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Honeymoon With Virgin Resort Recieptionist

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This is Raj from Mumbai. I am 21 single 6 ft, fit body, and the business guy and I love to have sex. I have had sex with my girlfriends, neighbor, and her daughter, many friends and 2 hot college professor from my college.I have a 7″ long and 3.5″ thick cock which I know to use perfectly. What a life I am living.Wow, all thanks to Indian sex story.

Ever since I started writing my stories on this site, I have made new friends, sex buddies and have had a chance to meet and please some amazing wonderful ladies around. I have received many compliments and thank you all for your reviews. Not just that but sex requests as well. You can contact me on the email given below. So getting to the story.

The story includes Pooja 20 (my Rajasthani village girl, also kept as my wife or Rakhail as I prefer) and receptionist, Saanvi (receptionist of a very famous holiday resort in Goa.) so let me first tell you about Saanvi. She was just a teen in her 18’s, working there for some holiday cash, slim and tight,32-30- 32, not too dark, hair up to shoulder length and used to wear the hotel uniform which was a one piece black sleeveless till knee.

So if you guys have read my previous stories, you will know that Pooja has a sister Payal and she is a pro at fucking. Over the time I had changed Payal to a modern day horny cock sucking, ready to fuck anytime slut. We did many adventures as Payal loved to fuck and we enjoyed together a lot.

She had gone from wearing typical desi clothes to most modern shorts and most revealing clothes. While Pooja, on the other hand, had turned into a bore, hence Payal had become a workhorse and would have to bear Pooja’s resistance I:e get fucked over her capacity. So Payal and I started changing her and Payal suggested that I take Pooja on a honeymoon and fuck her for a continuous 2-3 days so that she starts loving it. Pooja was not much of into having great sex.

She used to shy away at times, no good blowjobs and was not much of a fun fucking. So I booked a resort ion goa which had a sea facing view and a swimming pool and many other things. We booked flight tickets from Mumbai and I preferred midnight flights as the rates are on discount at that time.

I made Pooja wear a loose white no shoulder one-piece gown. She looked beautiful. We boarded our flight and landed at 3 am in Goa. We had our car waiting for us. Since it was the night I was using darkness to play with Pooja’s boobs and pussy.

She was uncomfortable, but who gives a fuck. I took out my cock and asked her to blow it. She whispered in my ears that driver might see us, to which I told her to act like she was sleeping in my lap and her act will be covered by the seats. She did it.Oh, my.It’s so adventurous to have sex in a car.Ammmsss.Her lipss.Ss.She was not doing it that great but my cock was hard.

I was controlling letting out a moan.Mmmmmf. Sssssmmmfff.Finally, I could see our resort so I stopped her and we reached the entrance. I zipped up my pants and we got out of the car. My hard cock made a bulge in my pants and I was not ashamed at all to show it off proudly.

Honeymoon With Virgin Resort Recieptionist

I grabbed Pooja and walked in like a couple, our luggage guy carried our two bags in for us. Pooja did look exhausted and her lipstick was off which was noticed by this cute receptionist who greeted us with a warm welcome. Wow was my first reaction. I asked Pooja to wait in the waiting area. ” follow me sir ” said the receptionist. I followed her looking at her swaying ass.Mmmmm.Sss yummy.

We reached the reception and she introduced herself as Saanvi. She told me everything about the resort services and handed me over the key of our honeymoon suit which was on the beach like a shed. She had noticed the tent in my pants and her eyes used to take a peek there while talking to me and I loved it. She had a naughty smile on her face and while leaving she said ” have a wonderful night Mr.Raj ” and winked at me.

Well, I was hard and wanted to finish off what we had started. I took Pooja and rushed to our beach shed, I took off my clothes and hers too.I was kissing her and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to go down. She got on her knees.I took my cock and put in in her mouth.She took it in and started sucking.Ohhhhhhhssss ah.Yeah.Sss.Mmm. I loved the feeling.I love blowjobs.

She had wrapped her hands around my ass. After 10 minutes I held her head and started mouth fucking her hard and deep. She was making sounds and gagging.I was at heights and reached my climax with a loud moan.Ahhhhhh. And I came in her mouth.Her mouth was full of my cum and she was looking at me like an innocent little bitch.

I said ” pee lo.Ek bound bhi nahi waste karna ” and she drank it and went straight to bathroom. I fell on the bed and fell asleep as I was tired of traveling and managing stuff.

I woke up at 9 in the morning and saw Pooja had woken up and was having coffee. I went and kissed her. She was standing in balcony facing the sea. I made her sit in my cap and kissed her neck, ears and moved my hands to her pussy area but she stopped me saying ” mere periods chalu hue aaj, I’m sorry hum ab kuch nahi kar sakte.Please” I was angry but could not do anything.So that day I took Pooja for a romantic walk talking about her beauty and sex-related talks.

Whenever we used to be in hotel noticed that Saanvi used to look at me and some times even walk past brushing her arm, side of boob or ass. She made sure to look back and a mile to tease me. I was getting hard and it was tough to control now. Day3 and it was hot as hell so I grabbed my shorts and towel and went for a dip in the swimming pool.

I was swimming in the pool and I saw Saanvi giving a tour to some foreign guests. I got out of the pool with a bulge in my pants and she handed me the towel. She called for her assistant and told him to carry on with the guests. ” good morning Mr Raj, I hope you like our resort and our services ” she asked, ” well I certainly do Saanvi, just that I need to see and experience some more of your services ” saying this I winked at her. “Sure you will, how is your honeymoon going?” she said ” well, my wife just started on her periods.

