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My Mother In Law

Hi I am Sateesh, I am from Bangalore I wish to share my experiences with you all, I am now 40 years, 5,9�� tall with a very good body I am married to my wife since 13 years and having a son of 11 years old, I work for an M&C as a manager. My MIL my father in laws younger brother�s wife is very good looking and she is almost of my age and she resembles Kannada actress Geetha and I like her very much.

I was looking for a opportunity to succeed her as I came to know that she is very sexy from my as she use to crack very sexy jokes in front of her also her husband is very short and weak, Just to describe my aunt i.e my MIL her name is Sudha and her height is 5,6�� and fair complexion with nice ass and boobs she use to dress very sexy like wearing thin sari and very low neck and back tightly raped so that we can make out her figure, she had a daughter and a son of 18 and 19 years.

I use to go to in front of her house deliberately in the afternoons I knew no one will be there except her waiting for a chance so that she will come out and see me and invite me inside, I did not want to go directly as she may tell my wife that your hubby had come and I will be in trouble as to why I should go to her place without work at that time.

One day I just stopped the my car in front of her house she as I was taking a U turn I saw her purchasing vegetables and she saw me and called me Sateesh how are you how come you are here come in and have coffee. I thought this is my chance and I went inside and said I had come to meet my friend who is down this road I got little confused so I was taking a U turn and you called me, for that she said its Ok good that you have come to our house and offered me cool drink while

My Mother In Law
I was having it slowly for my luck on TV Geeth�s move was being aired I told Atthe (for MIL in Kannada ) you look like Geetha and you resemble her very much in every thing and I love Geetha and I�m her fan, for that she blushed and said may people have told me. I took this as a chance and said you have a very good height and figure even in this age I wonder how you looked when you ware in your peak staring at her boobs and navel, then I said I like

Geetha so much and you are no less than her for that she said you are also very good and you have a athletic body, The movie continued with some sexy s�ance and I said I wish I should have been that hero, and again I turned at her and said atthe If I ware to be hero I would have taken you as heroin for that she just laughed and said I�m too old for that, I said for me as hero you are very good fro that she just laughed and went inside the kitchen.

I removed my shoes and tool the glass inside and the kitchen and stood very close behind her and she was washing some glasses I just put my hand with glass from behind and said I will wash my glass for that she said no no you should not do that I said its Ok I�m like your friend I will wash it, in the processes she tried to snatch my glass I resisted she caught hold of my hands then it was my turn to hold her hands and I started washing her hands and

I went behind her as the space was less leaned on her and slowly washed her hands and she did not resist for that, My dick was already up and it was touching her ass.I continued this for a while and I slide my hand hands up for that she said hay your hands are wet I took a cloth near by and wiped it and now I was holding her shoulders from behind working my way towards her breast, Now I realized that the main door was open so I quickly went and closed and came back, this time I grabbed her both breasts in each of my hand and said atthe your are so beautiful

I just cant resist for that she said hay I�m your atthe and you are not suppose to do this for me for that I said no atthe you are my Geetha I�m your hero. She was not resisting but just acting like that I knew very well.After squeezing her lovely boobs on the blouse I bet her ear from behind and inserted my hand inside the blouse while my other hand was on her ass, While still biting her ears I came in front and now took her lips and pushed my tongue inside her mouth and sucked

Her while my other hand was on her pussy above her sari we ware in this position for about 10minutes then she said we shall go to our bed room I was very happy.I slowly un dressed her so did she to me while doing so I was praising her beauty when she was fully naked I was flabbergasted by her figure and her skin so nice and smooth it was not a single scar on her body.
I sucked her boobs like a mad fellow and kissed each part of her body from head to tow,

I kissed her pussy it was trimmed but not fully shaven it was very nice as there was lot of juice flowing I inserted my tongue and she started screaming Um ahhha and started making loud noises I enjoyed it equally I sucked her pussy for quit some time till she came loudly ahaaaa. She said her hubby has never sucked her pussy till now.It was her turn not to kiss me all over and she enjoyed my body like any thing kissing and pressing every part and finally it ended at my long thick cock she did not suck

At first she just kissed but said to take it inside then she did it with great pleasure she took it completely inside and I tought I need to really fuck her so I took it out and told her to lie on her bed she did so first I inserted my cock inside and after one couple of pushes it went inside I was stroking at my full sprit and strength she was saying Unnna ahaa this made me mad and I was pushing deep inside out she came again while she was coming I too came with a big bash I could feel my semen had filled her pussy I was in heaven at that time.

We relaxed for some time I was still sucking her nipples and biting them.
We both got up and wile cleaning our self, I said I will clean your pussy as I have made it dirty she said not you made it happy, She cleaned my dick with her tongue and I did clean her pussy with my tongue. She was very happy she said she got her best sex of her life,

After relaxing with some coffee all that time she was just with a small towel wrapped around her and I was also with a small towel then she suddenly said now you can go I said I have not shown my true strength and how can you stop in between and saying so I grabbed her from behind and bending her squeezing her boobs I inserted my cock inside her pussy in doggy style and asked atthe how is it she said don�t call me atthe and for that I will call you sudha but in front of other I will call you atthe as I continued to push and pull in doggy position biting her back arm pits and all ot

her places I could reach she came in between it took little longer time for me to cum.

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