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Sandhiya was my colleague, in her mid-30s, wheatish brown skin, not so lean frame. She wasn’t among the beautiful women in my office but there was something in her that made me to add her name in the sexy women in my office list. I think it’s her long, black straight hairs that ran up to her shoulders, slender neck and more than average size boobs. With a baby fat belly around her waist, she looked little bustier with a curvy figure. She wore ass-tight jeans and shirts mostly. She looked sexy in them as her round ass was a feast to my eyes. She was in another team and frequently I talk to her in office.

She was always up for flirting with me. She definitely liked me. Be it in office, FB or Instagram, I never failed to compliment her the way she looked in particular attire. She would also reciprocate the same thing towards me and she has given a compliment to my belly-free-stomach few times. I wanted to fuck this woman and I was waiting for the right time to do it. There was a sexual tension between them and we both were aware of it. But I just didn’t know when to cross the line. One day, one of our mutual friends was giving a small ice cream party and Sandhiya invited me for that. The ice cream shop was on our food court and I reached a little late than others. By the time I reached Sandhiya was already licking the ice cream from her cone. I loved her pink tongue coming out and licking the ice cream and I was looking at her doing so. She noticed it and licked the ice cream few more times intentionally as I approached her. She asked me to pick one flavour.

“There are so many options. Which one is good?” I asked her.

“Mine is Custard Apple flavour and it tastes good,” replied she before taking another lick from her ice cream. I instantly bent forward and licked the top of her ice cream. I replied, “Yes, it’s good. Delicious!”

She turned her ice cream 180 degrees and licked almost close to where I licked and tasted the yummy ice cream. She replied back, “Yes, this side is tastier.” We both laughed and we both knew we were not only talking about the ice cream. Then I picked the same flavor ice cream and had it along with other friends. I wasn’t sure that whether I should go ahead and approach her directly as she is a married woman with a kid. But one thing is for sure that there is a sexual tension between us.

On Valentine’s Day, I saw Sandhiya in a red dress and she looked more attractive in it. I told her and she thanked me with a smile. I asked her, “What did your husband give you today?”

“Nothing. He didn’t give me anything. I gave him new sunglasses but he didn’t even give me a chocolate.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe he wants to surprise you and he will give his gift in the evening.”

“Nope, I won’t get any. I knew him.”

The next day, she told me that she didn’t get anything from her husband. So, I went to a shop outside my office to give her chocolates at least. The shop had many imported chocolates from around the world and Kisses was one of them. So I picked Kisses not only for its taste but also for its name and gave it to her. She took few Kisses chocolates and thanked me.

“I love Kisses. They are yummy. How do you know this is my favourite?”

“Who doesn’t love Kisses?” I winked at her and she smiled. I took out few more chocolates and offered her, “I would love to give more kisses. Want some more?”

“Sure, why not?” She picked some more chocolates and thanked me. We both knew that we were not talking about chocolates here. This flirting is good but I don’t know whether she is up for the next level. The day came.

Our office arranges cocktail party once in few months for the employees and on one of the Fridays, they have arranged it. She was wearing dark maroon colour one piece that ran well below her knees. Her baby fat tummy was blatantly visible but still she looked sexy in that dress. Her boobs stood firmly up with the help of push-up bra, asking me to notice them. I definitely noticed them. Her ass was tightly covered in the dress and her hairs were tied fashionably. She was looking delicious and I want to taste her.

“Wow! You look hot in this dress. You are gonna make many men to turn their heads.” She laughed and thanked me. We got drunk and danced on the floor. I hung around her and her friends. I was beside her in the entire party. I rubbed my body on her on many occasions, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. But she didn’t mind them or she likes them and. We danced on the floor along with other friends. I was disappointed there as she maintained a safe distance on the dance floor between us. I thought that she didn’t want to give any impressions to our colleagues about us. So I maintained the same deposition. One by one everyone started to leave the place and soon we left in the pub along with few other colleagues.

“How are you gonna go? By cab?”

“No, my husband is coming here to pick me. I will wait for him.”

“I will give you company till he comes,” I replied. We both came out of the pub and reached the ground floor to wait for her husband. The ground floor was empty as it was well past mid-night. There were stairs and we both sat on it. Our elbows were rubbing against each other. I was so close and I could smell her perfume which was still beating her alcohol and sweat smell. I was slightly aroused by this.

I asked her, “Are you alright? Still high?”

She replied, “I am alright. No, I am not high.”

I teased her by showing three fingers of mine and asked her to count. She told me to shut up and laughed. I leaned forward and twisted my neck to her right and kissed on her thick lipstick stained lips. I could taste the masala and alcohol from her mouth. She responded to my kiss and we both were kissing passionately now. I caressed her body with my fingers and she did the same thing behind my back. After a long kiss, and exchange of our saliva, we separated our lips but not our bodies.

