Me, My Mother And My Uncle | Incest Sex Story

My name is Eyan and what follows happened a couple of years ago when I was 20. My mother, Ashi, and I came to the UK when I was 10, my father had recently died and my father’s brother and his family took us in, so when they decided to come to the UK we came too. When I was 18 my mother and I moved into a small house bought for us by my uncle, I remember my mother been very happy when we moved in.

Three years later my cousin Rakesh was to be married, it was arranged and a girl from a good house came over from India, they had not met before the marriage and I could see my cousin was very disappointed with her looks, he was use western girls and there easy ways and often boasted about how many he fucked. Usha was plump and not very tall and from what I could see her tits were small too and I know my cousin liked girls with big tits. My uncle was out to make a big impression so the wedding was in this big hotel, my mother and I were sharing a room, my uncle told me that I couldn’t expect my own room as I couldn’t afford to pay for it and anyway it was only for 1 night.

So finally my cousin is getting married and we are all having a great day, in the early evening my uncle came to me and my mother and told us he wanted to talk to us in our room, my mother said she wanted to talk to her friend but my uncle got angry and told us to go to our room now, so left and went to our room. When we got there my cousin was waiting outside, my uncle told us to hurry and open the door, when I did he pushed the both of us inside then he and my cousin came in and closed the door behind them.

My uncle told my mother that it was payment time and told her to take her clothes off, I started to object, but he pushed me onto one of the beds and my cousin sat next to me with his arm around me so I couldn’t move. I am skinny and not strong like my cousin, who works out a lot. To my surprise my mother was getting undressed, she looked resigned rather than angry, my uncle was also taking his clothes off, he is a big man with a fat stomach and his penis is big fat and dark.

He stroked his cock and told my mother to hurry up it was time to pay her rent. I was confused and went to look away but my cousin made me watch her and he said that he bet I didn’t know my uncle had been fucking my mother as rent payment on the house we lived in, I was shocked didn’t know.
I’ve seen my mother partially naked before, she is short a big plump and she has nice skin and a pretty face, now I saw her large dark nipples and the hair between her legs and I could feel my own cock growing bigger, then my uncle made her kneel in front of him and he pushed his cock into her mouth and told her to suck or else and my mother sucked at his shaft and lick all around it,he held her head and I saw his cock slide all the way into her mouth and he held it there until she started to gag and was desperate for air then he slide it out, waited until she breathed again the pushed it straight back in.

My cousin said that she was a good whore and asked me if I wanted her to then put his hand between my legs and felt my hard cock, he smiled and gloated and said to my uncle that I was enjoying the show. He then started to take my clothes off, when I was naked he smiled at me and grabbed my cock and rubbed it and asked if I wanted to fuck my own mother. He then took his clothes off and his penis was hard as well.

He told me to get on my hands and knees as he pulled out a small plastic bottle I felt his hand on my ass and he told me not to move then I felt something cold run down my ass crack then my cousin’s fingers rubbing and pushing against my asshole. I started to object and he told me to shut up and be quiet sudden I felt an intense pain as his penis pushed deep into my ass, I gasped but gritted my teeth and was determined not to let him get any pleasure from my pain.

My cousin started pumping in and out of my ass and making grunting noises and he pushed in and told me my tight ass felt good and how he wished he had fucked me sooner. My uncle had started fucking my mother doggy and when I looked up and saw her face and I could see the tears in her eyes. I closed my eyes again the pain was less intense and I could feel my cousins cock inside my asshole and I realized my cock was still hard, I was turned on by my mother’s nakedness, by seeing her getting fucked by my uncle and feeling my cousins cock sliding in and out.

My uncle said he wanted to try me, I felt my cousin slide out, I opened my eyes he took my uncles place and started fucking my mother, he said that only whores get this wet and started fucking her hard and fast making my mother gasp with each stroke, he reached and grabbed both of her tits with his hands, gripping them hard and pulling them as he drove his cock in deep.

Me, My Mother And My Uncle

My mother started to scream out and he said that she was a whore and she really liked been fucked and how he was going to get some of his friends and gangbang her when we went back home. Then he shoved hard and deep inside and let out a cry when he came in her pussy, he jerked several times then relaxed. He then pulled his cum covered cock out of her and told her to suck all the cum off which she did.

Meanwhile my uncle had moved behind me and I felt the cold liquid again and the pain returned as his large fat cock was pushed into my ass but the pain soon stopped and I again felt a penis fucking my ass he was grunting and saying how tight my ass was so much tighter than my mother used pussy. He started getting faster and gripping my hips tighter as he built and with one deep hard thrust I felt him cum inside me, he was still for a bit savoring the feeling, then he slid out and I could feel the cold air rush into my gaping ass.

He then moved over to my mother and told her to suck his cock clean, she licked and suck his cock for a couple of minutes then he pushed her away. He then started the dress and told my cousin to clean himself up and get dressed as well. Once he was dressed my uncle told us not to leave our room until it was time to go home the next day and from now on he would be collecting his rent from both of us.

Then he and my cousin left the room and I heard them laughing as they walked away. I went over to my mother and sat next to her, my cock was still hard and I felt a bit embarrassed but my mother just put her arms around me and I felt her skin on mine and her tits pushed against my body. She said she was so sorry and she cried a bit, I held her tight and said it was ok.

She then said she could help me with my erection and told me to lie on my back. She then climbed onto my penis and I felt it slide inside her, it was my first time and I felt much pleasure, and my mother smiled as she slide up and down my shaft and told me that I was big as big as my father and how he would be proud that I could now take care of her.

I reached for her tits as she fucked me, they were soft and her nipples were so big and erect I felt much pleasure she bent forward and told me to suck her nipples so I did and they tasted and felt good, then I felt my cum building and said I was going to cum she told me to cum inside her and fucked me harder I was moving my hips in time with her and with a huge jerk and shove my cock deep inside her and my cum exploded out of my penis, my mother let out a cry of pleasure as she came with me, she then slumped forward and lay on top of me panting because she was out of breath and I put my arms round her and kissed her I felt very happy.

We stayed in our room like my uncle told us, I fucked my mother twice more she showed me what she like and how to she liked to pussy to be sucked and she suck my cock it felt so good. We slept the rest of the night and left the hotel the next morning my uncle said nothing to us and my aunt said that she didn’t see us last night and what were we doing, my mother told her she had a headache and had gone to bed.

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