How I Made Mom My Bitch Forever | Incest Sex Story

How I Made Mom My Bitch Forever

Thank you, everyone, for the brilliant response I got from you all for my past two stories, so here I am, back with my third story. All of you are acquainted with my mother Mina, for those of you who are not, she’s a lady in her early forties but looks much younger with a breast size of 40 D and a pretty enormous ass. In short, she’s a perfect MILF.

So this is the story how I fucked her, and it’s totally a true incident, unlike the earlier stories. I wanted to fuck my mom for long, so I used to find ways to touch her, I used to spank her every now and then and she took it playfully. I used to find opportunities to see her nude, so I often peeped from the hole in our bathroom when she bathed and made videos and took pictures and masturbated seeing them. I have a set of pictures and videos stored with me secretly which I might even share with you 😉

I am always fascinated with and thus I wanted to feel them, so when I used to sleep beside my mother in the afternoon, as she slept, I used to cup her breasts very carefully, then as I became sure that she was asleep, I slowly caressed the boob, but I often felt that her breath became heavier and soon she moved and turned to another side.So, one afternoon, I was on with my boob squeezing session and I felt her breath becoming heavier, I didn’t stop, instead kept on kneading her breast with increasing force, it was summer and she only used to wear a blouse and a petticoat while she slept, seeing that she’s breathing heavy and not stopping me from my actions, I with a lot of courage slipped my hand inside her blouse and slowly encircled my finger around her nipple and she suddenly removed my hand and turned to the other side. I was a bit scared, but I was too horny that day, so I stopped for a while and then started to lift her petticoat slowly using my legs, and stopped until her ass was visible partially, she was dead still, but I knew she was awake, I took further courage and started moving my hands on her ass, then I reached her pussy and she suddenly clamped my hand with her legs, I with great difficulty moved my finger to her pussy hole and inserted it a bit, she let out a moan. She turned to me and said “What are you doing? I’m your mother.”, I was so sexually aroused that I said: “Mummy, I want to fuck you”.

Mummy: “This is not a right thing to do, don’t you have a gf?”
Me: “No Mummy, I always wanted to do it with you!!”
Mummy: “We can not do this, you are my son, even if we are man and woman, we still have some social obligation”
Me: “Mom, no one will come to know, please”

As she was very aroused too, she did not take much time,

Mummy: “But, we will do it once only”

How I Made Mom My Bitch Forever

I started to kiss her lips as she said this and tore open her blouse, and started to squeeze her breasts violently, she was moaning heavily and grabbed my hair from the back. I came down to suck her breasts and bit her nipples, simultaneously I was rubbing her pussy hard. She suddenly overpowered me and came on top of me and moved down to remove my shorts and took my dick out, which was semi-erect and oozing with pre-cum, she was startled with the size and without any delay, she took it in her mouth and started to suck my dick, fuck, this was my first time and I was in heaven. This was a new feeling altogether and she was sucking my dick with a stance that pornstars have and I could not hold my semen for long and burst it in her mouth within 6 minutes of vigorous sucking. She swallowed my cum and asked me to lick her pussy, I went down and started licking her pussy, it was not shaved thus I was having trouble, but the intoxicating smell of her juices turned me on and I put my tongue inside her pussy and started moving it very fast, and with two fingers, I stimulated her clitoris, within no time, I got an idea and got into a 69 position and continued my action and she started to suck me and suddenly she got hold of my head and pressed it to her pussy and as her body shuddered, she flew intensively with her love juices and I devoured it all.

I was hard as a rock that time and without wasting any time, I switched position to the classical missionary and started to insert my dick into her vagina and she let out a shriek, with two humps, I got inside her and slowly started pumping. I kissed her and pressed her boobs while I fucked her pussy, then I increased my pace and the next thing she said, completely took me by surprise, “Fuck me, motherfucker, you have a big dick, fuck your mom hard, I’m your slut now”. I increased my pace and slapped her boobies and twisted her nipples, she moaned “make me your slut”, I slapped her face and said “You’ll be my bitch from now on, get into doggy pose”, she like an obedient servant quickly got into doggy pose and I started fucking her again and held her by her hair and spanked her ass until they became red, and as I became ready to cum, I pulled my dick out and ejaculated on her red ass, she also reached her orgasm and felt weak on her knees and fell down on the bed, I laid next to her. From that day onwards, I fuck her every afternoon and we did something more exciting too, to be up in the next version, until then, tell me how you liked this true incident, tell me about your fantasies and ladies, if you want some fun, get in touch with me at [email protected]

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