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I was attending a marriage of my relative. Thought I was not comfortable in attending such functions my mother compelled me to attend. I knew her idea was that some prospective bride may be available for me and she can plan for my marriage. I had just then got a good job in Mumbai after completing my post-graduation. I had come to Bengaluru to meet parents after three months. My mom spoke to me several times but I had told that let me settle down for at least two years, have some bank balance and then only think of marriage. But mom is, after all, a mom and was always thinking of my marriage, her bahu, and grandchildren. Anyway as all family members were attending I also had come to the function. Mom came to me and showed me the photo of a girl and told that she has come and I can watch her to study if she appears ok. I saw the picture and she was brilliant, very beautiful. So I agreed to see her from a distance.

When the marriage function was in full swing she appeared at a distance and I looked her. She was wearing the latest type of lehenga with a backless blouse, nice hair style and really looked very attractive. Her boobs were very heavy and big which made me to think that she may not be very young as told my mom. Overall she was all over my mind. I went as near as possible to her and stood behind to enjoy the spotless back beauty. Her back was satin smooth, ivory complexion. Her belly was flat and lehenga was worn well below her navel. I was mesmerized by her and decided to tell mom that she is ok with me.

Meanwhile, she went to another room and automatically I followed her. She was searching for something and I stood as if I am waiting for someone. She looked at me and smiled. It was like moonlight, a million watt smile. She asked me whether I am Srinath, son of Mrs Raman? I told her I am and extended my hand. She held my hand friendly and we stood there holding hands for some time. Mustering courage I complemented for her dress and said she looked very beautiful. She thanked me and went out carrying something with her. When she was going out her entire back was so attractive that I was tempted to hug her. Is she my age or younger or may be elder. Sometime she looked bit elder but in other angles she was gorges.

I searched for mom but she was very busy with other relatives. So I went upstairs and stood in balcony. I saw her coming up and then going inside another room upstairs. As if by accident I also entered and she turned back. As I was too near she at once stumbled and I held her keeping my hand on her bare back. The perfume was maddening. Without my control I raised her head and kissed her. She tried to get free from myself but I was stronger. She told me to leave in a low voice saying that if she shouts it will be a big issue in the marriage hall and would be a disgrace to Mrs Raman. But I held on to her and slowly her lips opened and she closed her eyes. Opening her lips further I pushed my tongue in and her hands garlanded my neck and she fully cooperated with me for very long and wet melting kisses. Then she pulled out of me and left the room. I smiled and she also smiled back.

I also came to the ceremony place and enjoyed the function. Lunch was great with my favourite dishes. Just after lunch, I saw her standing on balcony and looking down. I looked at her and enjoyed a lightening smile. Silently I got up and went up. She was not there. I heard a door closing nearby and saw that door of one room was just crack open. I went and peeped to see her standing near dressing mirror trying to change. Did she kept the door open intentionally? Daringly I entered and stood on her back. She turned and asked me why I was there? Without speaking I dragged her to me easily as there was absolutely zero resistance. I gave her a bear hug and her hands went around me. We joined our lips and mouths for a hundred kisses. Hearing some voices I retreated and came out. No one had seen me there.

As she changed to a saree and came down, my mom also greeted her and called me. I thought she wanted to introduce me to her. As I approached my mom was asking her where is your daughter? I was bewildered and shocked. Is she married and a daughter? What a mistake happened. But she did cooperate with me. So what is wrong? I justified to myself and smiled at her. Just then a replica of her came from another place calling her ‘mom how am I looking in this saree? What? Saree? I looked at her and she was around 18 or 20 years old. She is daughter of her? Is it real? I could not believe. My mom waved her hand in front of my eyes and introduced her as “Megha” and the younger one as “Maya” daughter of Megha. I would have fainted but for mom hand which held me firmly.

Now what? Should I run away from this liaison? What may happen if I marry the girl and will I and her mother be able to stay apart? Question after question was in my mind. Now I understood why I once felt her to be elder to me and also I had felt her boobs more matured and big when we hugged. Yes I should not agree and look for some other girl. I decided and left the place soon.

