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Hot Encounter With Lady In Hospital

Hey, guys, this is Rishrocky, I am from Pune and 23 yrs old good looking male. Last month, I visited one of the reputed eye hospitals in Pune with my uncle as he had problem and doctor advised him for the retina operation. The date was fixed for the operation and we reached there as said by the doctor at 10 A.M. Uncle was taken in the operation theatre.

Now, let’s come to the main part. I was sitting in the waiting hall when one lady (heroine of this sex story) around 30-32 years came with her mom to see the doctor. I was stunned to see her. She was wearing a white sleeveless top and denim jeans. Almost her figure was visible. She had boobs of 32 size, was flashy in hips and a great big ass. I was like catch her there and screw her.

I was staring her continuously for 10 mins, she also noticed me and was the quite seducing type. Her mother was also taken in at – 2 for the operation. She came and sat in the seats opposite to my seats. I think she was also in the mood. There were some magazines kept beside my seat and she came and bent down and was searching some good magazine and was showing cleavage, it was clearly visible. I was dumbstruck after seeing her bra and cleavage. She sat beside my seat and greeted me, our conversation went like this,

She- hi.
Me- hey!!
She- myself Deepa.
Me- myself Rishrocky(fake name on Indian Sex Stories only for the sex story).
She- are you here, with someone?
Me- yes, my uncle has an operation date today.
She- okay! I m here with my mother in law, even she is having an operation.
Me- oh, ok.

We sat quietly for 5 mins, I started reading the newspaper.
After 5 mins, she again started a conversation.

She- do you have charger or power bank, actually my phone’s battery is about to die and I don’t have any option.
Me- yeah, I have power bank, I gave her the power bank and she thanked me.

I was getting bored and told her that I will be back in some time and left from there. Came to the washroom and masturbated thinking about the cleavage and bra I saw. After 15 mins, I jerked and left. I was waiting near the canteen and was eating when she came there.

She- akele akele kha rhe ho!!! (laughing)
Me- I offered her but she didn’t take and ordered something for herself.

She joined me on the table, I was not able to control and by mistake, I hit my leg on hers. I said sorry, she said its okay!!! I asked about her family and profession,

She- I work from home, I have my boutique in my home itself. My husband is in it sector at present from 3 months he is in Atlanta, don’t know when he is returning.
Me- oh, ok. That’s great. So u stay with inlaws?
She- I and my mother in law are there, last year my father in law passed away.
Me- oh, ok.
She was looking cunningly and in a seductive manner.
She- what about you?
Me- I m working in MNC in Hinjewadi. I stay with my uncle and aunt in Wakad. My parents stay in Mumbai, usually, I visit them on weekends.

She- nice.
She- do u have a girlfriend?
Me- no!!! I m single.
She- Be frank, dear.
Me- really 200% I m frankly speaking. Actually, I didn’t find one, I m interested in having affairs.
She- ab aaya na line pe.
She- mere boobs ko kyu dekh rha hai baar baar.
Me- I was hanged for 30secs and then I replied frankly. “Ache hai isliye dekh rha hu”.
She- beating slowly on my hand – chup kar!!

She- actually bahut din se mere husband nhi hai ghar me to I can’t take good care of myself.
Me- husband kaise care karte hai apki?
She- earlier we used to have sex sessions thrice a week, but now it is zero for past 3 months.
Me- oh, u miss him badly!!!
She- yes, but can’t do anything.
Me- pressed her hands – “If I can help you.”.
She- immediately I was waiting for this dear.
Me- me toooooo.

I pressed her right boob slowly and she screamed in a low voice ouch! No one was around us. She smiled and said badi jaldi hai tumhe toh. After that, one nurse came searching for me and asked are u with_______ taking my uncle’s name, I said yes and said we have allotted you a private ward for today and will discharge after some time.

The nurse then asked the lady and said u have also been allotted private ward. I was happy that our rooms were side by side. We then went with our patients to the rooms. After some time, she knocked the room and asked my room’s AC is not working can u help me out pls.

I went to her room, her mother in law was sleeping keeping the eyes closed as there was a white bandage wrapped around the eyes. I pressed her boobs and kissed her on the right cheek.

Hot Encounter With Lady In Hospital

She- pehle ac chalu kar do dear.

I came back to my room and after 1/2 hrs I went to her room as I was desperate to fuck her I directly went inside her room and I was stunned seeing her, She was fingering her pussy by half removing her denim jeans.

I screamed in low voice “Amazing!!!” she stopped and was getting her jeans up to cover, I immediately stopped her and started touching her pussy and pressing her ass.

She- door lock kar de nhi to koi aa jayega (low voice).

I locked the door and started kissing her, she was with the flow and suddenly after 3 mins stopped and said let’s move in the washroom.
As there was her MIL sleeping and I had no tension for my uncle, he was also sleeping in other room.

We locked the washroom door. I started to press her boobs and ass wildly, she was moaning “Ahhh ahhhh ohhhh ayeeee” and I removed her top, there she was in a white padded bra. I was stunned seeing her nipples turning pinkish and the size of melons. I kept sucking both the boobs one by one for 10 mins.

She was getting her hand slowly on my dick and started pressing, I removed my trousers and there she was shocked to see 5-inch dick saluting her. She bent down and sucked my dick hard for 10 mins, I stopped her and I was about to cum she started pressing my balls, she was a pro.

It was very hard to control, I started unbuttoning her jeans and there she was in blue color printed panty with a huge ass. I started fingering her and she was getting more aroused and started biting me on shoulders, I can’t control dear fuck me fast. Was her words.

I removed my 2 fingers from her pussy and wore the condom which I carry usually in my wallet, took my dick and placed in the pussy hole, even not getting fucked for 3 months, her pussy was not that much tight, my dick went easily inside and she screamed and moaned, “Ayyeeeeee, Dhireeeeeee”, then I started pumping her wildly soon I was about to cum and I came in condom. She already came twice. We started kissing again and she was like I m not in a condition to stand, need rest. We wore our clothes and came outside the washroom.

She sat on the chair and I was standing beside her. We were talking about actions as her mil could hear us. I was saying I need to suck boobs, she was ready and took one boob outside her sleeveless top and I started working on, I sucked her boobs for 5-10 mins, suddenly there was a knock on the door, she immediately corrected her clothes, I wiped my face and mouth and it was the nurse on the door. The nurse had come to give the discharge file and few medicines of our patients.

The nurse was removing the bandage from our patient’s eyes, I was packing up all the things and took my power bank from her and pinched her nipples and came to my room. She was standing staring me and couldn’t do anything. We exchanged our numbers and greeted goodbye kiss to each other.

Next part will be soon published, “How I banged her at her place the next week.”. Presently she is out of the station on Diwali vacations, but we are in touch and keep sexting and video calling with each other. Hope you liked my sex story. Comments and compliments are most welcome.

Also if any ladies or divorced or unsatisfied girls and ladies wish to have discrete and private relations can contact me. Only from Pune and PCMC. [email protected] is my email id.

Waiting for you.

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