How I Fucked My English Teacher | English Sex Story

How I Fucked My English Teacher

English Sex Story

Hi, guys! First I will tell you about myself. I am Raj, doing engineering right now. This is the story about my hot English teacher and how I fucked her.Her name was Manisha.

I was in 11 std then(18 at the time ). She had just joined our school at that time and used to teach English to 7 and 8 std students. She was sexy as hell.She was fair and also slim. She was about 5’9″ tall. She had big boobs. I first saw her when I was studying in the library.She had worn a blue saree.Her blouse was short and she had worn low waist saree.As a result, much waist was shown.She had a very sexy hip with curves. As she walked into the library, and due to the fans in the library, her navel got exposed. It was very big and deep. It was hot. I was staring at her navel. It gave me a hard on. She didn’t care to cover her navel.She did some work and started to go out of the library. Again her navel was exposed and I was staring at it. But this time she caught me seeing her, so I suddenly looked elsewhere. But she gave a smile to me and went out. So I thought that she was also kind of naughty women.

She used to wear saree in school and expose her waist and back. I used to masturbate at home thinking about her.

At times I used to walk by her in the corridor and get a sight of her navel. It was very deep!

At that time I didn’t know her name or any other details. So I tried to search her on FB. I looked up at my school’s page on FB. Luckily I got a picture of her in which she was tagged.

So, I got to know her name – Manisha and that she used to teach English. I was really poor in English.My parents forced me to join tuition for English but I refused. Now I had a great chance. I could ask Manish mam for giving me tuition in English, but I didn’t have the courage to talk to her.

But one day, I gathered courage and stopped her in the corridor. She had worn a low waist green saree and her navel was poking out. I couldn’t resist.She gave a naughty smile to me. I think she remembered me staring at her navel. But politely I asked her –
Me – Mam I heard that you taught English to the lower classes.

How I Fucked My English Teacher

Manisha – Yes! So?

Me- Mam! Actually, I am very poor in English. I need some tuition for it. Do you offer any tuition?

Manisha- No. I don’t.

Me- So what can I do to improve it?

Manisha- I can teach you on Mondays after the school is over if you could stay in school.

Me – Sure. Mam, I could!

Manisha- Ok. So you can come to the staff room after the school is over on Mondays.

I was very happy. I informed my parents about it and they agreed.Now, I was waiting for Monday to come.
Monday came. After the school got over, I went to the staff room. There she was sitting on the chair, doing her work. What a milky waist! I could see her as well with curves!

She was very engrossed in her work and didn’t notice me. So I walked to her and touched her back. So hot! So milky. She looked towards me and greeted with a smile. I sat beside her. I started asking her doubts. But then I saw something. I saw her cleavage. Her boobs had popped out. wow! It was so hot. My dick was becoming rock hard. I tried to cover it with the book. She then gave me a smile. I thought she saw my dick grow hard. I was nervous. Now I started asking more doubts to divert her attention.

Many Mondays went by. I got to know more of her. She had a son 9 years old and her husband was working in a firm. He used to go out at 10 am and come home by 8 pm. We didn’t talk about sex. I could not gather the courage to tell her that I love her.

Now it was the fun fair in our school. There were many stalls put up in our school ground.I was dying to see Manisha mam. Finally, I saw her. She was wearing a black sleeveless top. From far she was not looking that hot. She used to look hotter in saree exposing her navel. But when I went closer, she looked very sexy! Her top was backless. As my height is more than hers, I could see her cleavage. Her huge cleavage gave me instant hard on. I came closer and greeted her. She also had put on great makeup and lipstick. She was looking like a princess. I started talking with her about the fun fair. Then she lifted her hand and adjusted her hair. Wow! I saw her bare armpits. It was shaved. I haven’t seen so sexy armpit in my life. I also got a smell of her perfume mixed with her sweat. It was so slutty smell. I wished I could lick her armpit then and there. After some talk with her, I got to know that she had also put on a stall in the fun fair. Then she forced me to buy something from her stall. But I hesitated. So she caught my hands and took me to her stall. Great! I was so close to her body. I could smell her armpits. I tried to stuff my nose inside her underarms. I wanted to lick all her sweat. Her stall came and I bought a drink. She grew happy.

After the fun fair was over, I went to her stall and asked her if I could help her in cleaning. She said No but I forced her to say Yes.
After cleaning up and tidying the stall, it was time to get back home. She and I had come to school on a two wheeler. She started looking for the keys to her vehicle. She couldn’t find them. I helped her in tracing the keys. We checked the whole ground but couldn’t find the keys.She had lost her keys.

Then I insisted her that I would drop her home. She hesitated but then accepted my proposal. I was aroused. Getting my sexy teacher to sit on the back seat was like a dream come true. As soon as she sat on the back seat, I started my vehicle. Yes! I was aroused by her slutty smell while on the vehicle. There were many potholes in the roads so I insisted her to grab the back handle of the vehicle. But surprisingly she held my shoulders. That gave a chill to my spine. I was aroused. We reached her home in 10 minutes.

She urged me to come to her home but I was in a hurry. Then she told me that no one was at home (her husband was doing overtime and her son went to uncles’ place) and she would feel lonely. I was surprised by her words. This was my only chance. So I accompanied her to her house.

She made me sit in the drawing room and went inside for changing. She came out, wearing a really sexy sleeveless nighty. I gave a smile. She smiled back too. I couldn’t resist. Then she went to the kitchen to bring me water. I couldn’t hold it anymore. So I followed her to the kitchen. As she was filling water, I grabbed her waist. She didn’t resist at all. She was really a slut. I told her that I loved her from day 1. She looked amazing in saree and her navel was very beautiful. She replied back saying she was also waiting for this day to come. I was super excited hearing this.

I turned her and lifted her hands. Yes. Armpits were the first to attack. I started licking her armpits. It was so yummy. I licked both the armpits for around 15 minutes. I then removed her nighty. Now she was only in bra and panty. Next was the navel. The slutty smell of her navel was awesome. I licked it very hard. I also inserted my finger into her navel. It was very deep.

Then we both went to the bedroom. Next was the boobs. I removed her bra. She had almost white nipples. She had very big boobs. I started sucking them. I also cupped them hard. After that, she became very hot. She took hold of my rod.I felt very hot. Then she removed my pants and underwear.

She was shocked to see my 8-inch thick cock. She started teasing my cock. Licked it really hard. Then she took my cock in her mouth.As she was sucking it, she was rubbing my balls with her hands. She was a blowjob queen. She deep throated my 8-inch cock, took the whole cock in her mouth. She stopped sucking before cumming. Then she took out a condom. I was shocked to see that she had 15-20 condoms in stock. She wrapped my dick with that.Finally, I removed her panty. Pink dripping pussy she had. Very hot. I started licking her pussy. She was moaning. I drank all her juices. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy. I pushed my whole cock inside her. I was shocked to find that she doesn’t feel the pain. So I pumped in and out very hard. I grabbed her boobs in this process.

We had a really great orgasm. After some time I ass fucked her without using a condom. Great ass she had. I released my cum inside her ass.

It was such a great day I had. Then I left. Now she used to give me a blowjob every Mondays in the staff room itself. Sometimes we used to have sex in the staff room. She was a great sex partner. She even licked my ass sometimes.

I never met her after school was over. My family shifted to some other city. But I dream to have her once again in my life.
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