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Rough And Wild Fuck With Neighbour

Hey, lustful readers, this is Karan here back with another story, the feedbacks have been really good and naughty 😉 this is a continuation of my first story ‘intensely passionate neighbour’.

I’m 20 years old, good looking living in Ahmedabad.
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So coming back to the story, After I had managed to fuck my hot neighbour ,

The aunty living on the 5th floor (I stay on the 6th floor) came to know about it. Either she must have listened to the loud noises or something.

About her, her name is preeti aunty.She’s of around 45 years old, tall and not very hot but had a killer ass but boobs on a little bit smaller side.

Now my mother is out a lot due to her work and office timings and preeti aunt knew that so she managed to make her move.

One day I was at home and she rang the bell.
I opened and she asked about my mother knowing very well that she isn’t at home.

She entered the home and closed the door herself.
And there I was a little bit shocked and took a few steps back and asked

“What happened aunty?” in a curious yet alarming tone.

She told licking her lips “Don’t act so innocent Karan. I know you drilled the young pussy next door.

My husband doesn’t fuck me like I want and barely is interested in my pussy.I want you to drill this cock-craving pussy of mine and make me your slut and fuck me like a whore”.

Now let me tell you one thing,
The dirty talk turns me a lot..A lot.
I always get hot and hard by such talks and that was the situation there.

My 5.5inch cock got hard and it was visible as I was wearing boxers.

The look in her eyes told that she was here for a rough fuck and wasn’t interested in any foreplay (which is something I’m great at ;). )

She grabbed the waistline and slid down my boxers and got on her knees and started sucking and deepthroating my cock and also grabbing my balls. I was in heaven !! She was a pro! The best blowjob it was !!

Then I got high on lust and started mouth fucking her and saying words like “Yes bitch, suck my cock you slut, I’ll fuck the shit out of you today whore, you’re mine bitch, suck it, suck it dry preeti ” !!!!

In 5 minutes I blew my load in her mouth only and she sucked it dry .

She then washed her mouth in the basin and came and sat on the couch, removed her leggings and spread her legs,

Rough And Wild Fuck With Neighbour

I guess she wanted me to return her the favour.

I got on the knees and grabbed the behind of both of her legs and teased her a bit by biting and licking her inner thighs until she grabbed my hair and pushed me down her pussy, she was already wet, and I started licking her wet pussy fast and also rubbing her clit and after 3-4 encounters my tongue game has gone better and I fulfilled her to the fullest and she came in a few minutes screaming a bit and moaning like “Oh yes karaannnn, lick my pussy Karan , it’s yours , ah, ohhhh. Ahhhh. , and came.

By then my dick got hard again so I stood her up and slapped her ass three times and whispered in her ear that. “Preeti, I am gonna fuck you like a whore and bitch you wanted to and make you my slut.”

So I removed her collared t-shirt and laid her down itself on the carpet in our hall and came over and started biting and rubbing and pressing and sucking her boobs and biting the tips of her nipples and two fingers down her pussy and she was looking like a woman possessed but by lust and was moaning and eyes closed and grabbing the carpet and was at a high on lust .

Then I inserted my already little bit wet dick into her pussy, as it was wet already it went in easily and started pumping her hard and hard and harder and drilling her pussy and biting her boobs and sucking her neck and kept the momentum going and she was writhing on the carpet left and right and moaning my name and going
“Ahhhh karaannnn, yessss, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Yessss , fuck meeeeee harder , make me your whore !!!!!!! Yes karaannnn, ahhhh” .

And I too was at peak of my lust , all lovemaking was forgotten , it was just rough and wild fucking and we both were in ecstasy of it
And the speed was never decreased and within 5-6 minutes we both came but , it was so fucking exhausting and we were all of sweat and breathing and moaning hard of this, raw animalistic wild sex that it was worth it.

Your feedbacks are always welcome. I like hearing what the horny readers here think.

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