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I Made My Sister Seduce Me

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Hey, guys, it’s only recently that I came across this website when I was told about it by a friend. Read a couple of posts and I thought I’d share my own sex story here; probably the only one I have had, and will ever have, to be honest. I am a 28-year-old average guy, but this sex story began about 10 years back when Yahoo Messenger was still a thing.

It was just my dad, my sister who was elder to me by a year and a half, and I live in a big home. Mom passed away when we were little, and I faintly have any memory of her. It’s our hard working dad who brought us up, and in a fairly good manner. We were financially well off.

Now about me, as mentioned, I was an average person, but what I was good at was with computers, and was pretty much a geek even at that age. I had a PC in my room and my sister had a laptop for her own purposes. Dad pretty much trusted both of us so he was never hesitant to give us whatever we asked for.

I Made My Sister Seduce Me

But I had my doubts. All of a sudden, my sister who was used to staying up at least till midnight started to hit the bed as early as 9 pm, which was oddly strange. This kept on happening for a month or two before I decided to find out what was going on. A peek through the keyhole and I knew she had her laptop on even at 1 am, but all I could see was the light from the screen, and nothing more.

Next morning, I casually asked her to lend me her laptop for some stuff and she hesitantly complied. After reaching my room I got a keylogger installed in it and the rest was history. Not only did I get passwords of her Yahoo and Orkut account, I also got all her chats logged. Read through her chats and it didn’t take long for me to realize that my sister had become a fully mature woman. My God. I still remember some of those chats.

Anyway, there were two more things that I understood from her chats. No.1: She only had one boyfriend who she had met online. No.2: She has sent some pictures over email to that person which according to that guy was more “secure”. My heart started pounding even louder. Logged into her email account, took her sent items, but there was nothing.

Took her bin, and there she was, in all her glory, stark naked, posing as sensually as possible, in over 15 pictures. I was seeing my own sister, NAKED, which was more than what my dick could resist. That was probably the best boner I had had till that day. My sister was no longer a sister to me. I wanted her. I wanted her to be mine and mine alone.

But I knew it would be far from easy to persuade her. I had to plan, and plan well. I waited for a week or two, and it was time to execute my perverted plan. My sister still had her laptop on at 1 am. I kept getting pictures from her sent items/bin. And then I did it. I emailed her from a fake id. Told her that I was a random hacker who happened to hack her email account.

But I didn’t give her any proof. Just told her that I have accessed some personal pictures which were sent to Arun (her online boy friend; name changed). She did not respond, and after two days I had to send her one picture as proof. But along with it was a message assuring that the pictures would never be leaked.

The whole thing would have become a fiasco if she did something stupid. So I had to be very careful with the email. The next evening, I got her response. She was literally begging and pleading, and all that only made me hornier. But I had to play my cards right. I had to be patient. So the long email conversations started. I took her to the messenger and the conversation continued there.

In the mean time, I asked her to end all the relation with the other guy, to which she complied without giving it a second thought. Our conversations weren’t sexual. I played the role of the boss while she was made to play the role of my slave, obeying whatever commands I gave her. This went on for about two weeks and I knew it was time to play my trump card.

That evening after dinner we all went to our respective bedrooms and the chat session started as usual. Through our conversations, I had ensured to make sure she told me everything about her family, which was about me and dad, of course. She did try to trick me once but when I threatened her with a fact about her that only a few of her friends knew, she realized the hacker (me) was dangerous.

I got the fact after reading some of her chats with some of her other friends, which were also logged by the keylogger. Everything was surprisingly working out well for me. Anyway, back to the sex story. So we started chatting as usual when I asked her about her brother and if she’s had any sexual feelings for him.

She was quick to reply with a no. Then, I asked her if she had so much appetite for sex, why not just discuss the matter with her brother, instead of some boyfriends who will only be able to satisfy her on the phone or the internet for obvious reasons. She was shocked, but never wavered from her stand.

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Then, I acted to become angry, and told her that she must have sex with her brother and have a picture sent to me, but not in a compromising position, but evident enough to show the “intimacy”. She pleaded and begged a lot, but I didn’t waiver. I gave her two weeks to get this done or warned her, for the first time, threatening her with her pictures. She couldn’t do anything. She was stranded.

