Sex Trip To Sundarban English Sex Story

Sex Trip To Sundarban

Hi, guys. This is Yash from Rourkela, Orissa. I am 22, average built and a good dick.This is my third story on this website. Please send your feedback and queries at [email protected] This story is how I got lucky when I and my friends visited Sundarban in December. It is gonna be a big story. I am a writer and I have tried to write it as interestingly as I could Hope you like it. Please comment and mail me. So, let’s start.

I study in a technical college in Rourkela. I and my friends decided to have a trip to Sundarban before our final semesters. Sundarban is a delta in the Bay of Bengal. It a real beautiful and natural place. We called a travel agency and booked four sets for 30th December. We reached Howrah station on the morning of 30th. They picked us in a traveler from there and took us to their office in the southern street. We met three more tourists who were already there. Two of them were foreigners, a couple. The girl was very pretty. They served us black tea which was really good. After a while, some more tourists arrived. Many of them were foreigners. We were given some breakfast and then we all took our seats in the traveler.

After three hours we reached a river bank. From there it was one-hour boat ride to the eco-village. Ecovillage is a small village which has been modified to host the tourists. All the accommodations were made there. It has cottages made up of mud and husk, most of them are walled but some are open. Sleeping arrangements were also made on the roof. The dining hall is made up of bamboo with a few tables and model boat there modified for a table. There were all kinds of animals. A horse was trotting over the grass, chickens were squawking in the little chicken house, cows were grazing and few dogs were also roaming around. It also has a pond which has a floating home and ducks in it. It also has a ramp which covers half of its length. Standing on that ramp you can see stars and their reflection in the water. It gets really beautiful at night.

We reached there at 11. We were allotted room based on the size of the group and whether you are a couple or not. We got a cottage by the pond with two double beds and a clean bathroom in it. At 12 they called us for lunch. Everything there made you feel closer to nature, even the lunch. We had rice, vegetable, and fish with a special sauce. We all ate so much that we were not able to walk properly. After lunch, we headed to the boats for a Jungle ride. A returned from the Jungle in the evening. They had special local music and dance planned for the evening. As it was the night before the New Year we were all in the mood of celebration.

The village also invited volunteers to live and work in the village. There were two girls there as volunteers, both foreigners. One was Natasha and the other was Kelly. Natasha was too hot but she did not talk much while Kelly was everyone’s friend.

The dance and the music started at 7:30. We were sitting on the chairs and benches. Stage was lightly lit by lanterns and candles. Everyone found a place to sit and started watching the show. Kelly was dancing with them while Natasha was serving snack. She was roaming around with a tray in her hand offering pakoda . She came to us and asked if we would like some. As we were four she gave us a the whole tray. On the stage they were signing some folk song with traditional instruments. I did not understand that but it defiantly sounded very good. There were a lot of people and Natasha was the only one serving. So, I thought of helping her. When she passed by me I asked if she needed some help. She hesitated a little but then said sure, why not. I introduced myself, she did too. I asked her if she worked there. She told me that she is a student of Hindi in Banaras Hindu University and that she is a volunteer here. I started talking to her in Hindi which she was quite fluent in. I asked where she was from. She told me UK. I told her that I am doing engineering in a tech college in the Rourkela. She asked my stream. I told her it was computer science. So you are a computer engineer. To which I said almost. She gave me a smile. We served together for about two hours and talked about a lot of things. Now she has started opening up to me. She took me to the ramp on the pond. It was her favorite place. We sat down there and started chatting.

Sex Trip To Sundarban

She asked if I had a girlfriend. To which I said no, not right now. I asked her the same. She had one in UK but not in India. Then I told her about my ex-girlfriend. How we will roam the campus together after midnight, our daily coffee at Coffee Shop, our trip to Puri together. She was listening very keenly. I asked her about her life in UK. She told me about her parents and asked about mine. She missed home. Her boyfriend was a little older than her. They were quite serious but her coming to India ruined their relationship. They broke up. We sat there for an hour or more and talked about a lot of things. When we were about to go I said, “You are an interesting girl, I like you”. She smiled and we went for dinner. She was serving. Every time she will come to my table I will ask her to give me whatever she was serving. She would smile and give me a ladleful. After dinner everyone started drinking rum. I did not drink. She came to me with a bottle and asked me to drink with her.

