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My Mom’s Extra Affair

Hi everyone this is Rahul again. Sorry for being late in posting my next story. So after an awesome relation with my mom, my mom become more bold and courageous. She use to visit Mumbai frequently like twice every month with my dad or sometimes without him. So once she came without my dad to Mumbai and it was an evening when we both decided to go for dinner my mom got ready wearing a sexy blue one piece.

As I bought her nice lingerie she was wearing a padded cup firm bra from which her boobs were looking more beautiful and big. Her 32 size boobs was now give a full view of cleavage as it was deep neck one piece dress and even the bra was pressing the boobs with each other. The dress was so tight that one can easily see the panty line of her.She also did little amount of make up with kajal eye lashes lipstick. She was looking stunning. And we left and went to a restaurant. As soon as we entered most of the guys and uncles were looking at my mom with a lustful eye and I told her abt it. She blushed. Most of them were looking at her ass and boobs. She was not less she was also enjoying the looks of the people there.

Now to my coincidence there was going on dance and it was a social night where people were dancing with each other. After having dinner we both were sitting in the bar area and was enjoying the dance suddenly a guy of age 45 came to my mom and asked for dance so she looked at me and I winked her so she went with him for dance.

I saw them dancing closely as they were doing salsa. And as my mom was not at all a dancer was continuously banging to that guy and he was enjoying her clash of boobs and ass with his body. I was watching them and was thinking with my devil mind and waiting where it can go.

Then the song change and it was bachata song so he came more close to mom and put his one leg between her thighs which was touching her vagina.

He grabbed her ass pushed her towards him due to which her boobs were pressing with his chest. He was a muscular long guy. This was making me arouse and saw they were dancing so close that even air can’t pass. That guy started feeling my mom exploring his hands behind my mom’s back and ass. My mom was too enjoying that guy touch. Then they both separated after a while and I guess that guy asked my mom’s no.

Then they had some conversation and we left. Later after reaching home she got a call and it was that guy. He was standing down my flat and wanted to come up. My mom asked me whether he can come or not so I was like I’m OK if you don’t mind. So she was more than happy to call him up.

They sat in the front room and were talking and I was in my room and was feeling sleepy. So I came out and saw them sitting very close and told mom I’m sleeping. My mom was wearing tight leggings and a satin top from which her bra line could be easily seen. I went to my room and imagined that there is going to be some action tonight. And I slept.

I woke up in the middle of the night and to my surprise it was about 3am in night and the front room light was still on and the door was just slightly closed without the latch.

So I went little close to the door and peeped through it and what I saw was just a surprise as well as arousing for me. I saw my mom was sitting on that guys lap with just her bra and that guy was thrusting his dick inside squeezing her boobs. And sometimes her boobs was juggling due to the hard thrust of that guy. And that guy was caressing her back with every thrust inside her.

Then they changed the position and he took mom into doggy style and started thrusting her form back. He was fucking her hard with holding her hair. And I can hear my mom screaming “yesss …. ahhhh …. ummm …. uffffff ….yessss …”

Guy- oh you are so hot from back…I just love to cares your whole back and fuck you from back.

Mom- I love the size of your dick please do it hard…fuck me more hard yesss ahhh ufff mm mmm …

And that guy again changed the position and then took her to missionary position. He was continuously smooching her lips her neck her shoulder and was thrusting her hard. He was squeezing her boobs and she was moaning with pleasure and pain both.

Then that guy got up and sat on the sofa and my mom got down between his legs and started giving him a blowjob. That guy was moaning with pleasure hmm …..yess …. my baby lick it hard take it deep into your throat ….. yesss ….. ahhhhh …. ufffmm ….

I’m cumming I’m cumming he shouted and then he came on my mom’s boobs. And they both collapsed on each other and started kissing and playing with each other. And later they slept after enjoying the whole show I felt that I also cummed in my pant. And again went back to sleep.

Next day that guy left early morning before I woke up. Then mom and me had a conversation regarding the last night. She was so happy about it and I could clearly see that on her face. Then she had few more fucking session with that guy and also had done night stay at his place. And now she is again single after this extra martial affair. But still she often come to Mumbai and enjoy going out and clubbing dinner etc with me.

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