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continuation of Part1

Me: I’m shocked for her reply and went near her, and squeezed her boobs hard on her blouse and water started pouring as when we squeezed the washed clothes

Sarika: That’s so rough mother fucker
Me: Why do you call me like that?

Sarika: you’re fucking a woman of your mom’s age
Me: But you’re not my mom and started kissing her wildly

Sarika: while she’s searching for my hard cock and reciprocated with her tongue very well
me: took her blouse and bra. started pressing her boobs mercilessly

Sarika: continue squeezing like that and moaning hard
Me: I thought some passer by can hear us, so went to the living room, turned on the music channel and kept the sound loud

Sarika: you’re so smart. Doesn’t look like a virgin
Me: I didn’t tell you I’m virgin

Sarika: Pulled down my pants and short, took my cock into her mouth, started giving a blow job
Me: Trust me guys, you feel more pleasure when a married woman gives a blow job and took removed her petticoat and panty

She’s sucking my cock by looking deep into my eyes.

Sarika: you have a pretty big dick, bigger than my husband, even my son
Me: I’m shocked, how do you know his size?

Sarika: will tell you later
me: in the meanwhile, I’m on the verge of cumming, I told her, she ignored and increased more pressure and I have spurted 4-5 shorts. she swallowed everything then came up and gave a wild kiss

Me: why did you made me cum quickly as I haven’t fucked you
Sarika: Do you have condoms?

Me: I quickly took from the bed where we are lying
Sarika: She astonished and curiously asked why did you keep them here.

Me: that another story will tell you later
Sarika: First lick my pussy

me: I finger fucked her and licked her bald pussy for 20 mins, she got an orgasm and looked so satisfied
Sarika: Thank you mother fucker. you’re the first person who made me cum in their first attempt

Me: how about your husband?
Sarika: He never made me cum

Me: This afternoon I saw what you people were doing and I also heard what he said
Sarika: You naughty. he only talks no action. Now you stop the talk and start action

Me: Can you put the condom for me?
Sarika: Sure darling. it fits only 3/4th

I never thought she’s so heavy and also she does exercise to maintain.

she told me her vital stats are 38c-26-36, isn’t that mind-boggling. And mine is 7.5 inc length and 6 inc grith.

Sarika: I think your cock will be more satisfying because it’s more on fatter side, that’s the women love it. your wife will lucky

Me: Now you also lucky and started penetrating from the front, at first it took time because my grith and she got adjusted very quickly and started moaning like anything

Sarika: Ohh… fuck me fuck me hard my son.
Me: she is giving good rhythm to my movement

Sarika: OMG… I never thought you are so good. many men have good cocks but only handful of them utilize it to its best and you are one of them
me: thank you mom.. ahh.. ahh.. but she’s having a smile, laughs and there is no sign of pain

Sarika: yes like that. come and top of me, squeeze my breast and kiss me simultaneously
me: Yes baby, I’ll serve as you said. and started pinching her nipples with my hand and bite her nipples and both of her boobs

Sarika: OMG… that’s so deep and you’re hitting my deepest point and you stretched my vagina also
Me: She hugged me tightly and dig her nails into my back, and she kept her legs on my ass and pushing it

Sarika: Harder mother fucker, satisfy your friend’s mom and her lust
Me: Sure mom, I’ll fuck you till you say NO

Sarika: you think so? I don’t think
Me: Turned her, I started banging her from behind. Spanking her ass, and squeezing her boobs mercilessly

Sarika: Hit me harder inside and outside
Me: Yeah… I’m doing that mom

Sarika: Faster… faster…
Me: I can’t be faster any more than this mom.

Sarika: You just said, you’ll hit me till I say NO. As I said, you can’t
me: Shut up bitch… I’m gonna cum

sarika: Continue the rhythm at least and don’t cum
Me: I don’t think so mom

sarika: pushed away from me and said do it from front

Me: yeah mom and continued my fuck by closing her mouth as she hurt my ego. This time she can’t handle me as she’s unable to breath

Trust me guys, when you close the breathable holes they feel extra pleasure and
I sprouted like hell… and moaning…. and panting for breath

Sarika: omg… what you did? trying to push me away
Me: held her tightly as I’m cumming otherwise I’ll lose the pleasure

sarika: seems like condom got torn. I feel your warm liquid inside me..you deposited deep in me and she had her orgasm along with me while panting for breath.

i’m in ovaluation period, i definitely get pregnant

Me: How sure you are?

sarika: I saw your thick cum when you cum in my mouth and that is more than enough to make my womb fertile

Me: then why did you get laid

Sarika: I couldn’t stop myself getting fucked by you since I saw your big cock while I shaving my cunt

Me: May I know why are you shaving your cunt? as you said, uncle doesn’t do much

Sarika: Uncle is not the only man in this world. There are many who can satisfy a woman
Me: So your son is fucking you?

Sarika: Stop it, he’s not like you. I know the moment you stepped inside the home, you are starring at boobs and ass

Me: then for whom?
Sarika: I hire gigolo’s to get laid and I have a meeting today

Rain Helped Me To Fuck Friend’s Mom - 2

Me: I’m shocked by hearing her words and cock is again getting hard
Sarika: She looked down, not now again. I need to back home as it is getting dark.

Me: So you got big cocks than me
Sarika: yeah. but those are not so pleasurable, have more pain than pleasure

Me: now I understood, why you are enjoying my cock. how many men have you slept with?
Sarika: Not many. the only couple of time I hired a gigolo, so come up with much bigger, some are smaller.

Me: now you don’t need anymore, and you got for free and I believe you are satisfied
Sarika: Yes, indeed

Me: she gave me a wild kiss and started leaving. I held her hand can’t you stay tonight, it’ll be more fun. even my aunty is coming after a week. you can leave early morning.

Sarika: I can’t, my husband will fuck me tonight and also I’ll have an opportunity to put blame on him if I get pregnant. since you have 1 week, I’ll come other day and will spend a couple of days with you.

see what you made to my boobs, everywhere red marks. what should I tell to my husband

Me: sorry mom, will do carefully next time.

There is calling bell ringing.

I got confused, I thought some courier person or apartment people came for maintenance.

As I opened the door, I got hell shock, there are my aunty and uncle.

How to manage uncle?

will continue in Part3

Any older woman like Aunties or milf, girls can contact me through my email for more fun and provide your feedback for the 3rd part “[email protected]”. I keep your promise.

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