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Mom fucked hard

Hi porn sex story dot com guys, this is shreyas from chennai, south india. I am new to our wonderful porn sex story dot com forum. I have read many stories and got inspired to write this xxx story that happened in my life some ten years back. I am now 27 and this story happened when I was 17 years old. This story is about my mom and her sex life. My parents are married for 30 years now but they never shared a proper bonding. I am their only child. They never got along well as both my parents have their share of spoils.

That is why they never had a proper bonding. I grew up watching them fight. I have seen my dad breaking my mom’s knot (we call it thali) and asked her to go away from his life. She bore everything because she loved me and I know that no matter what she loved dad too. In fact, she has never spoken to any guy in her life as a friend or even as a colleague because she never worked outside. My mom is a great cook and I encouraged her to try some catering job or have some hotel or something. My dad doesn’t give much money to mom. He wanted mom to work and earn or asked us to die out of hunger. He stayed with us but never spoke much. The irony is that the house we are living belongs to my mother so you can see how good her heart is.

Days passed and she actually enrolled herself with some caterers. The boss of that catering unit visited us in our home and tasted my mom’s food. He was really impressed and wanted to sign her up immediately. He also told that he is trying to open a new restaurant somewhere outside chennai and asked if she would join him to manage the hotel with food and stuff. She was surprised because she only wanted a small catering job but to get a hotel herself to head the cooking unit was really a blessing in disguise. She asked if that is fine with me. I wasted no time and gave the confirmation to the catering unit boss immediately. I asked his name and he introduced himself as raj. My mom signed the papers and he left. My mom was so happy that she felt her prayers were answered. Our joy short-lived because my dad came in listening to all this and immediately asked us not to do any of that as business is a danger. It was clear he is full of negative energy.

He and mom fought as usual but we both fought with him and my mom joined the venture anyway. Even the slightest of talk between them has ended now. One day raj was about to come home to taste the new dishes my mom was trying. Just when he was about to come home my parents had a huge fight. Raj came in listening to the words my dad was using towards my mom. He called her slut and gave away few more bad words before leaving. Raj pretended as though he came from someone else and entered our house. We felt so embarrassed to meet him and I left to my room. I wanted to hear what they would talk anyway and came out just to see them in the kitchen. I slowly walked towards them and listened. He asked if she is alright at home. She couldn’t reply. He said I heard him talk and I am sorry. He gave some money to her and asked her to concentrate on this business and that​ she would easily earn more money. She was really touched and thanked raj so much. He tasted all the food and returned back. I and my mom now had a totally different respect towards him.

Days passed and things looked gloomy at home. No talks between dad and us whatsoever. The business on the other hand is going good. My mom is now a happy woman and she has got a new phone for herself. She even texts raj at times and he would ask her how life is as she is earning now. I check her phone often because whenever my mobile is charging I would use hers and text my female friends. I came across their texts and they seem to be more than business partners now. Like friends, a well wisher kind of. He mentioned about his life too and his family. He belongs to a kind of a rich family and he himself appeared rich a lot of times. I could see a change in my mom as a person. She decided not to bother about dad anymore.

She moreover got busy with her work too. She mentioned that she would have to travel outside chennai for some hotel orders and that she may be late. She asked me to eat dinner outside. My dad didn’t know about this plan and he enquired me about mom. I told she should return shortly. He actually suddenly seemed ok in the past few days. Talking normally (strangely) and stuff. Maybe he thought mom is also earning now and that he should probably change his attitude. Mom returned home and got dad some dinner too as I already ate outside. She said I got the dinner because something told me that your dad might’ve not had his food outside. My dad regretted his mistakes and slowly started changing. My mom was glad too about his progress and we looked like a family again. My mom and dad though they are talking again now doesn’t sleep together. In fact it has been many years since they slept together in a same room. Like 12 + years. I am sure that they didn’t have sex for a long time. I was using my mom’s mobile and received few images from raj on whatsapp. I was eager to know what it would be and opened it.

It had a lot of blurry pics because I didn’t download them yet. Just above the pics I saw my mom’s message to raj that read “Don’t send any messages or pics until I message you first (with english and tamil combined)” but it didn’t reach raj yet and he has actually already sent the pics. I was eager what it would be but was reluctant to download. I decided to download at least one out of many and did. To my surprise and shock it had a pic of raj and mom being close to each other. Like they are hugging each other from the side. Her dress looked stunning and she wore a pink sleeveless saree. Her arms were so white and thick. She looked like a really good looking female with a great sexy body. I actually couldn’t take my eyes of her because she looked so revealing too. I wanted to download one more and to my surprise it was a pic of them kissing each other. He has actually taken a selfie of them kissing. I zoomed in and it looked like he had a real go at my mom. I saw my mom coming and immediately deleted the messages I downloaded and pretended like I slept already. She came in and checked if I am asleep and started using her phone.