Everything was normal the next morning, except for her gloomy face. I acted normal, goofing around as usual with her and dad. She did come online that evening to plead again, to which I replied with a naked picture of hers on which her entire name and address was added. She was threatened for good this time, and I could feel it. She had her mind set. It was all done. All I had to do was wait because in a week’s time Dad was to go to Singapore on a business trip.

The day finally arrived after what seemed like an eternity. It was just my sister and me, and our maid of course, who would leave by afternoon every day. After dinner, we went to our rooms. She wasn’t showing any signs of wanting to talk. But I was willing to wait, and it paid off. The next evening she fell sick all of a sudden.

Her temperature wasn’t up but she acted as if she was shivering, and asked me to sleep in her room that night. I was very hopeful but all she did was hug me pretending to do it in sleep. I couldn’t control myself. I was sleeping with my own sister who was trying to seduce me. The very thought made me horny as fuck. But I kept my calm. I knew the wait was almost over.

I was asked to sleep with her the next night as well. Just as we were about to fall asleep (I was pretending of course), she tried to start a conversation with me. And all of a sudden she said those magical words to me: “Brother, I have some issues, and I don’t know whom to trust regarding these issues of mine. If mom was around, I could have told her, and these issues aren’t particularly things that I can tell dad.

My best option is you brother, who is also my best friend.” I tried to act a little confused as I was paying attention. She continued, “I have mood issues, and I constantly feel like having someone with me, to be with me, you know, as a,” I intervened, “Boyfriend?”

She continued, “Yes, but I am only 20 and am in no position to trust anyone else with this” She continued after a pause,”Kiran (not my real name), you are more than a brother to me, a friend, with whom I know I can share everything, even my feelings, no matter what they are. I have always seen you like that Kiran, but you never realized it. Kiran, please do not see me as a bad sister, please, I have no one else…” and she slid closer to me and dug her face into my chest, crying.

Fuck it. It fucking worked. I managed to make my sister seduce her innocent brother, all using a diabolical plan. The more I realized what was happening, the hornier I became. I hugged her tight and told her, “I am always with you sister, as your brother, as your friend, and even as your boyfriend” I even told her that I was glad that she didn’t go elsewhere and trusted me instead of some stranger. That made her so happy as well.

We hugged each other a lot. I kissed a lot on her forehead and before I knew it, she was actually into it, as much as I was, if not more. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. Though she was only doing this to get a picture taken. But that wasn’t it at all. She was actually into me. It all fucking worked. I couldn’t believe how I pulled it off.

That night was amazing. I can’t quite remember how the night went. I didn’t fuck her that night since I didn’t want to risk making her pregnant. She never bothered to get a picture taken. The next evening I slept with her even without her invitation.

She was also in the mood. I was prepared this time, although I have been prepared for that night for ever. I told her that I had bought condoms to which she acted a little surprised. I was still a little young to purchase them but she laughed it off. Brushed my hair and kissed me. We were there. It was all in place, working for real.

She was quite the figure even in those days. I enjoyed making love with her whenever we could. Neither my sister nor I have had any other relationships since then, until last year when my sister finally got married. We were always together until then. We never got bored of each other. We were always able to make each other happy and satisfied. There was nothing but joy in our lives.

Yes, she is married now, but to an NRI, and he only comes home once every year and stays here for a month. Her in-laws aren’t that great so she mostly spends her days with us here at home, our home, the home that made her my wife, and me her husband, and that shall forever remain.

I did tell her regarding the games I played, but we were too close to let that bother our relation. We actually laughed it off together. She now wants to get pregnant with my child and we are currently waiting for the right time. I know we will be cheating on her husband, but who cares; It’s he who barged into our life. My sister. My love. My life, and soon, the mother of my child.

NB: Sorry for not sharing details regarding our sexual life. Those shall forever be ours and ours alone. I know the sex story was a tad bit long for comfort, and yet not so arousing. Blame me for being a poor narrator.

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