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Sex With My Bhabhi At Her Place

Hi everyone I am siddharth(name changed)…I am a normal 23 year old guy with normal physique and I live in delhi. I have just completed my engineering…to be specific automobile engineering…if u guys think that I must be a popular with girls or something but the thing is I am just a normal guy

Anyways the story I am going to write now happened with me while I was doing my…it happened with my cousins wife (my bhabhi). My house and my nani’s house are quite close so often go there….my mama’s son who is 26 years old works in bank in punjab and recently got married to hot girl from Allahabad named puja (name changed) she is 24 now…and man she is smokin’ hot and beautiful…the moment I saw her I was mesmerized by her beauty…and who won’t be…she is a girl with a fair skin, cute chocolate brown eyes, pink pouty lips, has big boobs and an amazingly hot butt.
I used to talk to my bhabhi even before their marriage so we became friends even before their marriage…many times I used to give her compliments for her beauty…actually, i was kind of jealous of my brother as he is going to get such a hotty as her bride…so after their marriage we became even more friendly…I used to talk to her a lot, helped her if she needs anything…I used to take her to markets sometimes…in short we were quite close…I always used to say to her that I want a wife just like her…she used to giggle at this and mann her smile was killer.

Sex With My Bhabhi At Her Place

The incident between us when I went to Punjab to visit my brother and her as they shifted there after a month of their marriage…they were happy seeing me…we just shared hugs…after usual chats my brother left for his job as it was 9:00am. After that we chatted for a while she went to take a shower and I got busy with my phone…when I heard the sound of there shower…a thought struck my mind that I should take a peek in the bathroom so I did and mann!! I was awestruck by what I saw….she was in there naked bathing and I could see everything…and that was the first time I was watching a ht girl like her naked but at the same time I was feeling guilty so I just came back and got busy with my phone again…after that she changed and came out after that she got busy with the daily routine of cooking food for us and suddenly I brother came back around 1:00 pm and told us that he has got to go to delhi for work related stuff for 4 days and after that he left at around 3:00.

Now we were both alone in the house…we both had our lunch and were sitting on the bed chatting about the usual stuff…she asked me about my social life and I told her…after sometime we were both out of topics to chat on…so I suggested that we should watch a movie…to that she asked if I have any horror movies…as I had couple of them so I played one…we both were watching the movie and a hot scene came and I was watching the movie but when I turned to look at her she was kind of uncomfortable…so I asked her if everything is fine so she said yes.

So we continued watching…then I again looked at her face and she was literally biting her lower lip…and I could not resist this and planted a kiss on her lips…on this she was so shocked that she couldn’t even react to this…then she just pushed me back and got up and started sassing that how could I kiss her my own brothers wife…and I was still stuck in the feeling of that kiss that just happened…then I just got up…grabbed her waist by one hand and put the other hand at back of her head puller her to me and kissed her again…she resisted for a while…but she was aroused by all this as I was kissing her and caressing her by my one hand…then she just gave in….I stripped her top and bra…and started sucking her right boob and rubbing and nibbling the other one…she was moaning a lot during all of this…so I just kissed her again then I stripped her of her pajamas and panty along with it…

I just laid her down on he bed and stared to caressing her one boob and stared to lick her navel…and then her clit all this was too much for her she was literally screaming in pleasure as this was the first time she was receiving oral…after a while she just squirted….then I just started kissing her lips again…all this was just too much for me as well I couldn’t control my self anymore so I just removed all my clothes and penetrated he and when I did she gave a loud moan…then I started drilling her and I was kissing her and licking and sucking her big boobs and pressing them…after sometime when she was a bit comfortable with my penis inside her I increased my speed and started stroking her hard…after about 15 min of digging her vagina I was about to cum so withdrew it…and shot all of my cum on her vagina…and collapsed on her side…she was looking at me at me with a slight smile…that I could not understand and asked her why is she smiling…she was a bit tired by all this but she explained me why…she just said that her sexual life with my brother is not going so well and even though I had sex without her will…but she liked me making love to her like that and just kissed me…I was so damn happy that it almost blew my mind…she also said I can have sex with her anytime I want from now on….

Then we had sex with each other for the next 3 days and then I came back to Delhi…I still have sex with her when she to Delhi or whenever I go to visit them. I will post the next parts of my story

So this is it guys that’s all…if anyone wants contact me or give me any kind of feedbacks then mail me on:- thanks for reading

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