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Neighbour Aunty Made My Day

Hi, readers, this is Srinivas again, from Vizag currently residing in Pune bringing you a super erotic sex story which is one of its kind, let me start by introducing my hot neighbour she is 36 years old with 36-30-38 mouthwatering figure she is my distant relative also
In order to start the story I need to take you people to my past that time I was in my tenth class preparing for my board exams that day was my Hindi exam and few relatives came to my house so I was instructed by my mother to g to the terrace and study so I came to top of my house and started reading while walking

Suddenly I heard some noise from my neighbouring house I peeped down my wall to see who it was and here comes the heroine she just finished her bath and came outside the bathroom took her towel and started wiping her body initially I looked at her back and what an awesome ass she had she kept her leg on a stool bent forward and wiping her thighs that was the first time I was watching a real women nude she suddenly turned and there was a vehicle passed back of my house and some flash was projected on her body which gave me the sight of her milk jugs my tool got erect and was growing more and more than usual I kept my hand into my shorts and masturbated then and there itself

From that day onwards I used to have a look over her with lots of lust in my eyes I used to masturbate daily thinking about her after finishing my intermediate I went to Vizag to study ug after first year of my ug I came to my home town for summer holidays after three to four days my mom told me that aunty’s husband and children left to Hyderabad to leave their children at some relatives house so my mom asked me to sleep in my aunt’s house for two days I happily accepted

I went to my aunt’s home she welcomed me with a smile asked about my studies and asked whether I had dinner or not I told yes then she went into the kitchen saying that she will bring me some milk I said ok but my attention is on her ass which was swinging in her nighty making my pipe go mad again after so long time

She gave me the milk I drank it and she asked me to sleep in a diwan cot in the hall as she will be sleeping in bed room I told ok and I slept on diwan cot after few hours I was feeling something is moving over my dick and I woke up suddenly it was my aunty who was caressing my dick over my shorts I was shocked by her act and I realized that there is no power in my room I asked her aunty was the power gone aunty removed her hands over my dick and said yes that’s why I came to your bed in search of candle which can bring light into my life I realized that her words had a deeper meaning I asked her what happened she told that its been years that her husband did sex with her and she was starving for sex

She was sitting beside my cot on floor I took her face into my hands kissed on the back of her neck went to her ears and whispered now the candle was lightened up so get ready to remove the rusk from your pussy

She got aroused with my words turned behind faced me took my face into her hands and started kissing my face wildly I started exploring her body over her nighty valuating her assets

She started removing my t-shirt sucked my nipples which made me go mad I with one go removed her nighty took her melons into my hands caught hold of her waist hugged her tightly and started sucking her melons like a mad dog she was enjoying every move of mine the way her body was moving in my arms reminded me of some snake she was giving slow moans uttering my name now and then

I made her slept on the diwan and suddenly lights came and the eye feasting sight of her body made my day I jumped over started licking her from top from her fore head she was moving her fingers in my hair as well as on my back with her legs she started removing my shorts I let her do so she started touching my dick with her feet while I was busy sucking her boobs

Neighbour Aunty Made My Day

She told that she wanted to taste my dick we shifted to 69 position which gave me the entrance to her love hole there was a bush on the love hole which had small droplets of love juice it was soo hot I smelled her pussy it was very much intoxicating I started losing my senses inserted my tongue into the pussy and started licking her while she started playing with my dick she swallowed my whole dick and started rubbing my balls that were an amazing feeling that needs to be experienced cant express them in mere words

I continued licking her pussy she came with a loud moan suddenly and all her orgasm was flowing from her pussy I gave work to my tongue to do the scavenger operation she got hold of my hairs pulled me over her and shouted on me to fuck her roughly and she started biting me I too responded quickly by rubbing my dick over her pussy and inserted with one go

She shouted with pain as she didn’t had any dick for so long time she started abusing me and shouting on me to fuck like there is no tomorrow I started giving hard strokes to her meanwhile sucking her boobs taking gaps in order to avoid faster ejaculation

I fucked her for nearly fifteen minuted and cummed on her after that I have seen some tears rolling down her cheeks with satisfaction she hugged me tightly and kissed me smoothly saying that she was very glad to have me I too replied her with a smile and told that the pleasure is mine serving you whenever you need me we did two to three fucking sessions afterwards and after that I didn’t get any chance as I was busy with my studies

So, guys, this is my story and feel free to give me suggestions and for all the horny women I am always free to help you in doing sex chat or real sex if you are in need so text me at [email protected]

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