Evening was the reception. Without my knowledge I dressed with more interest. Wore a Sherwani as the latest style, used AXE perfume (did I expect an AXE effect?). When I entered the reception hall many guests were already there. My eyes were searching for whom? Megha or Maya? Certainly it was Megha. I was not disappointed. Both mother and daughter just then returned from a beauty parlour after makeup and were dressed to kill. I tried to avoid looking but my eyes did not obey me. I was in fact staring at both the ladies. Maya was also equally beautiful, young and almost a Xerox copy of her mother. There was nothing wrong with her. But I had tasted Megha which was difficult to forget.

I spoke to few relatives and then met the newlywed couple and wished them. While all ladies were busy I could see Megha standing in balcony and was looking at me. Did she wave at me or was it my assumption? I didn’t know and I waited. Yes her hand waved as if she is driving away a mosquito but for me the sign was indicating differently. Looking here and there went up through another staircase which was on left side of the hall. At the reception time everyone were busy near the function and there were absolutely none in the rooms. I could see her entering a room, switch on the light, slightly close the door and then light was off. Now I had no hesitation and I entered the room. Megha was just waiting near the door and without waiting for a second she pulled me to her. While I was trying to seal her lips she stopped me and said in firm voice that I must marry her daughter and should not refuse. I tried to speak some words which she stopped by completely covering my mouth with hers. I melted in her heat and surrendered to her passionate kisses. Then she took my hand, loosened the knot of her backless blouse, dropped it and keeping hand on her huge boobs asked me to promise that I will marry her daughter. Her breast was heaving up and down, hot and erect in mhand which I did not want let off. I promised that I would marry Maya. She thanked me and we ended up with another long kiss this time her majestic melons pressing my chest. Soon Megha left the room and cautioned me to check her lipstick marks on my lips, cheeks and clothe. After she left, I switched on the light and as she said my lips were also red and there were two to three prominent marks on the sherwani. I washed them and came down.

Now I was confused. What next was my question? Of course, both mom and daughters were very good and there was no issue. What if Maya comes to know about what was happening between me and her mom? Everything had to be kept discrete. After thinking a lot at more I decided to ride both horses, sorry both mules. Next morning I told mom that I was ready to marry Maya. Mom was very happy and immediately called Megha on mobile to announce the happy news. The two ladies spoke for some time and then Mom gave me the receiver saying that my would-be mother in law wants to congratulate me. I took the phone and a sound of kiss came from other end. I just said thanks Aunty. I shall soon meet, and then hung up. Just two minutes late my mobile rang and it was Maya,my would be. She also seemed to be happy and wanted to meet in the evening. I agreed and fixed a restaurant in the City.

We met at a restaurant in the outskirts of the city. Maya had dressed very nicely and looked attractive. She was wearing jeans with white crop top and was elegant. Her braless boobs looked small but were erect, visible through her translucent top. She had kept few hooks from toop open displaying good cleavage. I smiled and ordered two large pegs of Vodka with fired cashew. She looked puzzled but was a sport. We raised a toast and finished the drink with some usual talks about our colleges, work friends, movies etc. The bearer told that it would take some more time to serve the ordered dishes and asked if we would like to have a second fill. I looked at Maya who was in two minds. So I Okayed for second and by the time we finished the dishes were served. I could sense that Maya was under effect of Vodka. But it was good that she did not react. We finished dinner and took cab back. Inside the cab I had to hold her and make her to sit properly. Half way even I had the intoxication on my head and I pulled Maya to me. Raising her head she opened her mouth to say something and our lips met for a long wet kiss. But immediately I realized that Mays’s kiss was no where compared to her mom. Megha’s kisses were highly demanding, yielding, melting and I would have spent years kissing her again and again. But Maya was bit low in her response.

I dropped her at her home. Maya’s dad had slept. Her Mom opened the door and noticed the condition of her daughter. I supported Maya to bed room and made her to sleep. Megha looked bit annoyed on seeing that Maya had taken drinks. I explained how it happened and that she did not object. Megha did not look convinced and she dragged me to her bed room. As I stood at a corner of bed she prepared two large pegs and came to me with a smile. Mujhe Company nahi doge? I smiled and saying cheers took the glass from her hand. She said she will not get any snacks with the drink. I kept quiet. I was scared that at any time Maya may get up and come over. After first sip Megha pulled me for hot kiss, after second another kiss, after third another kiss. By the time we had two pegs, maybe we had kissed a century. My fear of Maya had vanished and I was experiencing hardest ever erection, unable to hold on with the bulge inside. Megha was looking at the huge bulge and was smiling. Takleef horahahai? Saying so, she unzipped my pant and relieved my erect penis of the stress. Holding it with her soft hand she stoked up and down.

