Me And My Elder Sister Incest Sex Story

Me And My Elder Sister

Hi I am Rahul and I am 26 now, I am from Nagapattinam, I belong to a middle-class family. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer in Bangalore. Any girls from Tamil Nadu can contact me for sex. I have a hard tool for your pussy.

I have a sister and her name is Anita, and I call her Ani/Anu, she is 3 years elder to me. She is a BSC graduate. This story involves the love story of me and my sister. This happens a few year back, when I am 21 and she is 24 I think it is 2010.

We lost our parents when I was 20, so we were left alone. My sister helped me to complete my BE by working in schools and taking tuitions. We do not have any bad intention on each other. I used to drop her and pick up her from the school. One day it rained heavily and we both reached home fully drenched. She wore a black saree on that day due to the wetness of her saree I can see her curves and her milky skin. Her red bra is also visible to me. It made some shock waves to pass through me. I did not show that to her.

She went to her room to change her wet dress, I peeped in through the key hole, She was wiping her hair with a towel and started removing her saree, blouse, petticoat, and panty. But I am unlucky I can see only her back as she was facing the other side of the room. She took some dress and went to the bathroom to get fresh up.

I went to my room and wiped my hair and to a new dress. I felt ashamed to peep in my sister’s room, but the man inside me tells she is a beautiful girl than your sister. I masturbated thinking Anu two time and I am extremely happy as I ejaculated more and soon my tool gain strength when I think her.

It was November 9th my sister’s birthday I gifted a saree and a Jeans and T-shirt from my saving of pocket money given by her. She was happy for the saree I asked her to try it and went to her room and wore the saree I was peeping in her room, she removed her chudi pant, tops, chummis and in black bra and green panty, today I saw her bra covered boobs wow it was big, (when she is fully dressed it looks small). She took and a matching blouse and wore the saree, and she opened the room before she opens the door I went to my room. She asked me how she looks in the saree. I said may Anu is always beautiful. I asked her to try her Jeans and T-shirt but she said no. But I insisted her to try it and she hesitantly tried it.

She came out and she was hot in that dress, her boobs and ass are stiff and sexy. She was shy. I exclaimed her beauty to her and asked her to be in this dress for the whole day but said no but on insistence, she said ok. I took her out for a new release movie (Myna) a love story. She was shy as she is wearing jeans and T-shirt for the first time. Everyone was having eyes on her as she is sexy. Then we had lunch in a hotel and went for shopping, she planned to purchase a shirt for me, and a saree for her (She loves Sarees). She selected a shirt for me and asked me to make a trial on the shirt. Before I am coming out of the trial room she went to ladies section she is selecting bras, chummis and panties for her. I asked excuse and returned and soon she came at the back of me and gave her comment on the shirt.

Me And My Elder Sister

Then we both went to select her a saree, but a gown attracted me and I asked my sister to get the gown instead of the saree. She said ok and I asked her to try that, and she looked like a hot Angel. We returned to the home in the evening while returning we went to the beach and spent some time there. I think I made her happy on her birthday.

It was 8 PM I bought a cake for her and we both celebrated her birthday in our house cutting the cake. Then we danced for some songs, during a romantic song I lightly kissed her lips, she was shocked and again I kissed her lips hard this time, she tried to push me but I hugged her tightly. But within a minute I left her,

Anu: What are you doing?? And she slapped me hard
Me: I am sorry, I liked to make you happy on your birthday, I want to give my sister all the earthly pleasure on her birthday.
Anu: What?????????
Me: yes I love you akka, I love you a lot
Anu: But I am your sister, we cannot do not
Me: We can
Anu: No I won’t do it with my brother, you are my brother and also younger to me
Me: So what I have a Penis and you have a pussy come akka lets enjoys the life

Anu: If you want to enjoy sex go to your girlfriend or do with some prostitute, I do sex only with my husband
Me: You are my only girl friend

Saying this I lip locked her again and pressed her ass over the jeans. She tried to escape but I did not allow her to escape. I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed it to the floor. I pressed her ass over her green panty and also I pressed her boobs over the t shirt. Her breathing gets faster and hot air is expelled from her nose it was tempting me. I took her to bed and started fingering her, she had some pubic hair there. I removed her panty and broke the lip lock (closed her mouth with my hand) and licked her pussy she is moaning, I removed my hand from her mouth and pressed her boobs, I became nude and removed her t-shirt she was wearing a pink chummies and I removed it and her black bra. Wow, what a boobs I sucked It one by one she press her hand on my head she is also enjoying now. I spread her legs and tried to insert my penis as we both are virgins we have some difficulties I press with some force and blood came and she is crying in pain I pumped her hard and ejaculated in her pussy. We both are exhausted and slept naked.

In the morning she was crying as I raped her. I promised her I will marry you after I get a Job. Within a year I completed my BE and tried for the job and finally, after 6 months, I got a job in Bangalore. Now I am married with my akka. Yes, my sister is my wife we have 2 children one in hand and another in her womb. We are living happily now. Hope you enjoyed the story. Feedback at [email protected]

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