I could see a jerk from her after seeing those pictures from him despite her warning. She also noticed her messages were not delivered. She couldn’t guess that I actually saw a couple of those pictures but started downloading the rest of the pics. She had smiles all over her face. I couldn’t actually believe what was going on. Most of the pics raj sent were kissing pics of him and my mom. He has taken her out somewhere out of the city. My mom told me about some hotel business deal but it was not a business deal it was rather their sex deal. I had no clue what else they did apart from kissing. Unfortunately things were going south for my dad because he initially had not spoken to us at all. Now that he just started talking, my mom is now having an affair with her business boss. This thought was actually giving me joy. I always fantasized my mom with other men but to actually see her with a different man is giving me a hard on. I was having a close eye on them from now on.

Mom fucked hard

I even checked her replies to the pics raj sent. She replied “I had a great time with you today. Every minute was memorable”. He replied the same. He even told her that we could meet or go out together often. They have also planned for a long drive soon and he promised it would be the best day of her life. They flirted for sometime more before my mom slept. She started looking bright these days and at the same time she has also started talking well to my dad again. I was puzzled has to why she would behave this way. I then realized how my dad used to treat her and how she has already moved on in her life. Wetting her neck. She started moaning a little and I could literally hear the kissing and licking sound. She hugged him tightly as he increased the intensity. She then moved him away and asked if it is safe here to do all this in the middle of the road. He told her it is safe and wanted to continue but she stopped him and asked sorry. She told him to take her somewhere private and do whatever he wants. Raj was disappointed but at the same time happy because she agreed to have complete sex with him. He then begged her like a child for one more kiss to which she was never gonna say no.

They then started driving again and was holding hands together. I already had a massive boner. I wanted them to have car sex but was excited to see them go wherever they were going. They even spoke about my dad and his sudden behavioral changes. Raj even asked if she is feeling bad for being physical with him to which she replied no not at all. He doesn’t deserve me or my body. 12 years+ is a huge time and I have literally wasted all these years. If I had met you much earlier I would’ve had a great life. He laughed and said it is never too late babe and despite you being 38 you are still sexy to me. I wish I could talk less and kiss you more he said. She laughed​ and asked him to wait until they reach some outskirts or a nice resort so that he can quench his thirst. He even showed her some condom packs that he has got for their session. I was shocked at her reply.

She told him to fuck her without any protection because she has not slept with anyone for 12 years. She also told him to cum in if it is fine with him. I was really shocked by her bold reply. He was all smiles because he knew he is up for a great night. They soon reached a grand resort and decided to stop. The room they were about to book was around 15k for a day and it had attached swimming pool in it. I slowly got out of the car and followed them. I was wearing a hoodie to hide my face and was following them. They were excited to be there and checked inside the room. They even pretended to be couples to the hotels managers. They held hands as they walked. My mom looked amazing in a dress that was too revealing. I have never see her dress like that as she was all western. Her arms were bare and was big enough to arouse any men out there.

She left with saree from home but actually had this inside her the whole time. It was all well prepared and they went to have lunch in the restaurant down below the hotel. Their room was open as they asked the room​ service to further clean the room and if possible refill the swimming pool. Just when they were busy working I sneaked inside and hid myself inside a storage cabin. Thankfully I got my lunch packed and therefore had my lunch inside the cabin and waited for raj and mom to return. It was already four when they returned and they looked a little drunk. I heard raj talking about staying the night here but mom was adamant that she cannot. She citied me and my dad as a reason. Raj tried heavily to convince her and she didn’t know what to do. Raj asked her to do this for him once and was changing his clothes infront of her. She smiled and asked him to go inside the room to change but he was quick to reply. Naked in front of me. I could see her bare back, her ass and her boobs slightly visible on the sides. She had amazing legs and thighs too. She turned towards me and came close to her bag. At this time I could see her amazingly erected nipples and her boobs were so big. It even had some bite marks. I immediately concluded that it must’ve been raj’s work. She took her yellow bra and panties and wore it. Boy didn’t she look amazing in those. Her boobs were erect and she helped herself to attract raj even further. She went near the mirror and was talking to herself “Hmm raj must be impressed with these. I so want him to run all over me today”. She checked herself out, applied few makeups, used her lipstick and left. Her ass was shaking amazingly well and I had no clue my mom could be this sexy. I was fucking excited to watch raj’s reaction and he was completely shocked.

