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Hello everyone! I’m Nitin and this is a story about my hot experience with a hot social worker who wanted to gather funds for her NGO. Let me tell you about myself. I’m 19 years old and my father is one of the big businessmen in Bengaluru. So basically, I’m pretty loaded as people would say. I would say that I’m pretty good looking because I have had multiple girlfriends in the past. Whether it was because of my looks or because of my money I don’t know.

And honestly, I don’t care. Anyway, this story takes place when I was in Goa. I had gone to Goa to chill out after my exams. It was a solo trip because I felt constricted by the city and I wanted some alone time. I had booked a room in a posh resort in Goa and I was chilling around by the pool. That was when I saw her.

There she was in a white Kurti and black tight leggings. She was a bit short and chubby but that made her look even hotter. She had a voluptuous, and curvy body that can arouse desire in any man. She had tied her hair in a ponytail and she was looking very professional and focussed. That was what made her even more desirable. Girls like that are sexy even if they try not to show it. She had noticeably large boobs which was very much evident even though, I’m sure she had worn a bra. And her thighs! There are no words to describe thunder thighs like that.

I then started ogling at her meaty arms. That was the first time I got turned on by seeing someone’s arms. They were just perfect! But defining part of her body was her face. She looked so cute and innocent. If I ever wanted to marry someone, it would be someone with this face. I just wanted to eat those chubby cheeks. If you guys want to imagine her, she looked like Nithya Menon.

I Seduced A Hot Lady

Anyway, coming back to the story, she was carrying a lot of brochures and booklets and she seemed to be talking to a lot of people in the resort. Most men just enjoyed talking to her, judging by the amount of time they were spending with her. She never once let her guard slip. She always spoke professionally with everyone. I kept staring at her like a fool and all of a sudden she started walking towards me.

Before I noticed, she was standing right in front of me and with a smile, she said “Hello! I’m Sindhu. Do you have a moment to spare about my NGO?”. I was staring at her with my mouth wide open. I quickly gathered my wits and recovered before saying, ” Yeah, Of course. Have a seat”. She smiled at me and sat down in front of me. I straightened my back and leaned forward. Of course, this was just so that I could hide my boner from her. I didn’t want her to think that I’m a pervert. I am a pervert but I didn’t want her to know that.

Sindhu: So I am actually looking for donations to my NGO. We are into climate change awareness basically. I know that you may not be earning now but any contribution will be huge. You know how important this stuff is.

She handed me a few brochures. I pretended to study them with interest. But my interest was wholly on the gorgeous woman sitting in front of me.

Me: You know what, my father always wanted to invest in some social causes. He has even set up a fund for it. And he asked me to identify some good cause and some good NGO’s who won’t misuse those monies. Yours looks like a good cause.

Sindhu: And we are a good NGO. I can assure you that we won’t misuse your money if you choose to invest in us. I hope you invest in us. By the way, who is your father?

I told her my father’s name and she was shocked. She couldn’t believe it.

Sindhu: I hope you’re not kidding with me.
Me: Of course not. Why would I lie about this stuff?

Sindhu: I did not mean to offend you. I’m sorry. But it came as a big shock to me.

I smiled. She was impressed by me. I badly wanted this lady. Not just for a fuck. But as my partner. She was maybe 24 years old. 5 years older than me. But at that moment I had a huge crush on her. I wanted to make her mine. I pretended to read her brochures with more interest.

Me: It looks good. I’ll tell my dad that I found an NGO he can invest in. But before that, I’ll need to know you better.

She sounded happy but she looked at me for a moment.
Sindhu: Know me? What do you mean by that?

Me: It’s just that I will be corresponding with you in the future after my father donates money to you. So I thought it’ll be good for us to know each other. What do you say?

Sindhu: Sounds good. I don’t mind. After all, you are investing a lot in us.
Me: We haven’t invested yet. I will decide that after I get to know you more.
I gave a wry smile at her.

Sindhu: Oh, okay. Now I get it. I know what you want.

Me: Really? What do I want?

Sindhu: What every man wants. Every man I have gone to ask for a donation has asked to sleep with me in exchange for a donation. Can’t you men donate for a cause and not for your sexual desires.

She was not angry, but she was smiling in a seductive sort of way.

Me: I will donate to the cause Sindhu. But the amount that I will donate depends on how happy I am with you. One donation from me will be enough for you to run your NGO forever. You don’t have to ask for another donation ever again. You know that.

Sindhu: I know that. And that is why I am still sitting here.

And saying that she put her hand on my thighs and started smiling again. It was so sudden that I shivered a bit in shock. She laughed at me.

Sindhu: You are sure that you will donate?

Me: Keep on doing this and you will never have to go out again for a donation.

I put my hands on hers and made her rub my thighs. She got up and came and sat next to me.

Me: Sindhu, spend the next three days with me. I promise you, I will pay your NGO whatever you ask for. And by the way, I am Nitin.

She just smiled at me and leaned her head on my shoulders as she kept rubbing my thighs.

I will continue this story in the next part. Please feel free to message me at [email protected] any suggestions or criticisms or even just to have a chat.

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