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This happened a few years ago when I worked in Gurgaon. I’m going to share my hot sex story of a colleague and had an affair for a short period of time.

It all started as a casual talk with Shreya (name changed) for work-related purpose. She was friendly and very articulate. She figured out my area of my residence and asked me for lift almost every day en route to my home. I being new to the job didn’t mind obliging her and we bonded better thanks to our talks during the commute. Those days I had a Scorpio and I loved the macho image of the vehicle. I was 28 and Shreya was 30. We hit off well from the start. Our common interest being current affairs we had a great time discussing things every day.

BTW, we both were married to our respective spouses but we enjoyed each other’s company thanks to the intellectual match we found in each other.

She was classy in her dressing sense. Shreya is a dusky beauty from Kerala kind of settled in Gurgaon with her husband who was a software engineer in a top company busy with work or foreign trips all the time. She has a well-toned body being a regular at the gym.

As our discussions progressed every day, we started talking about crushes in school, affairs in office and finally sex. She was quite open to debate pros and cons of controversial topics. I was taken aback to hear her views on affairs. She said if two consenting adults are OK with having an affair nothing wrong with it. Until then I didn’t think of any designs on her. Now I was fantasizing sex with her. But was wondering should I make my move. I figured out she’s starved for sex as her husband was out of the country often at work. She too I think knew I wasn’t too happy about my wife.

The opportunity came soon enough. In hindsight, I can tell she planned it to seduce me. I have a thing for armpits. It’s a kind of fetishism I got from my teens. I get aroused by looking at naked armpits. She very rarely wore sleeveless dresses. I thought she being Keralite she’s a bit conservative, unlike sexy Punjabi girls who show a lot of skin.

One day while picking her up in the morning I saw her turned up in a white sleeveless top, a bit tight for her bosom with a generous gap in her armpit areas. I was aroused but controlled myself.
It was the usual ride to the office but I couldn’t take her off from my mind and ways to seduce her to bed. I was a bit scared to take the first move. A few days back she wanted to check someone on Facebook and her phone had low data balance. She borrowed my phone and probably while searching for her contact she must have seen the search keywords or pop up of armpit pages of which I was a regular. So she figured me out I think.

Late evening on our way back she was upset about her husband’s trip abroad and she said he’s out of the country for 2 weeks. The weather being cold she wrapped around a shawl effectively cutting off my view of her exposed arms.

We stopped for fuel and while tanking up I was looking beyond her face at the fuel meter and she did something unexpected. She was trying to adjust her hair and in the process, she lifted both her hands above her head giving me a free view of her sexy armpits. In the dim light I could see her armpits having a thin layer of hair and the sight drove me crazy. The smell of her sweat coming out of her armpits were awesome.

Soon we reached her apartment and she invited me for coffee. As I had to relieve myself I gladly accepted to go after some faking. We reached her flat which was nicely done up. I asked for the loo and by the time I came back, she had changed her jeans to khaki shorts revealing her lower thighs. She asked me to be at home and left to the kitchen to get coffee. Soon enough she was backhanding me a cup. It was nice. I was looking at her prominent boobs poking out of her white top. She must have noticed it I’m sure. She raised both her hands to do up her hair and for the first time I saw a girl’s armpits in person in close proximity. As seen before I was mesmerized by a thin crop of hair unshaven and it instantly turned me on. She sat next to me but soon moved towards the end of the sofa crossing her fully waxed dusky legs.

We started talking random stuff but my mind couldn’t focus on the talk. I was thinking about her armpits. As if she read my mind, she started to play with hair exposing her hairy armpit. I had read about body language cues of women and I was sure she wanted sex with me.

She took back the cup from me. My eyes followed her bare arms. She sat quite close to me and started chatting up. I don’t know where I got the confidence but I complimented her for her tank top. She gave a coy smile and said I saw you looking at her armpit. I was caught. I just said she looks beautiful in the sleeveless dress. This kind of talk with a sexy girl alone in her home gave me a boner and she noticed it. Unexpectedly she gave me a hug ad and from there passion took over. We kissed our lips for about 2 minutes and explored each other’s mouth with our tongues.

I pushed her to make her lie on the couch. Her body odor mixed with her perfume was overpowering. I went to her cleavage and kissed it. I lifted her hands above her head to see her armpits. Wow, what a view! She had a short crop of her unshaven for about a few days. I buried my face in her left armpit and sniffed it, it felt divine. I kissed it wildly before I shifted to the other armpit. She was giggling like a school girl and said enough but I was in no mood to let her armpit go. My pre-cum was already out.

