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Sex With Virgin Girlfriend

Hi friends, my name is Akshay.I am a new author but a frequent visitor of Porn Sex Story.I thought to share my real incident happened in my life, which made me a man forever.

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I live with my parents, Both of them work in an MNC companies.We are from a middle-class background, live in a double bedroom apartment.

I have a well built body with good stamina.I have a medium penis with a strong muscular body.

The heroine of the story is my virgin girlfriend, Her name is sona who lives right next to our lane. We both are from same school and intermediate but studied graduation in different colleges. We were close to each other and use to share everything with each other.
She is fair in colour and has huge boobs like balloons and her big ass with a slim tummy and beautiful face features. Which instantly attracted many boys in our colony to go behind of her. Naturally with this kind of following girls will be very proud and rude. But with me, she was always caring and sweet.

This was the time when we completed our graduation and looking for the jobs. As I was alone in the home, I have trapped my maid and sex with her (which I have posted earlier Sex with the Virgin maid) for a while. But my maid had taken leave for a week. Then I got an idea of trapping my girlfriend and have a sex with her. So first I use to seduce her, but she is not that easy. So I thought to plan a trap for my girlfriend. I have thought for a week. Then finally came up with the idea of giving her sleeping pills. Then I went to the medical store and brought the pack of condoms and couple of sleeping pills. I was waiting for a right time to come. As my parents had gone for there respective work.I have already got a hidden cam , which I used in trapping my maid. I have also used in this incident and placed it in my bedroom and called my girlfriend and gave her a coke with pills in it. Then slowly we started the conversation and slowly she was getting drowsy and was going to sleep. Then I took her to the bed room and took all her clothes.

First I have removed her top and then the bra. What a huge BOOBS, I have seen this kind of huge boobs in my life even my maid don’t have such a huge boobs. The boobs were not enough to grip with one hand. I slowly started pressing it. It was smooth and a nice feeling to my hands. I was feeling a wave of shock in my body and there was an instant tent in my pants.

I then started licking the left boob with pressing the right boobs. It was such a nice feeling, I was in cloud 9. Then I started removing her pant and slowly the panty it was a tight fit. Even the panty strip was inside her pussy hole. I slowly inserted my finger and removed the panty. I saw the pussy was clean and bright in colour. I started kissing and licking the pussy. It tasted little salty and smell aroma made me mad at her. Then I have inserted my middle right-hand finger and then slowly stroking her pussy. It was so wet and lubricating.I then without wasting time remove all my clothes and started fucking her,

I kept my erect penis inside her pussy by lifting her legs in a missionary position. As it was hard to enter my penis inside her pussy, then I have separated her pussy lips and given a stroke with my penis, but it was no use, Then finally I have given a big and a strong stroke with my full force. It entered like a rocket in the galaxy.With fill force, She gave a big moan Hahahhahahaha haha haha ,I started feeling shocked waves running through my spine to my penis and my legs getting pulled up. As all the strength is gathering at my penis giving me full swing in and out the pussy. It was a battle of sex.At the end, I left all my semen inside her pussy and slowly removed with small strokes in her pussy…

Sex With Virgin Girlfriend

I took her to the bathroom and mad her sleep on the floor and washed her body with soap and water and suddenly my penis stood up again, I had an another session in the bathroom. Then I took her to the bed room and wore all her clothes and made her sleep on the bed.After 6-7 hours she woke up with tired faced and asked me what had happened. I said you went to sleep in my room as I was busy in work. But she said then why I am feeling pain in my legs and unable to walk. So I told her while sleeping you feel from the bed. But I guess she knew something was wrong. Then after two days while chatting with her I told her everything that had happened, she was very angry with me And told she will complain to the police.

But I told , I have recorded everything If you try to complain police or even her family members. I will pass the video to everyone. So she was calm.I told her to come tomorrow, We can discuss this. She was angry at me. She came to my home with very furious but I showed her video and made her convinced her and started to have sex with her. We are planning to marry in the future

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