do with this milk, she said ‘what else to do. I throw it off’ I said how you could waste such nutritious milk. She jokingly said than what do I do pack it and sell is it.? I laughed at her joke and picked up the glass of milk and drank it immediately. Nandini was shell shocked. I looked at her and told her that it could be used this way too. And if you want to reduce the pain than I can drink it directly from your boobs.

Without wasting another moment I asked Nandini if she wants to feed me some now. And even she could answer I picked up her baby and kept it aside and went closer to her. And asked her if I can start. And she slowly lifter her hand kept it on my head and directed my head to her left boob. I lied down on her lap and waited as she opened her nightie and took out her left boob and directed her boob with her right hand into my mouth and pulled my head closer to her breast with her left hand. I opened my mouth and immediately started suckling her tits and streams of hot fresh milk started flowing into my mouth. The very thought that I was drinking Nandini’s milk shot a strong dose of adrenaline in my body. And my cock started reacting to the fresh gush of blood in my body. I kept sucking on her left boob and started playing with the other. And pinching her ultimately broke her silence and asked me why I did that. I told her that I always liked her and wanted to marry her. But destiny had other plans hence I could not. She became even more interested once I said I loved her. She started asking me from when and I had to prove it, so if pulled her close to me and took her lips in my mouth and we had a long kiss of tasting each other.

I immediately broke her kiss and started to suck and empty her left boob.. The milk started to drain and she immediately replace me with her right boob, again I had a fresh load of milk streaming and making me hot. I drew Nandini’s hand towards to turgid cock and guided her to stroke me, her warm hands were driving me nuts and I was going crazy with her hand job. I asked her if she had sex after her delivery, she said no. I asked her when did she stop, she said the moment I conceived we stopped. I was startled I told her that she should have had sex till the 9th month. I told Nandini that she has to have sex now. She was startled but could not resist the pleasure so she laid down the child on the bed and then whisperingly asked me to come to the other bedroom. It being the winter season all the windows were closed and screens drawn. There was a single bed there. When we entered the room I pulled her to me by her shoulder and hold her in a tight embrace. I put my lips on her lips and hungrily sucked the luscious lips. At the same time I inserted my right palm into the front opening of the unbuttoned nighty and pressed her left breast. It was quite firm and empty because of my earlier sucking. I took out the breast through that opening and put my mouth on the nipple which some time back was being sucked by the child and me. By my sucking streams of milk came out of it and I hungrily lapped it up. All this time she was just standing still with her eyes closed in embarrassment. I then kissed her closed eyes and earlobes. Immediately a light moan came out of her mouth and the small hairs at the back of her neck and hands stood up indicating her excitement.

This encouraged me to go further. By then my manhood inside my shorts was fully erect and touching her. I took her right hand and placed it on the stiff member. She just stood there holding it over my dress. Then I slowly lifted her nighty while caressing her thighs and continuing my nibbling at her ear lobes, eye brows, neck etc. At that moment Nandini showed her first movement by slowly lifting one leg of my shorts to reveal my penis. When it came out she caught hold of it and immediately opened her eyes in astonishment on its size and girth. She kept on staring at it while slowly stroking it in amazement as if it is the first time she is looking at a penis. Later she told me that the size of my penis was beyond her imagination as she had thought that all male penises are like her husband’s, only 3.5″ in erect state, but mine was 6″ in size with 2.5″ girth. By then I had lifted her nighty up to her pussy and I found no cover of panty there. I was quite excited then and started fingering her cunt lips and clitoris. At that time I found a lot of her secretions flowing out along her thighs. When I tried to lift her dress further she herself removed it completely over her head. Now she was standing in all her glory without a strand of thread on her. Her milky white complexion was shining in that bed light. I got mesmerized in that sight. When she found me staring at her bare body, she covered her face by her hands in shame. Then only I uttered my first words by calling her to look in my direction and removed her hands from her face. I then slowly removed my shorts and shirt. Both of us then stood staring at each other. My prick was standing saluting her and her erect nipples and flowing vagina were welcoming me.

Then I advanced towards her and took her in my embrace before lifting her up and taking to the bed. On the bed I started kissing all over her glowing body again. Then I turned her facedown and kissed and explored from her neck to the toe. Then I opened her ass chicks and started licking around her anus. By then she was showing her excitement by lifting her hips rhythmically and a hissing sound like shhhhhhh ahhhhh were coming out of her throat. Then I turned her back again and started giving attention to her breasts and belly button. While sucking and biting her breasts she uttered her first words since all this began by saying to be careful so that no “love mark” remains on the skin. I then parted traveled down to her vagina, it was wide open because of her delivery and her hole was indeed big, but I was gonna have this cunt in whatever stage it was so I parted her cunt lips and put my tongue tip at the base of her clitoris and slowly flicked it over my tongue. She shuddered as though there was an earth quake. Her juices were flowing out in excitement. And making my cock grow even more. The size of her clitoris started growing and getting engorged. At this moment she started shaking her hips vigorously and after a few seconds she slumped like a rag doll getting her first test of real orgasm (as she later told me). Then I slowly entered her by lifting her legs over my shoulder. Her vagina was a little loose due to her recent delivery but still my penis was filling her up fully and when I fully entered my organ into her she became restless again by starting strokes herself. I also gave powerful strokes and after about five minutes I ejaculated into the deepest end of her vagina. By then she was breathless with a series of orgasms and we both lied down in that consummated state for about half an hour, I was on top of her with my flaccid organ inside her. Then again I felt stirrings in my organ and I started moving my hips again.

She got surprised at my vigor, but started cooperating and after about fifteen minutes we both had simultaneous but huge orgasms. After that only she started talking with me freely and told me about how her husband only takes care of his own needs and leaves her high and dry. Our relationship thus took birth then and continues till date. Nandini has delivered her second child too, but I haven’t stopped drinking her milk and she had an amazing capability to produce milk even long after she has delivered. But since we had immediately graduated to sex, now we find it extremely important to satisfy ourselves at every opportunity, we get. Recently at the birthday function of her second son. We wanted to explore a fantasy and we went into her toilet while the party was on and had sex. It was not an amazing sex but the thrill of doing it was crazy while all our relatives were out there behind a single wall. In the small toilet I sucked her cunt and made her come thrice. But I could not fuck her fully as the space was too less and she opted to suck me out. She went out of the loo and then I went out after about ten minutes. No one suspected. But I could see Nandini’s face fully lit up. By the way, I am available at [email protected] I really welcome your views as it encourages me. Those bhabhis, aunts or widows who are in dire need of sexual intercourse stealthily call me. I will be at your service. I will extinguish the fire of lust inside your pussy with a shower of thick sperms. I am also ready for sex-chat over internet for all women. Privacy and secrecy are guaranteed. I love sex, masturbation, sexy voice chat. I simply love it when u let me suck your tits and massage, kisses you breasts mmmmmm… And finger your pussy wet.

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