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How I Fucked Neha Aunty

Recently, a new couple moved into our neighbourhood a few days back. The man has a bald spot on his head and a huge potbelly too. However, his wife is just completely opposite to him. She looks way much younger and has huge voluptuous breasts, which swing like melons every time she walks. Her beautiful, round navel is also visible whenever she wears a saree. Although she is traditional and not so modern, she always wears deep-cut blouses which provides everyone ample view of her deep and white cleavage.

Neha auntie and I became friends when my mother offered me to her as a help to maintain their huge bungalow. I would mostly help in cleaning the windowpanes and maintaining their garden. I had hardly been there twice when out of the blue, she called me into her bedroom while I was wiping the windows in the kitchen.

“Yes auntie, I’m coming”, I said.

I got the shock of my life as I entered the bedroom. Neha auntie was naked!

I was totally flabbergasted and started to shake with a mixture of emotions when she composed me with her sexy and melodious voice.

“It’s been quite some time since I had a hardcore fucking.” She said.

“My husband is impotent. He can hardly last for 2 minutes and never plays with my pussy. But you will, wouldn’t you?” She motioned with her slender hands to come over to her.

Then she slowly started to undress me. I was thrilled as my dream of fucking my sexy neighbor was finally going to come true. I was also nervous as I was a virgin at that time too.

“Raghu, have you ever had hardcore sex? Or even sex?” she said as she gazed at me with her steely eyes.


“Well, then get ready for some action, young man!”

She said as she lifted off my innerwear and started running her hands all over my chest. She slowly ran her down my stomach and started taking off the belt. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down in a jiffy.

My soldier had already started saluting as was visible from the strain under my briefs. To tease me further, she peeled them off slowly and lo behold!
My cock had become rock hard and was enjoying the show as I took in the beautiful sight of the naked body of Neha auntie.

She rubbed her palms along the shaft of my already hard cock and started playing with my balls as both of us became stark naked and there was huge sexual tension in the room.

She then started to lick my throbbing cock from top to bottom as I started moaning with pleasure. Then switched to sucking from licking and I felt like in heaven. It seemed obvious that she was quite experienced in sex as she used her teeth, tongue, and lips to massage my penis. She was so good at it that I became afraid that I would cum early, so I decided to switch positions with her as I didn’t want this fun to end so quickly.

“Neha auntie, at the rate you are going, you will milk me out in a minute. Let me have the opportunity to play with your pussy.” I said.

“Really? My husband never sucks my lady parts. Oh yes my boy! Please suck me hard!”, she said as she lay down on her back and stretched her legs far apart.

The sight was probably the most beautiful I had ever seen in my life. Long, shapely legs were welcoming me to the clean and perfectly hairless vagina, which seemed very soft and supple even from a distance. I jumped on the bed and passed my hands over her legs and moved slowly upwards. I kissed the inner parts of her thighs as I continued getting closer and closer to her womanhood. I pressed my lips to the top part of her clit as she moaned loudly in pleasure.

How I Fucked Neha Aunty

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Keep doing that boy! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!” she screamed as I continued circling her sensitive areas while putting my fingers to good use as well. I thrust my thumb and two other fingers in her pussy, which still seemed surprisingly tight as I pressed my lips hard to her clit, making her arch her back and thrash around in intense pleasure.

Her pussy was dripping with pre-cum as my fingers and tongue slithered in and out of her holes, which were now lubricated by her increasingly flowing juices. I could feel the tingles in her body as she started nearing ejaculation. Just as she was going to cum, I stopped.

She looked at me in surprise, which later turned to a look of happiness as I explained to her why I had stopped just before her ejaculation.

“You see, my penis still hasn’t gotten inside you yet. I want the both of us to ejaculate at the same time. Let’s fuck you.”

She became so excited at those words that she immediately grabbed my waist and pulled me towards her as I adjusted myself. I positioned my penis and entered into her with one big thrust as she moaned in both pain and pleasure.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as I continued banging her hot pussy continuously in and out while holding both her legs upwards. After ten more minutes of hardcore fucking sessions, both of us were on the verge of cumming. This realization made both of us fuck each other even much harder as we reached a heavily intense climax.

She grabbed my butt with both her hands and forced me further into her as I gritted my teeth and put into her all my force in the last few final thrusts.

“Oh my god! Ohhhhhh yessssss! yesssss! Oohh good!” she screamed while shaking as her nectar flowed out of her as if floodgates had been opened.

She squirted huge amounts of cum as I ejaculated and sprayed the insides of her incredibly burning pussy with my warm layers of cum. We both lay panting on the bed, completely out of energy as we held each other and looked into each other’s eyes with the look of a hungry animal.

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