She smiled and said, “That has got me high now.” We both laughed and I kissed her again. This time I caressed her boobs and she put her hand on my dick. I moved my left hand in between her legs and touched her pussy. I rubbed her pussy while kissing her lips. She let out a huge moan and she immediately jerked her body. She stood up instantaneously and held her right hand up as if to say ‘wait’ to me.

“My husband is on the way. We can’t do it now.”

“But I want to taste your hot body with my tongue. I want to be on top of you, riding you.”

“I love how it sounds, dear. Finally, you are saying it. But my husband can be here anytime from now.”

Sex With Hot Lady From Office

I was glad to hear that she is postponing the sex temporarily and not permanently. So I told her that we would do it later. We sat on the stairs again and fiddled with each other’s bodies till her husband came. Her husband came and she left with him. Since our feelings were mutual now, we started to sext in WhatsApp. She sent me few pictures of her milk buns and her ass. I sent her my dick picture. She also insisted me to send her my naked upper body picture. On Sunday, she came to my room by lying to her husband that she is going to shopping with her friend. I have asked my roomie to not come to room till late evening in the day. The flat was only for us now. Around 12, she came to my flat. She was wearing a green colour kurta that ran till her ankles and black colour leggings. She smelled absolutely fantastic. I greeted her and hugged her once she was inside my flat. We both kissed passionately and our hands were all over our body.

“You smell so good. I love it.”

“You smell good too.”

“I took bath but I did not use any deodorant.”

“Who said its deodorant smell? You smell like good sex,” she winked at me and smiled.

“You sound like Nostradamus,” I smiled and kissed on her lips. Once we were in my bedroom I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed it. She kissed on my cheeks, forehead, lower jaw and neck. She immediately lifted my t-shirt and kissed on my chest. She licked my nipples and sucked them. I put my hands all over her back and let her do what she wants to do to me. She gone down and licked my navel. She bent down and gone near my semi-erected dick. She smelled my dick and pulled down my boxers. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and my dick hit on her face. She let out a cry of joy and took hold of my swinging dick. She held it steady and looked at me as if seeking permission to suck my dick. I put my left hand on her head and brought her head closer to my dick.

She put my dick into her mouth and the moment it gone into her mouth felt like heaven. She started to suck my dick slowly and nicely. She was not in a hurry. She sucked my dick head. I closed my eyes for few seconds and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving to me. She licked my dickhead with her tongue. She ran her tongue over my dick. She was sucking my cock with absolute love as if sucking a cock was ingrained in her mind. She licked my balls. She took my dick out of her mouth and stood up. Then she pushed me on the bed. I removed my track pant which was hovering around my ankles.

I was completely nude and she was still completely dressed. I got up and pulled her closer to me. I was in a hurry to unzip her kurta and the zip got stuck. She told me to slow down and she lowered the zip calmly. She removed her dress by herself as she doesn’t want it to get stain or tear as she has to go home in that dress. She stood naked in front of me. I feasted my eyes with her naked body. Her boobs were slightly fairer than her other parts of body and they were drooping towards the ground as gravity was pulling those big boobs down. I moved closer and sucked those big milky boobs. I squeezed her left boob while sucking right one. I sucked her nipples and then licked her boobs. I switched to other boob. I licked her navel and then bit her baby fat belly. She was moaning quite loudly and I loved it. I bent down little and rubbed her clitoris with my finger. I started to finger her pussy. I finger fucked her violently while sucking her boobs. Her moaning increased. She pushed me on the bed and smiled at me. She walked around my bed with a naughty smile. She climbed on to the bed and came in between my legs.

She said, “You love my boobs. Don’t you?”

“Yes baby. I love sucking them.” She took my dick and put her boobs in between them. She started to do boob-fucking. I loved it. Her lips were partially open and her tongue was out, licking her upper lips. I absolutely loved it. She knew what she was doing and she loved it too. She boob fucked for some time and then she stopped it. She stood up. She brought her pussy closer to my dick and put my dick in to her pussy. She started to ride my dick. She took out my hands and put it on her boobs. I squeezed her boobs while she was humping my dick. Her boobs were soft and they were bouncing with her. Her mouth was wide open in pleasure. She was riding my dick like a f1 driver on his trial lap round. She was riding it faster and harder. My dick was going into her pussy and coming out. My hands were on her boobs, squeezing them so hard. I pinched her nipples hard. I grabbed her waist and lifted my lower body. I started to fuck her pussy ferociously. I thrust my dick faster and deeper in to her pussy. She loved it and let out a huge moan. I kept fucking her and her moaning was getting louder.

I told her that I am gonna cum and she said that she is also gonna cum. She rode my dick faster by putting her hands on my chest and moving her hips ferociously. We both cummed together. She kept riding my dick till it became flaccid. The cum was oozing out of her pussy and it spread on the bed sheet. We both kissed. Contact me at [email protected] for your feedback or chat.

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