His eyes were big due to the shocker he was under going. He walked fast towards her and kissed her with full force. Her face turned red and he had no plans to stop this time. He lifted her and made her sit on top of him and was kissing passionately. God I cannot imagine the desperation he was showing at her. She was being used as an object. I have to tell you that she played along. She ran her mouth all over his lips too. He put her down removed his shorts and I could see his penis trying to buldge out already. He then lifted her again, walked till the swimming pool by kissing her and threw her into the water. He then jumped inside too and they both were kissing unbelievably well. They would fucking go on and on. It went on for twenty mins at least. Just pure kissing for twenty minutes. They kept turning their direction and at a point of time I could only see my mom’s back because he is completely all over her lips kissing and biting her lips. He then turned her the other side and stripped her bra. He threw it so hard that it reached where I was. He started kissing her neck with force and would lift her and bite her boobs.

She moaned in pain but he is never going to bother about it. She even told him to be gentle because his loves bites from his last boob sucking was still paining her. He would literally suck on them and have half of her boobs inside his mouth. He kept pressing one boob when he was busy sucking another. She has closed her eyes out of pleasure. I wanted to go somewhere closer to watch these amazing scenes that were unfolding right in front of my own eyes. My mom has left her phone near the cabin where she changed her dress and I could see my dad calling her. It was closer to 6 but raj isn’t planning to move away from kissing or sucking her boobs. I have to admit that my mom is indeed a bombshell. Her figure is so sexy despite not having sex for a decade. I can clearly see raj’s plan here. He wants to enjoy her deeply now and forever.

They slowly came towards the ladder to get out of swimming pool but he again lifted her and started sucking her navel. He has a thing for her navel because he is pressing his face deeper and deeper inside her navel. He literally bit her navel, her boobs, her lips and I couldn’t wait for him to bite her ass. He slowly removed her panties and again threw it away. It is like he doesn’t want her to get dressed immediately once she is deep fucked later. She is now covered in water and naked once again. He slowly took her to bed and threw her onto the bed. The bed is now totally wet too and he slowly jumped on top of the bed and started kissing her again. He was quick to go down this time from her lips to her thighs via her water soaked boobs. All I could hear is her moaning and the noise he is creating from sucking her. I am now fucking horny myself and had my penis out to have a great shag. He kissed and pressed her thighs and slowly reached to her cunt. He asked if she has ever had her pussy licked.

She is so damn sexy from the place where I was and she said no (her body was literally rollin here and there because she was horny as hell. She happily told him that he will be the first ever to lick her and that she cannot wait him to take her for a pleasure ride. He gave a devilish laugh and asked her to pray for her life as he is going to eat her pussy alive. I decided to have a closer look before he starts and carefully sneaked to the other side where I can clearly see their bed. I took my mom’s phone as it has a great camera and I could zoom in. He put his tongue gently into her bush covered pussy. Her bush is not shabby but it was perfectly maintained like how it was in classical porn movies. He rubbed his beard slowly and I could see her jumping due to the immense pleasure she is getting.

Raj knows how to play with her. He slowly started sucking her pussy and I could see his tongue rolling with pace now. He even inserted two fingers inside her to give extra force and pleasure. She was literally jumping up and down by now. Massive moanings has filled the room. She is literally screaming her voice out and I kinda got scared if she will be alright. All these moanings and screamings were due to her bad sexual life I understood. She has completely inclined her body and her face was inside the pillow. She pulled raj’s hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy. Oh boy I already took my sperms out because it was so fucking horny but raj was still on. He didn’t move an inch. Moaning increased and my mom gave a huge scream. He fucking made her squirt. He fucking did it. She is constantly on a roll due to her peak horniness now. She literally begged him to fuck her right now. But​ raj, a real hero to my eyes now wanted more. He again started licking her pussy and was now licking it faster than before. He stopped after sometime and became naked. What I saw next is what I don’t want any of you to see.

Out came 10-11 inch cock of this sex monster. A massive shockwave ran through mine as well as my mom’s eye. She immediately got up and saw him with excitement. He told he would fuck her happily but only after she treats his little johnny first. She asked “Your little johnny”? You have two different mens penis together with a laugh. He asked if she has ever given a blow job. She knelt down already and said never but I am not willing to be the same anymore. She slowly bent towards raj’s penis and slowly grabbed it in her hands. It kept slipping from​ her hands because it was wet and huge. She stroked it for ten times initially with her hands. He kissed her passionately once again and asked to start her job that would blow his mind. She slowly inserted it for the first time ever and started stroking it inside out. She was slow for almost 5 minutes licking. He held her hair and asked her to increase the intensity. She suddenly started increasing the pace. Oh boy wasn’t she a pro already. I couldn’t believe it myself but she is fucking nailing it. He literally started holding her hair with full force as she is on the move. She took so many deep throats that raj himself was impressed.

