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Sex With Gf Mom

Hello, all pornsexstory readers, I am Harsh Singh n I live in Delhi. Any girls or ladies of Delhi if u want to spend some beautiful magic moments with me then mail me at [email protected]

This is my own sex story of my past life when I was in class 12th. N I had a GF. Her name was Astha. We were in a relationship from past 7months. She was in class 10th. We used to chat till late night. We used to talk dirty but never did get a chance to make love. That one day after chanting I said her good nite n we went to sleep. After about 10 mins I got a message from her that she is horny n want to talk dirty. We were chatting coz its late n she is not allowed to talk late night. We started doing sex chat n did everything. I sent her my nude pics of my dick.

After that, when I got a reply I got shocked. Astha’s mother was using her mobile n she did that sex chat n all. As her mother knows about me that I m his daughter’s boyfriend. She started scolding me that I knew u aren’t a good guy n just using my daughter for sex only. I begged her that I really love her n all but she continued scolding me. After scolding me she slept n in morning she told everything to Astha. Astha got angry on me and broke up with me. I said sorry n all but she wasn’t even listening to me. After that day we stopped talking.

At one fine day, I got a message with an unknown no. The message contains ” I liked ur dick, it is huge”. I asked that who is she? She replied u know me. Did I ask how? She said we did sex chat. After that, she asked me if I m ready to fuck her or not. I again asked, “Who r u?”. Did she say r u willing to fuck me? I said yeah I am ready to fuck u but tell me who r u?. After that, she sent me pics of her boobs n pussy. That was damn hot. I replied u r damn hot. Did she say r u ready to fuck me? I asked now tell me who r u? U will get many chances to know me when we will do sex. She asked me to book a room. I did as she said.

I booked a room n sent her room no and the hotel name. I bought condoms a viagra. N entered the room. After an hour somebody knocked the gate. I opened it. I was shocked who she was. She was Astha’s mother. She was wearing a suit. She pushed me and entered in the room n locked the gate. I said wat the fuck r u doing here. She said I was the one who u was chatting with. I was very angry with her n went to take revenge so I pushed her on to bed n started kissing her. She also was giving a great response n was kissing me like a slut. It seems like she hasn’t done it for a long time.

She was smooching me and meanwhile at the same time she was rubbing my dick. At that time my dick wants to come out from my pant. I want to take revenge so I pushed her n started tearing her clothes n made her nude, fully nude. I tore every single piece of her cloth. But she was very horny so she didn’t even bother by that. She removed my clothes n started kissing my whole body. She was kissing n biting me everywhere. I also started kissing n biting her. She again pushed me on the bed n climbed on me.


She took her face near my dick n started kissing my dick. Her 1st kiss n I was on the 7th sky. She licked my whole dick n testicles. Now she opened her mouth n took my dick in her mouth n started sucking it like a small child sucking a lollipop. I want on the top of my excitement level. At that moment I just want that woman to suck my dick for whole life. She started giving me deep throat mouth fuck. I was lying on bed closing my eyes n enjoying that moment.

Sex With Gf Mom

Sex With Gf Mom

After about 5 mins, I said I m gonna cum. She started increasing her sucking speed n a moment later I came in her mouth. She drank it n all of sudden she started kissing. We kissed for a min n she stopped, climbed on me within no min she was sitting on my mouth n forced me to lick her pussy. Though I like licking pussy and at that time after seeing a horny woman like her I was on my full of excitement level. My hormones were running very swiftly. I started licking her pussy like a dog licks his plate. I started licking every corner of her pussy. After 10 mins she got down from my mouth. But I wasn’t satisfied because she hasn’t come yet. I started fingering her pussy swiftly n deeply. She was moaning like a porn star. I increased my speed n started licking her clit. After 2 mins she started speed of her moaning n came. She came like hell n poured it in my mouth. And I licked every single drop of her cum.

Now my dick was again in its fullest form. I want to fuck her like a bitch. I wore a condom n without wasting a single second I pushed her on the bed. Spotted on her pussy n spread her legs n in the 5th second I started fucking her like a slut. She was begging me to do it slowly but I didn’t slow down, fucking her like a bitch and room was filled with her moan. She was moaning like hell. After about 4-5 mins I got tired so I asked her to climb on me.This position called the cowgirl. She sat on my dick n started moving up n down. She has closed her eyes n faced her face toward the roof n was riding on me like a horse rider. She was taking all pleasure. After some time she got tired n we decided to doggy style.

She sat n doggy position. I spat on her ass crack n pussy both n started rubbing her ass crack. She was saying please don’t fuck ass, I still wasn’t listening to her. I fucked her ass with my finger, in staring she was denying but after a min, she started enjoying that. I fucked her ass n pussy both at the same time with my fingers. She started begging me to insert my dick in her pussy. I did as she wanted. For some time, I fucked her pussy but after that, without asking her I penetrated my dick in her ass hole. She started crying loudly n was begging. I stopped for a min having my dick inside her ass n massaging her boobs.

Slowly, I started moving my dick. In starting, she was begging but suddenly after a min, she started moving her butt according to my motion. She was enjoying that. I was feeling her hotness from inside. Her ass was very tight. I was feeling her skin of ass crack on my dick. Because of that tight motion within five mins, I was about to cum. I told her so she started moving her but swiftly. Afer a min of that I came but because of viagra, my dick was still in erect position so I didn’t stop fucking. I fucked her ass for 3 more mins in full speed. N we both got tired after that so we decided o take some rest.

We were lying beside each other. N all that time she was massaging my dick. After 20mins I got some energy. She again sucked my dick n made it wet. She put a condom on my dick n again sucked it. Now she asked me to try some new position. I said to do waterfall position. I went in the position of my half body on bed n half body on the floor. Now she sat on my dick. N started moving up n down. She was enjoying it very much n because of this position I was getting a different feeling of tingling inside me.

After some time, I got up n pushed her on the wall, n by holding her one leg in the air I inserted my dick in her pussy n started fucking in full speed. In this position, I was able to insert my full dick in her pussy. She was enjoying that. She was abusing like”Fuck me u motherfucker n tear my pussy apart”. By her face, I can read it that she is enjoying the moment. I fucked her for about 5mins more but wasn’t getting any feeling to cum. So I pushed her on bed n started fucking her in cat style. In this style, u can fuck in full speed m this position is best for ur climax. She asked me to cum so I started fucking it swiftly n hardly n after a min of that I came. After that, she said that she id out of time and she has to go. She gave me money n begged me to bring some clothes. I brought clothes from outside the hotel. While she was leaving the hotel room she said Harsh thanx for everything. She kissed me and left the hotel room.

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