But I told her I did drink, of which she was a little shocked. She gave the bottle to someone else and we started walking. She was giving me tour of the village. Village was glowing in the moonlight. After a while we sat on a bench near the boats. We were sitting close, our thighs touching and our hands were fiddling with each other’s. Then I asked her if I could kiss her. She was silent for a moment and then came close to me, putting her lips on mine. God, her were so soft. I started kissing gently. Her lower lip was between my lips. My hands were holding her head and her hands were around my neck. I could see her closed eyes in the moonlight and smell her heir. We broke off for a while and I said, “You smell good “and again started kissing. Now she were smooching, our breaths were faster and we were sucking each other’s lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth, and kissed her tongue. We kept on for ten-fifteen minutes.

It was a rea good kiss. She was smiling and saying you kiss pretty good for an Indian. I smiled too. Then we took me to a cottage which was very small and unoccupied. It has a tiny window, a door and a comfortable looking bed. She closed the door and the windows. She sat on the bed and asked me to sit beside her. We again started kissing, this time it was not at all gentle, we were like two horny animals satisfying their lust. I put my left on her boobs and started pressing them. She stopped me and removed her top. Now she was in her red bra with her 34C size boobs ready to freed. I put my mouth on one of the boobs and sucked it above the bra while pressing the other one hard. I unhooked her bra from behind and it fell on the bed. Her big white boobs with big brown nipples were now begging me to suck. I lay her down on the bed and grabbed one of her boobs in my mouth as much as I could. Nothing tastes better. One by one I sucked her boobs rigorously for 15 minutes.

While sucking her boobs she slid her hand inside my pant and grabbed my dick. She started caressing it and said now let me do something. She unbuttoned my pant and removed my underwear. She took my dock in her hand and started stroking it slowly. It was hard as a rock. She then put her lips around the tip of my dick. A sensation ran through my body. She kissed it like a baby and put her mouth around it. She took all of my dick in her mouth and sucked it. She will move her mouth from base to the top and then swirl her tongue around it. She was too good. She sucked me try for about ten minutes. I came in her mouth which spitted out. Now I guess it was my turn to suck her good. I removed her pant. She was in matching red lacy panty. I caressed the pussy above her panty. She was all wet. Then I put my mouth on her panty and sucked her precum. She was moaning slowly. Aaahhhh, aaahhhh,,ammmm.

Her pussy was smelled good and wet. I then removed her panty. She helped me with that. There it was, her pink clean shaven pussy. Without wasting a second I parted her pussy lips and inserted my two fingers into it. A moan, aaaahhhh came out of her mouth. I moved my fingers inside her pussy. It was warm and tight. I started two and fro motion with my fingers, one slightly bent and one straight. As I increased the speed her moan became louder. I locked her lips into mine so that no one outside would listen. She cam after 2 minutes, full load. I dried her up with a towel I had. Her face was all blushed. I looked at her and smiled. I again came down on her pussy and put my mouth on it without warning. She got a little startled. She adjusted herself and put her hand on my head. She closed her eyes and I put my tongue inside her pussy, out, in and out again. AAAAhhhh. Mmhhhh go on baby….As we say in Hindi she was mast by now. Please fuck me now, fuck me hard. My dick was hard again. I put on the pussy and pushed. Half went inside and I heard a loud aaaahhhhhhhh I pushed again and the whole dick went inside. I was above her and fucking her hard.

Sound of my groin patting hers mixed with our moaning filled the room. We fucked for few minutes and changed position. Now she was on the top. She was doing moving around my dick. I was caressing her ass and spanking it. She liked it and increased her speed. After a while we both came.

We were exhausted. We lay down on the bed side by side without putting our clothes on. She was giggling and kissing my chest. I was moving my hands all around her body. Then we slept like that for a while and woke up after a few hours. We fucked again twice that night.
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