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Hi My name is Raj (name changed) from the South Indian city of Bangalore. Interested aunties and matured ladies can contact me on [email protected] As I write this story which is 100% true, my memory dates back to 1990 when I was a 1st year Engineering student with raging hormones. I had a very strong sexual urge but did not know how to or where to release it. In those days, we did not have sites like Indian sex stories but our access to sexual literature was limited to books which were sold in some book stores and they were all predominantly Kannada literature describing sexual stories of young males and females and aunties.

The first year of college was a very lengthy one given the fact that our country went through a lot of turmoil in that year with a very popular politician assassinated and the general elections being postponed for various reasons and we were off college more than at college. My favorite destination during these breaks was my hometown, a hundred kilometres from the city where I lived. My ancestral home in my hometown was a huge house with more than 15 people living under one roof. The heroine of this story is my father’s cousin’s wife, Hema (name changed) who got married and came to our family when she was just 16 years. She was very fair and slim with average boobs and a well shaped ass which was a major turn on for me. The favorite pass time at my ancestral home was to roam around the village in the mornings and watch movies at night. There was a video cassette shop which rented out video tapes and every evening, it was my job to go and get a cassette. I still remember, on that eventful day, I went and got the movie Henna, starring Rishi Kapoor and a pakistani actress. My aunt also wanted to watch the movie and we fixed the time for the show at 10 PM as there was less likelihood that the power would fail at that time.

The drawing room was a huge one with an old sofa set and a dewan at one corner. After dinner, my aunt finished cleaning up the vessels and other related chores associated with a family dinner. As I said she is a tall, slim and fair sexy lady but now she is plump and hefty. She was 18 when this happened and she had already given birth to a son when this happened. I turned on the VCR and started playing the movie. I was seated on the dewan and she came and sat next to me. She was allowed to wear only a saree as ours is an orthodox family.

I still remember she was in a blue colored saree and a same color blouse. Her boob size was probably 32 during those days but now she is in her 40’s and the boobs have increased to a volumptuous 36 size. Coming back to the story, we were watching the movie and I was feeling the heat emanating from my body and luckily we were the only two left by 11 30 as all the others who were watching went to their respective rooms to sleep. I did not know how to proceed and something happened which ignited the fire. My aunt went to use the rest room and I placed my left hand on the dewan exactly in the place where she was sitting. She used the rest room and came back but I did not bother to remove my hand. She came and sat down exactly where she was sitting and the most amazing thing happened. She rested her juicy ass on my hand which was on the dewan with an open palm and I could not believe my luck as now my left hand was under her ass. I could feel the heat from her body as well and her right hand now was now on my left thigh and my tool was ready to shoot out from under my dhothi.

I slowly lifted my hand and now my hand was placed on her hip just touching the place where her saree was tightly bound across her smooth waist. I slowly slid my hand inside but and was now placed between her thin saree and the thick material of her petticoat. I was disappointed as she was not wearing a panty because panties are something that turn me on especially when i see the outline of the panty when women bend or when they walk wearing tight clothes. However, I kept my hand there for some time and seeing no reaction from her except the fast hard breathing, I slowly inserted my hand inside her petticoat and i was excited the moment my hand touched the smooth skin of her ass. Believe me friends, it is a feeling which cannot be expressed but only experienced. Meanwhile she continued to concentrate on the movie and I slowly started kneading the fat ass. She suddenly caught my hand and pulled it up and kept it on her waist. I was a little confused as to why she reacted that way, was it because she did not like it or was it because she was too excited.

I kept my hand there for a couple of minutes and slowly lifted my hand to cup her left breast from the side, I was still not cupping it completely but just the left part. I could feel the thick outline of her bra through the thin blouse material. I slowly gave a push and seeing no reaction from her I cupped her left breast completely and started kneading it. She by then had moved her hand from my thigh to my throbbing dick and had started slowly pressing it. I could not control it any longer and inserted my hand into her blouse but just above the bra. I could not believe what was happening. This was my first feeling of how a breast felt. The nipples were not pointed or thick like how I had seen in blue films that i watched with my classmates but they were strange short and not thick at all. I somehow feel women with short nipples are hornier than the ones who have pointed nipples. I unhooked the blouse and lifted the white bra and had my first suck of a pair of boobs as an adult. The movie ended and we just retired to our respective rooms. She had given me a nice hand job and infact she had accumulated my hot cum in her hand. The next day morning was a little difficult for me to see her eye to eye but she was normal behaving as though nothing had happened. When we crossed each other, she would have that willy smile on her face and she ensured she rubbed her boobs against me.

My Encounter With Sexy Aunty

This continued for many years but the actual penetration of my dick into her heavenly cunt did not happen untill many years later. I had finished my Engineering and was employed and she had moved with her husband and son to the city where I lived. I used to frequently visit her house and the smooching and boob pressing would happen but the real thing happened unexpectedly. Many years back, I had written a story of my first sexual encounter with my owner aunty who introduced me to the world of sex even though this aunt of mine was the first to teach me how to treat a boob and pussy. I had just finished a horny journey with my owner aunty and had to go this aunt’s house and luckily that day she was alone at home. I started my usual smooching and boob pressing activities and I slowly lifted her saree and to my surprise she did not resist at all that day. I laid her down on the bed and removed my pant with my undies and left it dangling around my ankles. She held my cock and gave a willy smile that was a trade mark of hers.

I tried inserting my dick into her but it was not as easy as it was with my owner aunty because my owner aunty was much older and had given birth to 4 children and I think she had a lot of sexual activities in her life. She always told me that no one except her husband and I had touched her down there, but I had my own doubts. Anyway coming back to my aunt, I tried pushing but did not manage to put it in. She held my cock and tried but for some strange reason, I was not able to penetrate at all. This was my first encounter with my aunt after waiting for many years by doing just the hand jobs. If you like the story, give my your feedback, I will narrate more about how I was able to have many more sessions with her and also my encounter with my maid . Any aunties or ladies in and around Bangalore feel free to contact me. I can do my best to put all my best practices into use. Contact me on [email protected]

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