With on hand on my tool, with the other, she pulled out gown. When she finally got rid of her bra I was burning like a fireball eager to touch them. Yes, they were huge, hard and erect. No man on earth would have believed that those pair of melons is a mother of marriageable age. Perfect means perfect shapely hemispheres. The nipples were erect and protruding from the centre of her areolas like a flag post, inviting me enticingly. She pulled me on to her boobs. As it was the first time for me, I was groping with anxiety which she realized and smiling at me she pushed her nipple into my open mouth. I sucked them like a hungry baby monkey, squeezing the free one. She dug my face into her huge mound of flesh suffocating me with the weight and heat of the valley. But I liked such suffocation to last ever.

She had undid her pantie and was completely nude by then. Her silky smooth body was absolutely young and faultless. She helped me to undress fully. I tried to grab her but she stopped me. Bending slightly she took my penis in her hand and started to lick. I felt an electric shock in my spine. I was swelling without any bounds both in length and girth. The witchcraft that she was, she manipulated my penis and testicles alternately licking all over and then took the entire length in her hot mouth. I was really exploding with bursting veins around my shaft. At that point Megha withdrew her magic mouth out and came on me keeping her knees on my either sides. Her wet pussy was dripping diamond drops which was shining and teasing me. In one fast descend she had sunk completely on my phallus. Even before I realized it I was fully inside her hot oven. Her vagina was steaming hot and I feared that my skin may burn. But her fluid secretion in her vaginal walls was soothing the heat and aided her in movements. I was held tight in her vice, but still she was able to move up and lower down at her will.

As Megha moved up and down her mountainous boobs swung right, left and was hitting my chest on her descend. She was urging me to hold them on her ascending moves, squeeze them. For a break and rest she would lie on me pushing her nipples in my hungry mouth. The clock had stopped as far as we were concerned. I didn’t know how long it went on and on. I could feel her orgasm again and again and finally she surrendered to the excitements and left me breathing heavily. Few hundreds of kisses later she turned herself down and pulled me up. As her cunt was flooded I could dive deep in her boiling hot pool in one swift go. Yes it was really a boiling pot which my tender skin on the erect phallus was experiencing. I sank in to her and rested my head between her breasts and rubbed my face against the hot flesh and sucked her erect purple nipples till she cried loudly demanding more and more. She was urging me to bite her smooth flesh, her shoulder till it left blue marks of my teeth. I never could imagine how wild a hungry woman can become. Megha was unstoppable in her strive to fulfil her bodily cravings. She sucked my tongue when we kissed urging me to pay back her with same treatment.

My shaft was slowly moving in and out while our other body parts were busy in other activities. Her moans were loud and clear demanding me not to stop. She was shivering with high excitement. I could feel that I was climaxing which Megha also sensed soon. She held me tight and locked me with her legs not allowing any movement for me. Her hands were circled around me and nails were digging on my back. At once she shouted at me to release my load and I too could not control anymore. I came in her in long spasms, repeatedly discharging huge flood of my semen filling her completely. I lay on her resting and kissed her with gratitude for the fantastic heavenly experience as she was the angel who helped me to lose my virginity.

Megha fondly held my limpness in her hand and told in her husky voice that she likes the feel of soapiness of my penis dipped in our combined love juices. Getting up a bit Megha licked my tool to wipe the sticking smear of my semen. We lay locked head to toe for a very long time. The detachment was unthinkable for both of us. Her right hand was playing with my testicles and I had rested my head on her bare left sleeve while my lips were savouring the hotness of her breasts. It is only then I learned that Megha was actually step mother of Maya and had married Mays’s father. Megha asked me to go to Maya’s room and check if she is still asleep and also added that she won’t mind if I stay back with Maya. She went to check if her husband was sleeping. I thought for a moment and decided to have a look at Maya’s condition.

