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My Hot English Teacher

Hey guys this is my second story posting here. Hope u all might like it. To tell about myself, I’m Manish, 21 yrs old, fair, 5 foot 8 inch and a bi sexual. This story is about fucking my English teacher during my coll days. Her name is kavitha, fair complexion, 5 foot 5 inch, around 30 yrs of age, divorcee and perfect aunty with big ass and big tits.

She taught us English during my first yr of my engineering. She used to be jovial in class and free to talk with any boys. Our class had only 3 girls and remaining are boys. All boys would stare her ass when she turn around towards board. I used to be silent guy in class, I wasn’t a naughty boy type.

During my even semester, the course was tough all boys scored less marks and failed on three tests and due to this my internal marks turned out very minimum. To pass in the subject I had to score around 80 marks in the final semester. I went to her and asked her help. She asked me to study with her in coll during study leave. Two days past like this and she helped me so much. Next day I went her cabin but she was not there. I asked another professor where she went. She said she is in vacation. I phoned her. She said she is in vacation and will not be available till the semester starts. I was shocked and I begged her to help. I asked her to come to coll for just two days so that I could finish the syllabus.

After a while she asked me to come to her home tomorrow and study for two days. Next day I went to her home, we sat in hall and she helped me with the subject. In her table she had a passport form. I asked whether she is going abroad. She said yes, she ll be going within two yrs. In that form I saw that her bday was tomorrow. So I planned for a surprise.
Next day, I went with a cake to surprise her. She was in new saree. she looked hot in that saree. I greeted her and she said thank you. She asked how I knew her b’day.

I explained the matter and asked her cut the cake. The candles were lighten and she was with knife to cut the cake. She blew the candles and cut the cake. She gave a piece of cake. I gave her piece and suddenly applied all the cake on her. She was surprised and happy. Her face was full of cream and some of the pieces went inside her saree. I said sorry mam, this is how we celebrate in hostel. And started cleaning the cream in her face and hair. When I touched her face I was turned on. Slowly I bring my hand lower and brought near the neck area. She held my hands and said I will wash it.

But I couldn’t let her. I held her face and brought towards me she resisted I forced her brought towards my face and started licking away the cream in her face. She shouted me to stop but I was in no mood to stop I continued licking her face and brought my lips towards her lips and I planted a kiss on it. She resisted but I kept on kissing passionately and squeezed her boobs.

At a point of she gave up and started responding well. She tasted my creamy lips and sucked it. I was playing with her tits. I removed her saree and unhooked her blouse. My English teacher stood in front of me in panty and bra. Wow!!!!… I took her tits in my hand without removing the bra. I sucked it like a mad man. It was my first time with tits in my hand. I bit her nipples. She moaned and pushed my head towards her tits. She was moaning and sure she was turned on. I laid her in the sofa, removed her panty. Her pussy was completely shaven and it was wet. I started licking her pussy. She became so horny.

She was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh manishhhhhhhhhhhh.. I spitted on her pussy and inserted my finger. She moaned ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
I started fingering her pussy and licked it side by side… she moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucccccccccccccckkkkkkkk. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd….. I was eating her pussy….. she pushed my head in her pussy… she moaned…….. oh my goddddddddddddddd……….yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. manissssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…..put your cock in it………. Put somethingggggggggg in it………….

I asked her to be positioned in doggy… she taught I was going to fuck her… but I inserted my face in between her ass and started licking it… she couldnt hold it.. she moaned mannnnnnnnsshhhhh what are u doinggggggggggg……….. put your cock in your mam’s pusssssssyyyyyyyyyy…..

I said, Mam I wont leave you till u cum in my face…..She replied…….. Manishhhhhhhhhh thissssss is oasmmmmmmmmm….. I hope I cant hold it longer… I gonnaaaaaa cum in your faceeeeeeeeee………… and she cummed all in my face and I licked all her cum from her pussyyyyyyy.

She said, manish u r a good pussy eater… I replied mam wait for my cock and winked… she remained in her position and I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy…. It was tighter… she couldn take my 7 inch cock… me: mam its too tight..

She: ya manish it hasn’t fucked for an year…with one hard push I inserted in it… she screamed in pain… slowly moved my cock in and out..

My Hot English Teacher

She: aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaanisssssssshhhhhhhhhhh…..faster…

I increased the speed. With one hand I hold her tits and with other hand I held her hair.

Me: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck… it feels so good mam……
She: you are making me to feel like slut…. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don stop so soon……
Me: mam I want u to suck my cock….
She: manissssssssshhhhhhhhh I m waiting to do it……….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeeesssssss

I pulled out my cock and went before her face and inserted it in her mouth…

Me: mam it feels better than ur pussyyy……aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
She: mmmmmmmmmmmm hhhmmmmmmmmm
Me: mam lick my ballssssssss

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and started sucking my ballssssssss….. wow man ball sucking so good…. I held her face and started fucking her mouth… she was gaging….

Me: mam I m gonna cummmmmm…

I shoot all my cum in her mouth. She drank few and swapped my cum from her mouth to my mouth and I ate it… there were cum on her tits… I licked them and started sucking her tits again. We kissed again passionately and my dick became hard again.

She: I think u r ready for another round and gave me a naughty smile.
Me: yes mam, this time i would make u cum and kissed her lips.

Then I went to her pussy and started licking it. This time I licked it rough and fingered her hard.

She: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh manisssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur making me to beg for ur cock………. I wanna ride ur cockkkkkkkkkkkk……….

Then she sat over cock, inserted it in her pussy and started jumping with her boobs bouncing off. I spanked her ass

She: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesss… oh my god…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa…

Room was filled with her moaning and the sound of my balls hitting her pussy…. She ride it roughly… I said I was about to cum. She suddenly removed my cock out of her pussy and said fuck me hard in missionary position. I inserted my cock in her pussy in missionary position and started moving it fastly. I held both legs in my hands and fucked her roughly for a minute.

Me: Mam I m gonnaaa cum..

She: aaaaahhhhhhhhh……….mmmmmmmmmmmm….. cum in my pussy….. I m about to cum…

I cum in her pussy after a while she too cum. And I collapsed over her with my cock still in her pussy. She removed cock from it and licked all the cum in it. After that I kissed romantically.
She: perfect b’day gift

Me: Mam, I never know you were so good at this. I loved it.

We kissed each other again and laid naked in couch. After that we had sex next day and rest of the study holidays. After completion of each exam I would fuck her in her home at different position. Every day we eat each other cum swap it ourselves. We even tried to have sex at coll but we couldnt. All the time I was fucking her without condom. If any girls, aunty’s want to fuck contact me at [email protected]

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