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Sexual Encounter With A Lady In A Train

Hey, Guys, I’ve been reading HotSexStories for a long time and I just wanted to share a real story which happened in summer of 2015.


My name is Hunter. I’m 20. I’m what people say cute and innocent guy.


I’ve only had two sexual encounters and still a virgin.

To know more about me just contact me at [email protected]


So coming to the story. This happened when I was in the first year of B.Tech. I was traveling from my Home city to north India with one of my friends as I was graduating in a university from Northern India. It was around 7 in the morning. When I woke up I saw this lady with huge assets.


I jumped out of my seat went to washroom got myself fresh and came back to my seat coz I don’t wanna miss the glance. I was sitting in Side Lower berth and she was sitting in lower berth. She is a Marathi. Maybe with 27 or 28 years of age and damn hot. I wanted to have sex with her from the moment I saw her.

I kept staring at her assets and she noticed me few times. She was talking to a couple about her and I came to know that she was married and have a 4-year kid and was going to Delhi to visit her husband. I know I didn’t have any chance as her station arrives mid night but thanks to Indian railways train got delayed by 8 hours.

I kept staring and she used to smile when she looked at me. I don’t wanna do anything stupid and end up getting a beating from people. I kept doing it the whole time. I was worried someone might notice but nothing stood in front of her beauty. We’ve had dinner and Lights were off by 11 PM everyone was sleep and I was awake thinking about chances of having her.


It was around 2 PM. I got courage and touched her leg with my leg and kept rubbing she didn’t respond but she moved her leg towards me. I thought it was a green signal but I was chickened out to make a move as it’s my first time with a stranger. I did this for 10mins and train stopped at a station. She woke up to check the station and sat next to me as a station on the left side. Did I try to make a conversation with her about asking where was going? what was she doing?

We talked for about 15 minutes and she seemed to like my company I kept touching her hand in between as there are no lights and slowly slid to her thigh and started rubbing it for a few seconds (My heartbeat increased like hell) till she gave a slight moan I confirmed it as green signal so I kissed her directly on her lips and she didn’t resist so I kept kissing for few minutes and started responding (Damn she’s really good). We’re making sounds and we don’t wanna wake anyone and told her to come to the washroom.

Sexual Encounter With A Lady In A Train

I went to the washroom and waited for few minutes leaving the door unlocked and there she comes. I kept kissing her putting my hands around her waist and reached her ass. OMG, it was so soft and chubby. I’ve reached her boobs and licking the cleavage.

I removed her shirt and felt her boobs over her black bra. It was the first time I was feeling boobs. Those melons are really huge. I started pressing them hardly. I removed the bra and started sucking her nipples and kept doing it for few minutes rubbing her ass and feeling her pussy over her pants. She took off my shirt and started sucking my nipples. I had a weird feeling but it felt good. She went down and removed my pants. My dick was already hard. She took off my boxers and asked me if I was a virgin for which I nodded yes.


This is exactly what she said “Kid I’m gonna blow your mind” and she did. She took my dick in her hand and started jerking it and took it in her mouth and started blowing. I loved the way she’s sucking. She increased the speed and me cummed in a minute (Yeah, she is that good) and she took all in. she said “Let’s see what you can do” then I removed her pants and put her up on the wash basin and started licking her pussy over her panty she was moaning a lot then I removed her panty It’s bit hairy and I put my finger and started digging then I went and started licking that pussy like a hungry dog and while doing this i started pressing her boobs so hard. It was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. I could live in that moment forever. I kept eating that pussy for over half an hour and she came twice in the meantime (I really liked eating that pussy). I started inserting my dick inside her pussy as soon as i got in she said she don’t wanna have sex now( We’re not having any protection) and she don’t wanna risk of having pregnancy and blah blah . .


I don’t know a lot about that stuff so I just agreed with her and we kept licking each other’s bodies for two whole hours. I sucked her boobs whenever I got a chance and licked almost each and every part of her body and in between I got two wonderful blowjobs. After we’ve done most of her body is covered with my saliva.

It was 5:30 so we came out and some of them were awake as the next station is Delhi and she’s gotta go too. My friend and the couple next to her seat woke up as soon as we arrived and we never got to talk or exchange number.


I didn’t even know her name. To be honest I really liked her.

Feel free to contact me..

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