Lost Virginity To Friend’s Mother | Indian Sex Story

Lost Virginity To Friend’s Mother

My name is Dicky. I’m from Bhubaneswar.I’m single and preparing for govt jobs.

My height 5″9. I have a 4inch length dick and 4inch girth.I am slim and medium brown in color.I am a regular reader of ISS. Okay now to my sex story…

I have recently completed my studies and was preparing for govt. I was tired of studying and thought of visiting a friend for “Khatti- chitchatting”. I called my friend Risabh and went to his house to meet him. I reached his house and phoned him, he came down and opened the door. Directly we went to his room and started talking. His mother “Radhika” came to his room to see what he was up to. For the first time, I saw her. I had visited his house once or twice but when his parents were not in the home. My God! she was an angel.

She wore a black color saree which was a perfect match for her body. She was 36-30-38 a fair looking.I was astonished. Nothing came from my mouth. She asked Risabh who I was. He introduced me and then her mother asked me about how my study for govt is going on and about my parents and stuff. We chatted for 2-3 hours. It was already 8pm and I took leave from him and came home.

That night I dreamt about her and next day I had to wash my shorts due to cum. I was too hung on her, don’t know what happened to me after seeing her.

After 2-3 days I thought of visiting Risabh again and went to his house. Risabh had gone for buying groceries. His mom told me to wait for him in his room and went to the kitchen. I went inside his room and opened his computer.His mom came into his room and gave me snacks to eat. We chatted for some time and she went down to her room.

While going down she fell due to water on the floor. I came to her and hold her in my arms and took her to the room. Then gave her ice and called Risabh. I told him her mom fell and told him to come quickly. Radhika was crying in pain and I took the ice and asked where her pain was, she told her waist.

Now was my chance to feel her, I took the ice and rub on her waist. Kept rubbing till the ice became water and my hand was on her waist. I pinched her waist in lust, I couldn’t control my lust. Her sound and touching her was making me hard. I tried to hide the hardon but she already saw me. Then she adjusted her pallu and thanked me and told me to wait in her son’s room. I felt guilty and told her that I will wait outside till Risabh comes. And waited outside.

After that day my lust for her grew to a new level, I didn’t know what happened to me. I was lusting for my friend’s mom who is also like my mother. Due to my age, my urge for sex was at maximum. Then I planned to fuck her. The very next day I went to his house and asked about her health, she behaved in a different way and I was happy. Then I and Risabh went inside his room and started playing games. Then her mom called him and told him to buy something and he told me to play and went to buy. Her mom then called me and told me to help her in bring something down from shelves.

Lost Virginity To Friend’s Mother

I stood on a chair and she held on the chair. It was heavy so it was taking some time to bring that down. Then I noticed her cleavage which was clearly being seen from up. My cock started to grow and I was wearing shorts that day without underwear. She could clearly see my bulging cock and no reaction from her. I displaced and my cock hit her mouth. I couldn’t control myself and I hold her in my arms. She resisted and slapped me, which encouraged me even more. I was a hungry beast and fresh meat was served, I could not controlled myself and kissed her on her lips, neck.

I placed her hand on my dick and she started cooperating. Her resistance became less and we were kissing like 2 sex starved people. I was a virgin, but my porn watching helped a lot. I opened her saree, blouse, petticoat. She was in her bra and panties. She was a sex goddess. I was too happy, my first one was with the special one. Then she opened my shorts and took my cock and started stroking it. Then started blowing and I was in 7th heaven. I totally forgot that she was my friend’s mom.

My cock started bleeding due to my foreskin has been brought down. After a while, I came. That was way too much. I haven’t seen his much cum came from me in my life. She then washed my cock and started blowing again and in no time I was hard. Then it was my time to satisfy her. I for the first time felt someone’s pussy.

I shoved my cock inside her and started fucking her slowly. She started moaning uhh.. ohh …ah harder.. fuck harder.. oo yeah………….. I was in a bit of pain, but thinking of inside her my senses weren’t working properly and her moaning was making me mad. I increased my speed and her moaning became louder after 4-5 minuted I came again.

Then Risabh came and rung the door bell, and we in a hurry dressed and Radhika went to open the door. This day came to and end and I went to my house satisfied. We exchanged our numbers, and when we feel hornier she calls me or I call her…. Thanks for reading my sex story. If any aunty or girl interested then don’t shy contact me in my mail [email protected]

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