I just wore my half pant and T-shirt and reached Maya’s room. She was fast asleep, snoring. I even tried to shake her up but she was sleeping like a resting crocodile. I was happy that she was still asleep. But should I stay back with Maya? I thought for a minute. No let Maya think of me as a gentleman who did not take advantage of her drunkenness. Yes that decision was right for me. I returned to Megha’s room. The room was dark and I went by her side after undoing all my clothes. The moment I was beside Megha she dragged me and hugged me like a bear. The heat of our body anatomy was increasing slowly, again waking me up slowly. Megha realized with awe and raised her eyebrow with a smile. Yes I was getting hard again. Excitedly she pulled me up and almost ate my mouth completely not leaving me to gasp. As our saliva exchanged I was fully ready again with a hardness even more than the first one. Megha had no patience it seemed. She pulled me with all her force and on my own submission, on to her, and widening her thighs she thrust my weapon in to her all in one single motion. She heaved a sigh of relief only when I was inside her touching her cervix. Oh my God!was her exclamation as I was growing inside her hot oven. And it didn’t stop for once. She repeatedly cried OMG pulling me into her further.

A long session started with the music of our heaving and heavy breathing. Megha was a woman who knew all art of sex, how to give satisfaction and how to get satisfaction. Her one deep bite on my nipple would ensure I would retain hardness for another fifteen minutes. Her sucking of my tongue means another ten minutes. She, holding and slightly pressing my penis tight at the bottom would again ensure slow down and extend the action by another fifteen minutes. We mated like lions, like snakes and like a frequency of birds and duration of canine.

Before dawn we had mated four times and both were tired. As sunlight was visible outside, Megha hurriedly wore her gown and went to see Maya. Maya was still asleep. Good God. Megha prepared coffee and woke up Maya. I freshened up and Maya brought me coffee. She smiled and said that she had taken drinks for the first time and hence almost slept unconscious whole night. I also smiled and had coffee with her. She pulled me for a kiss which I obliged but what a hell of difference between mom and daughter!
Maya told me that she is going out with friends to Goa for three days and asked me to come with her. I felt it odd to go with her at this stage as it would not be correct and mostly her girlfriends will be there. Standing at a distance Megha said that Maya’s dad was also going out for a week during the same period which was an indication to me not to agree. I just could not refuse my goddess off sex Megha. After breakfast I went home. No sooner I reached home Megha called me saying that Maya is in fact leaving at night itself. That was an order for me to be at her house at night and of course next three days and nights. I had to tell some story about an unknown long forgotten friend’s engagement at Mumbai. I called out Maya and told same story to her also.

Before seven in the evening I had four calls asking me about delay. Maya had left only at half past six! I had to laugh myself to imagine her hunger and sex drive. How come she was living all these days was a big question for me. By experiencing her hunger and excitement previous night I was sure that she certainly had no male company or sex since several years. I packed few clothes without losing much time and after telling my parents I left home. By the time I rang the bell Megha was perhaps mad of waiting. Opening the door she immediately shut it behind her and grabbed me to her burning lips. She was wearing only a gown and I was sure that she had nothing inside. I cupped her boobs over her gown and she screamed at me to pull it up. Obliging her as an obedient student I pulled it up bearing her boobs completely. She had her skimpy pantie on. Megha pulled me to her breasts and pushed her nipple in to my mouth. In fact I wanted to wait for night and so I casually caressed them, kissed and sucked for a while.

Leaving her at that stage, I sat on the sofa and the sex angel that she was, sat on my lap holding my face in her hands and planting hundreds of kisses. Megha now sat on the carpet while I was seated on the sofa. Not giving me a chance she unzipped my pant and my cock popped up to life. She kissed the pink berry fondly and licked round and round and then all along the shaft. Slowly Megha took my complete length in her burning mouth as I closed my eyes in excitement. She was unrelenting on me and I had to request and cry for her to continue for ever. Further loosening my pant she took out my testicles and took them fully in her mouth ensuring not to hurt. As huge ball of my pre-cum oozed out Megha was excited like a child and licked it with the tip of her long tongue. Caressing, licking, sucking me she masturbated me for a climax deep in her throat. She left me after lick cleaning me with full satisfaction.