He kept moaning and asked her to keep going. Oh yes baby, oh yes, I wanna cum inside your mouth he said. She nodded her head as to not to do it. He wouldn’t listen. He started reacting even further now. She is literally eating his penis as I couldn’t see his penis for almost 2 mins now. She is giving such a brilliant deep throats for the first time ever. It went on for four more minutes when she finally decided to stop. Raj didn’t want her to end and he forcefully made her suck his ‘now ready to cum inside her mouth penis’ again. One more minute and massive roar from raj filled the room and my mom’s mouth. He fucking cum inside her after a great blowjob from her. She didn’t seem to enjoy it but he wouldn’t bother. He covered her face with cum too and she already looked like she got fucked but he hasn’t even inserted his penis inside her yet. He helped her wipe her face and wasted no time. He lifted her and threw her onto the bed and pulled her legs towards him. He took his large penis and boob fucked her. From my end it was big boobs vs big penis.

He gave quiet a number of hard strokes and some of the stokes even hit her mouth and face again. He then slowly inserted his penis inside her wet and fingered pussy. She gave massive moans already as she never had any penis inside her for twelve years. Oh boy didn’t he make use of this advantage. He would give massive strokes to her that would make her scream like a mad person. He was literally all over her in this missionary position. Her boobs were going up and down as he completed each and every stroke. He would kiss her lips, neck and boobs by taking turns. Time is now almost 9 and they have just started fucking. I was sure they are going to stay the night but I have to leave home one way or the other. My dad on the other hand is still calling my mom’s number. Ten missed calls now.

I said to myself no way is she in a position to lift your phone and turned towards them again. By now raj has lifted her and fucked her in a sitting position. They both r seated parallely and she is now being rattled. Massive moans and screams surrounding the room. I want to call dad but sent a text saying I’ll be home only tomorrow and that mom is out of town for a business deal. I told him that since he was an ass all these days she doesn’t tell him anything. He replied ok and I felt bad. Bad feeling soon turned happiness again because raj is enjoying my mom still. He is running the show and I wonder if mom would even be able to walk or breath normally again. He changed the position again and this time they are riding. She is on the fly as he is making her jump. She is jumping and he is pressing her navel to give a hard fuck. The sound of his penis hitting her thighs is clearly heard. ‘tok, tok, tok, tok’ the sound was so good that I wanted to shag again. From where I was, I could clearly see how he is rattling her pussy.

Boy oh boy she needs help because I could clearly see raj going on until morning even. They soon did a reverse riding and raj’s penis was completely inside her now. He is biting her back and pressing her boobs simultaneously. She is getting pressurized from every corner now. She is screaming and shouting and begging him to keep fucking her. He then shifted the reverse riding to doggy. He decided to turn her around and now she is facing me. Her face is already red but I could literally see her face to face now. He started fucking her again. Her boobs are once again jumping and her mouth is open. She is constantly moaning and shouting while raj is riding her like a jockey on top of a horse. He is holding her hair and rattling that ‘not fucked for 12 years pussy’. Oh yeah oh yeahhhhh is the sound they made. They both were kneeling down and they kissed each other. My mom was covered with sweat and she is holding his head and getting fucked still. They stopped and kissed for few more seconds and decided to do one final position.

He quickly turned her and they both did an awesome side fuck. Raj increased his pace as he kissed her and pressed her boobs. They both are literally on the move. His pace kept increasing as she got fucked harder and harder. She was being fucked like crazy. It is like she is raj’s own bitch. Oh raj, oh raj, please cum inside me. I want you inside me, please cum inside me baby. Hmmm yeah, yeah yeah yeah were the words. Raj is a sex monster. He is still fucking her with same pace and intensity. The sound of her pussy getting banged is so sweet to hear. He went on for few more mins. He rattled her pussy like her twelve years gap was never there. She started begging him more to cum inside her. She would scream and give out huge orgasam when finally raj cum inside her. She won’t stop the scream and moan for 2 minutes as he fucked hell loads of cum inside her. He kept stroking even after he cum inside her. He then put the remaining cum on her boobs, navel and stuff her mouth again. She kept moaning still until she stopped and started breathing normally. They kissed and kissed and kissed. My mom is covered with water, sweat and raj’s cum all over as she laid naked and tired.

Raj asked her if she enjoyed to which she said I was never fucked like this. You are a pro raj. A real man who rattled my sorry pussy. I feel like a teen again. She laid naked and couldn’t move. I was cornered now as they both were awake and time is almost 1. Raj then told that we started kissing exactly at 5 and time is now 1. We literally did everything for 8 hours. They slept naked and they went for one more round of sex but it ended quickly because even raj is human. They then started home after having breakfast in the morning. I sneaked back in his trunk and left with great memories. I shagged thinking about this incident. They fucked on many occasions including once in my very home when dad was around. They are enjoying the business as well as their sex.

This is a real story and I was the witness. I wanted this all my life and I got it. If you liked my story please like it or comment. I shall soon write one on​ how raj fucked mom in our own house until then buh-bye.

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