Sex With Office Colleague

She pushed me away to sit up and remove my shirt and vest. Felt good when her hand played around my nipples and caressed my chest.

I inserted my hands inside her tank top to lift it over her head. She cooperated by lifting her hands. She was wearing a white strapless bra. There was tan like the outline of her unexposed areas. Those places looked lighter than her dusky complexion. Her boobs were shapely and I kissed her bra covered boobs. I could feel her perky nipples. I cupped her boobs and tried to lift her bra cups to see her naked boobs. She pulled my head towards her cleavage. I went with the flow. I kissed her cleavage, boobs, navel and paused to unzip her shorts.
She moved me and played hard to get. I chased her around and she ran towards the bedroom. We both fell on the bed. She switched on the night lamp by the bedside and it was bright enough to see her beauty. She quickly removed my pants and underwear. My dick was hard and sprang out. She wriggled out of her shorts only to reveal white panties. Her thighs were sexy oaks. I started kissing them and caressing her under thighs. She pushed me away and came on top of me. I liked her aggressiveness. She went down under in no time. She was an expert in giving blowjobs. I loved every moment. I was moaning in delight. It was my first time as my wife hated oral sex and I never experienced it before. Soon I cummed into her mouth and she gulped it all. My dick went limp.

She made a quick visit to the bathroom to rinse her mouth.

This time I came on top of her and quickly removed her strapless bra. Marvelous boobs, perfectly shaped. Her nipples were perky and were like small grapes. In no time I started sucking them alternatively. She pressed my head towards her boobs. I kneaded her boobs with my hands and she liked it.

I shifted to her panties and got rid of it. She had a small bush down there. I caressed her bush to find the opening. I inserted my finger and it was tight. She caught my head and pushed it towards her vagina. I kissed it and put out my tongue to lick and stimulate an orgasm. Initially, her pubic hair was blocking the opening. She helped my fingers to part them and put my tongue directly into the opening. Once my tongue found its mark she started moaning and pushed my head further towards her hole. For about 5 minutes she enjoyed and I wanted to shift up. She didn’t let me go. Her moans increased and I could feel her gooey cum ejecting out. She had an orgasm.

I crawled up to her boobs and kissed them. I sucked her tits to my heart’s content. My dick was rubbing her thighs. I lifted her hands above her head and licked her slightly hairy armpits. The smell was awesome. She was giggling all the time. We got a tight lip lock.
By this time my dick hardened ready for action. To make it harder I put her hand on it and asked her to give me a hand job. She pulled my foreskin pretty fast and it hurt a bit. Her hand touch alone was enough to harden my dick.

I pushed her to the bed and came on top of her. I parted her legs and rubbed my dick on her hole. She moaned. I asked her if she was in her safe period and she was not sure. She asked me to pick her husband’s pack of condoms from the draw. I put on one in my erect dick and was ready for action.
I slowly inserted my dick into her hole. She was well lubricated. It went in fine easily. I started moving my body in and out. She held my shoulders with her hands. I held the bed for support. We kissed and bit each other’s lips. As my pace increased her moans too peaked. I started to suck her tits. My hands were fondling her boobs. I quickly raised her arms above her head to bury my face in her sexy armpits. She didn’t expect this.

As I continued to rock her hole down below she started to climax. I too was about to cum. We both were sweating like horses and both our body odors mixed with each other, we couldn’t tell apart. We smelled like each other. It was the classic missionary pose that I loved and was good at. I loved increased the speed of fucking and her moan started to become like a scream. The bed was creaking from the hard fuck we were indulging in. As we both climaxed, she let out a scream which I effectively blocked by kissing her mouth just in time. I could feel the on the rush of my semester flowing out into the condom. We both were bathed in each other’s sweat. My dick lost the mojo and got out. I lay beside her and she was caressing my hair. I was fondling her boobs and sucking them. She was fingering my nipples and I loved them. The condom was coming out and I removed it and dumped it in the dustbin. We both headed to the shower and had a good bath. I dressed up, bid goodbye and came home a happy man. Over the next few days, we had few sessions before her husband came back from his trip. Soon her husband got a job in Paris and she shifted there.

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