Marry Daughter Get Her Mom Free

Reluctantly she wore the gown again and went to kitchen. She prepared hot coffee which was very relishing after that great first time oral ejaculation. We sat side by side her in my arm and spoke sweet nothings indulging in frequent teasing. Time was nearing eight and I felt real hungry. Certainly I could not have asked her to cook. I ordered dinner from my mobile. In half an hour the order was delivered. Megha served the dishes along with white wine. The cold weather outside, white wine and hot Megha with me was dream come true for me. We relished the dinner with three pegs of wine. Dinner was over at ten and we rested for a while. Megha brought Rabri with gulabJamun. We tasted the sweet from each other’s mouth exchanging long mouth kisses. We sat on the couch for some time silently cuddling and enjoying the warmth of just a nearness.
Inside the bedroom Megha changed to a baby doll and looked just nothing but a queen of sex. The bed was nearly made with perfume spray on the sheets. I looked at the arrangements. On the side table was a clean cup and water jug, adjacent was placed a white napkin and to my surplice was a bottle of honey and whipped butter both in small glass bowls. Megha didn’t speak anything but just switched off the light. The only blue night lamp was sufficient to highlight her silhouette. She slept on the bed giving the sexiest pose a woman can give to invite her partner. Her boobs were exposed in the valley portion and one leg showing off up to waist. Her midriff was also open calling me to hug her. I jumped on to the cot and we were one body soon sealing our mouths. She was very fond of sucking my tongue which I initially hesitated. But as she educated me, I realized that it was the nicest thing to happen between a male and female. Her tongue was long, thin and could play with mine at her will. I was rock hard after fifteen minutes of foreplay and wanted to go on her top. But she stopped me and I posed a disappointment in my face.

Megha asked me to sit on the cot leaning against the back supporting with a pillow. I had to obey the queen. My phallus was now vertical like a flag post. Facing opposite to me, she kept her legs on my side and lowered herself on my erection. Once completely in she grabbed my hands and guided one to her boob and other to the open portion of her clitoris. Turning only her head she pulled me for a kiss and urged me in most husky voice to rub her erect G spot and play with her boobs. I continued to stimulate her for half an hour or so and she was experiencing repeated orgasms at short intervals. Her breasts were heaving with each of our movement, well inside my grip.

Suddenly Megha went down on the Carpet and pushed my head between her widened thighs. Her pussy was clean shaven and looked like a new born girl. The pink protruding Spot was very prominent. It was glistering with her oozing wetness. Megha pushed my head between and locked it with her legs. I had all these days thought that it is ugly and unhygienic part of human anatomy. But now it was inviting me with its sweet fragrance and astounding beauty. Without hesitation I started to lick the edges and then my tongue invaded all interiors of her hot and wet valley. It tasted sweet, exotic and gave me a steel hardness. She pulled my hands and guided on to her nipples forcing me to pinch them. I used my hands to further widen her opening and got full access to my exploring tongue. I also inserted my finger to further stimulate her and Megha was now moaning loudly asking me not to stop.

Then slowly Megha made me to sit again and she sitting on my lap raised up on my shaft and sat back. Her hands on my back she was now moving up and down in slow motion, gyrating and increasing speed for a change. Megha was jumping like a fox jumping for grapes but here she was getting abundant grape juice which was wetting my thighs and flowing down to the sheets. She lost her strength and had by now become a doll surrendering to my role. Lying on her back the lady was restless to have me in her as soon as possible as deep as possible. I was too happy to oblige her all demands. We climaxed together and later rested in a closeted hug.

Next three days and nights she was the teacher and I was the student trying out all positions. Megha was in particular fond of doggy style which she compelled me again and again. Sitting on cot face to face our legs locking each from the back was her another favourite position as it allowed hundred percent penetration as well as access to fondle boobs, and lips to kiss free arms to hug. But she would demand missionary position as soon as she realized nearness of our climax. She liked her to be filled fully in her lying down position as in other position, a lot would ooze out.

After three days I returned home and conveyed my decision to marry Maya to my parents. The marriage was over within a month. I was into E-commerce business of building materials and Megha offered a spacious room in her house for me adjacent to her bed room. She even registered the house in her daughter’s name and we shifted there soon. Maya got a job in an MNC and her job timings of 9:00 to 6:00 well suited for daily sex in the afternoon. Of course, Maya too was not bad on the bed.

A year passed like a minute. Believe me that there was not a single day in which I and Megha did not have sex in one year. Certainly, it will be more than 365 times. Of course, my nights were with Maya. In a year Maya conceived. But always my preference will be Megha. I am just enjoying life. “Marry daughter and Mom free”.

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