Meena Aunty Seduction Story | Couple Sex Story

Hi, I’m Nithin age 24, from Hyderabad working in an MNC. Now I’m going to describe a story of me having my aunt Meena (name changed) age 38. Please give your feedback & I will be available for any ladies on phone and email v[email protected]

This happened 2 years ago when I was in rjy (hometown) we became neighbors when I was at age 20. She was married and has a 16 yrs son. She has a figure of 34 30 36 not sure about her buttocks but I’m sure they’re the hottest ones I could ever feel. She is gorgeous with traditional looks. Overall a beauty mine hidden in a saree, I never saw a woman like that at her age. Her husband is old and bald that I felt pity for her.

Meena Aunty Seduction Story

Both of our families stay in first floor of two side by side buildings with small gap in between that we can stand in our side verandas and chit chat, exchange anything from there itself.

In the beginning I don’t have any feelings for her but during my vacation I used to take bath late and then I observed that she would come out to buy vegetables and to buy them she stood at her veranda bending and leaning forward on the wall, then her pallu dropped and her milky white boobs were clearly visible for me from my bathroom. It was a great view.

Her boobs are closely packed in a dark blue blouse and a thin gold chain shining in between them made them look sexy. That is the day my desire for her was started and I masturbated enjoying the view and imagining my cock in-between her boobs in place of her chain.

Since then everyday I started taking bath at same time and waited for her to come and bend over for me. As she always wears silk sarees, her pallu slips so easily. I enjoyed the show everyday and masturbated looking her sexy waist with a fold on it and circular boobs. At that time I became a regular iss reader imagining her in every story.

During night times when she cooks I stand at my room and open a window slightly to see her. I put off the lights in my room so that she cant see me and I took videos and photos of her when she cooks, used to carry them to my bathroom and masturbate watching her sweat boobs and sexy big ass.

She dries her clothes on a rope in her veranda beside my room, then I also came to know what all color bras she has.

One afternoon she came to her veranda to dry her clothes, all my room windows were open at that time and I stood beside a window with bare chest enjoying the show and holding my dick with one hand.

After two minutes she suddenly turned back and I moved aside to hide myself. I thought she barely noticed me but a sec later I heard a sound of doors banged hard. When I saw again a bucket with few clothes is left there and I understood that she saw me. I was frightened that day.


I was afraid to talk to her, after two days she called me to veranda and said

“Nithin I want to talk to you”

I asked ‘now?’

She said “Yes right now”

I asked her ‘what is it about’ frightening inside.

She quickly called my mother asked her to lend some sugar and she also said to my mom “Let nithin bring that to our house”.

I said ‘ok’ but no choice.

“Don’t be late” she said with a half smile

I was puzzled and started to go to her house carrying sugar, though am frightened I couldn’t stop thinking of her beautiful assets that I can see from cream color transparent saree she wore.

I went up, knocked the door. She opened and said

“Come in nithin have a seat”

Then I noticed that there’s no one else in the house and felt excited. She came after 2 minutes and locked the main door. She sat beside me and asked

“Tell me why do you look at me like that?”

I felt nervous first but answered without any covering

‘you are so very beautiful aunty, that’s what made me to look at you like that’

She didn’t react much and asked “So what you’ll think when you look at me like that everyday? Tell me frankly it’s fine..”

I wondered when she said “Everyday” that how she knew about it and with courage I said

‘I feel like having you in bed and I’ll masturbate imagining the same’

She was shocked for a moment and later with a naughty smile on her face she said “Now let’s try what you imagined all these days”

I felt very happy n said ‘not here, let’s start in the bedroom’

She said “I’m yours baby as you wish. Make this memorable for me”

Those words made me go crazy and immediately I took her to the bedroom and started kissing her rose petal like lips moving my hand on and above her neck from behind. I sucked both lips and bite her lower lip hard that she gave an impulse and said “Careful baby, my husband may notice and ask” I then took off her saree, she stood with a cream color blouse and brown petticoat.

I pushed her on to the bed and started to kiss her navel. I can hear her breathing getting heavier which driven me crazy and increased my pace of kissing and licked all over her navel. It’s so sexy than I thought. I slowly moved up placed one hand on her right boob and started licking all over her neck, earlobes and above the chest. While pressing her boob hard with right hand I started to bring the petticoat up slowly with left hand.

Her lower legs are so soft and beautiful with no hair on them. I started to remove her blouse going hook by hook.Increasing show of cleavage made my heart beat to race. I removed her blouse and petticoat also. She’s with brown panty and pink bra. She said she wanted to remove my jeans and she opened my zip kissed my manhood that is rock hard and removed my inner also.. I wanted her to lick my cock so she licked it holding my sack in her hand.

I wanted to fill her pussy so I didn’t cum in her mouth and I removed her bra. Those big tits made me go crazy.Squeezed them and my mouth isn’t completely enough to suck them. The smooching sounds are just awesome.As I already started fingering her then she was pushing my head towards her pussy. I understood that and I told her that I’ll be back in a sec and I brought watermelon pieces from the fridge immediately and squeezed the juice on her wet panty and I licked it. It was best mixed juice taste ever.

Removed her panty and made her naked. Squeezed the watermelon pieces on her pussy and licked it. I thought of entering her pussy with my dick cause I like her to get an orgasm while I fuck her. So I paused and asked her to request me to fuck her. Her sexy eyes were filled with lust. She was already gone mad and begged me saying

“Fuck me nithin.. Please”

(aagalenu raa inka plss..)

“Pls..I can’t wait anymore fuck me”

I asked her “Usual fuck” or “Hard”?

She said “Hard fuck me hard..Don’t delay pls raaa pls”

I started to insert my cock in her love hole. It’s very tight as fuck.. Started with slow pace and increased along with her moans ” aah aaah aaahh aaeh fuckkkk”

With increased pace the room is completely echoed with her shouts (inka inkaa inkaaa inkaaaa) more more n more “Harder harderr & fasterr fucker ” that made me go mad and crazy.

Holding her sexy round ass cheeks I stroked and fucked her with complete lust and love for her. I can feel her hot ejaculation after which I cummed within seconds. Had two more more intense sessions in next two hours wherein she rode my cock like a cowboy with her boobs falling on my face and later I dog fucked her and cummed all over boobs at last as she requested. We both slept naked and our cums left unlicked but with hands on our desired parts.

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