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I am a happily married Marwari couple from Chennai. Since 17 years. My wife is a beautiful woman & I am damn crazy for her. We. Have a moderate sex life. I used to get fantasies roaring in my mind like a threesome, orgy, etc. As my wife was very innocent type at the start of my marriage, I was scared to share her my inner feelings.

After a couple of years as time flew, we celebrated our 12th anniversary in goa with all my close friends. Only we were in. The couple and 2 of my very close friends were together. It was a fun-filled trip and it was the first time Vidhya had worn the shortest dresses ever. All thanks to my friends who made her feel comfortable.

That night we had lots of nonveg chats and also watched a porn movie together. I was eagerly waiting to bang her & finally, we entered our room by midnight 2.

Vidhya was tired but I she understood my hunger and came close to me. I started licking her nipples gently and started touching her pussy. Suddenly Vidhya asked me. Do u like when others see my body including your best friends? I was in my high and immediately replied that I enjoy it and it makes me more aggressive on the bed. To my answer, Vidhya turned wild. She was never like that before. She started revealing that since morning, both of my friends have been staring her boobs & they have also tried to come closer with a reason of taking a selfie. Vidhya started getting more & hotter on her moves. She overtook the charge from me & sat on my lap. She was fucking me harder than ever before. I was shocked to see her hunger for sex.

Next morning we woke up late. My friends were eagerly waiting for us at the pool. Vidhya was initially hesitant to join the pool as she had to wear a bikini but to our shock, she joined us. I could see the lust in the eyes of my friends who were completely mad to see her body.

We played water games and Vidhya gave every chance to both my friends to come closer.

It was saddening that due to some. Emergency we had to shorten our trip and come back. Ever since we came home I could see an emptiness in Vidhya

She was badly missing the touch of other men and I could see the change in her.

I have to travel a lot due to my business. I didn’t wish to leave her but as it was a important work, I left for Dubai for 7 days. Whenever I left for business trips I made sure that I call and talk to her. Sometimes I would even request for a video sex but she would never agree. The 2nd-day Vidhya called me and started kissing me over the phone. She insisted on a video call. When the screen opened I was shocked to see my Vidhya in a sexy deep neck blouse. I was mad behind her and we have lots of sexual talks. I had never seen her so happy. I knew there was something which is boosting her. Finally, the trip ended & I was highly excited to get closer to her. I had my room keys and opened the door without making any noise and what a pleasant surprise Vidhya was only in her panties. I was aroused seeing her boobs and immediately grabbed them. She was already on a high sex requirement. She asked me- Rahul can I tell you something wild but which is real? I said sure.

Vidhya smooched me hard and was like seduction at her best.

And that’s how it all happened.. I had. Gone to a newly opened saree shop. I selected and the seller was a young guy aged around 28. He was staring at me ever since I entered his shop. Initially, I was not comfortable but the way he spoke and attended me, I was completely flattered. He was very bold in his talks and was very good in communication with his eyes. I selected 3 sarees and requested if they can help me to get my blouse stitched. The shop owner after smiling said, bhabhiji I am a designer and would love to create a marvel of a beautiful woman like you. I started blushing. I said I want the blouse in 24 hours and he said ok. Let’s get the measurement done.

He took me to the level 1. There was no one and I was feeling a little scared. He offered me water and asked offered me juice. I said no, but after his repeated requests I said ok. Then what? The unexpected things started happening.

My Wife’s Affair With Another Man

He stood opposite to me with a naughty and flirty smile. He came more and closer to me and my heart started beating faster and faster. He gently put his hands on my neck and dropped the pallu down. He was staring at my boobs and I was feeling amazing. I was feeling like a super queen. He then without hesitating touched my boobs and stated asking,bhabhiji blouse kitna deep rakhoon. I replied stammering.. Whatever you feel you can make it. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly. I could not stop him doing and instead, I hugged him and tighter and even closer. He without uttering a single word started kissing me. I was standing like a puppet unable to stop him.

He was so gentle with his touches. He opened the hook one by one in a very seductive way and started sucking like mangoes. I could feel his cock hungry enough to fuck me.I was enjoying every kiss and bite he gave to my body. I surrendered him with a topless body and was happily let him do whatever he wanted. He bites me on my back with his teeth and I was gently moaning fuck me fuck me.

He said mockingly. Bhabhi.. I would love to design blouse for you even if u wish to come every day.

I laughed and said that my husband will kill me if he comes to know all this. As it was a shop we were not able to extend to the climax. I enjoyed the best ever touches by the designer tailor.

As Vidhya was narrating my hunger to fuck her was getting more and deeper. Vidhya asked me? Did I do wrong? I replied vidhya. Thanks to the designer who has helped vidhya to become what Rahul was dreaming of.

Vidhya was at the happiest moment of her life. After her sexual encounter with the designer tailor, my sex life has become so active.
I am glad to have her.

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