And I’m bored now “, Saanvi: ” wish I could help you sir ” I looked around and said ” well you can.” shyly and then putting the pen she was carrying on her lips she asked ” and how is that? ” I said ” can u arrange for me some one who could do my wife works for the rest of my stay.I mean you know the area right.”. ” hahaha.Sure.I can, u leave that up to me.We never leave our customers unsatisfied you see” and gave me a slutty smile and wink.” but what if your wife comes to know ?” she continued.” well leave that up to me ” I said and winked back.

That whole day I spent roaming and visiting all goa hotspots with Pooja and shopping for her. In the night Pooja said she wants to go for a walk on beach alone and hence she left and I returned back at the resort. While walking towards the shed I a waiter approached me and said that Saanvi maam has left a message saying that the parcel has been delivered to the destination. I was so happy to hear that and rushed to my shed.

All time walking I was imagining and thinking hot my fuck toy is going to be and how I will roam all her holes and make for the past 2 days. I was squeezing my cock hile I walked down the resort towards my shed. I saw that the light was dim and the door was unlocked. I walked in.

The room was empty.And then the door behind me closed. I turned back and to my surprise, it was Saanvi. She had her hair left open and her cleavage to be seen.I was just looking at her.” Saanvi you ?” I exclaimed. “What happned Raj. Dont you like me ? I have noticed you looking at me.Mmmmmm.Ssss ” saying this she dropped her dress.Wowww.Her body was so amaezing.

She was wearing black bikini. “I thought u liked fucking virgins.Mmm? ” she opened up hr bra.Ssmmmss yummm.Those perky boobs.She took her boobs and shook em hard.” wont you like to suck these babies.?” she turned around and took off her panty bendng over and revealing that ass hole and butt chicks. “How about fucking and tearing this tight ass with that huge cock mmmm.”.She slowly walked towards the bed.

I was all hard and still watching what she was doing.Ahhhh this girl was so naughty.She had kept her hand on her pussy.She went and sat on the bed and spread her legs to show me the pussy.Wow.She had little hair on her pussy.” how about fucking the shit out of me baby.Mmm? Look at this viging tight cunt waiting for your cock.Mmm?.” she laid back and said ” dont make me wait now darling.” fucckkkkk!!! Thats it.

I was on and I took my clothes.My cock was 6″ and sprung out hard like a missile.I went straight on her and pounced on her. We started kissing and touching each others parts.She held my cock anmd was stroking it.Mmmmmfffssss.Sss.I was squeezing her boobs and nipples while roaming my hand over her pussy in between. She was wet and I could feel it.

After 10 minutes of smooching, I started kissing her on her neck.I moved down to her boobs.Emmmss.So perky and firm.I was eating them like mad.I was bitibg her nipples.She was getting hot and hotter.Moaning.Ouuuuchhhhh” now I moved to her navel.Then to her pussy. I saw her pussy juices flowing.That smell.I parted her lips and started licking her cunt.Wow.Virgin cunts are so amaezing.She was going crazy.Mmmmsss she was moaning hard and loud.While I licked her.

After 15 minutes, she came hard in my mout with a loud moan” aahhhh.” I drank al her love juice.It tasted so good. I went up to her and we smooched for about 5 minutes.She said” thankyou Raj.Sss ahhh.I loved it,.My first orgasm.”.” now your turn darling “, I told her.And asked her to suck my cock.She smooched me and kissed my all over my body and went for my cock.

Wow. Her lips wrapped around my cock and she started sucking it brilliantly. I was in heaven looking at the sight of this little girl sucking on my rod and that feeling.I said to her.” wooow babe.You are such a good sucker ” she said that she had recognised me and she read all my stories and wanted to get her first fuck by me and hence she was seducing me but my wife made the work easy for her.I laughed at this.

She winked and coninued sucking looking straight at me.Sssssahhhhhhhss.Mmm. I was rubbing her pussy. I orderd her to do 69 and she agreed. Now we were both hard and wet.” fuck me Rajjj I cant wait any longer.I need you cock in me. Pleaseee.” I made her sleep on bed and she said ” fuck me without condom.I know you like it that way.

And I am your wife for the night right. I was happy to do so. I rubbed my cock on her cunt.My cock was now hard and 7″.She was scared and asked me to do so.I assured her that it will pain at first and will be okay later.

She agreed,. I started to push my cock but it slipped.Her pussy was too tight. I applied saliva and gave another push.Ahhhhsss.Soo tight this bitch was.”Ahh” she screamed as my cock went in her cun about 2 inches. She was gripping the bedsheet tight and eyes rolled back.Her back arched in pain.Gave another hard push and my 5 inches of cock was in her.

Stop please.” I broke her seal and blood was oozing out of her pussy. Tears rolling down her cheeks.Wooow.Hat pussy was tight and warm. I loved it.I kissed her and waited for a couple of minutes and started slow movement.In and out in and out. She was moaning as I had kissed her.Sss.Fuckkkkk you are so tight Saanvi ” sayig this I started eating her boobs and lips and any part of body I could get to.”

Now she was littile comfortable and starting to enjoyy it. and fell on me. I moved her aside and told her to get on all 4 fr doggy.She did. Its so easy to fuck slim girls I doggystyle.She spit on my cock and I could easily guid my cock in her cunt.Ahhhhhhhhhssss.Mmmm fuck me baby.Yah.Tear my pussyyy.Ahhhss” she was moaning.

Thats when I noticed Pooja was looking at us from the door.” what are you looking at.Aaj idhar.” she was rubbing her pussy.She came in and locked the door.Saanvi was shocked to see this.”Whaaaaath” words could not get out of her mouth as my 7″ dick fucked her.Pooja was now nude on bed.

I told her to lie on bed and with one had was fingering her pussy while I fucked Saanvi like a bitch. Pooja too was wet,. I felt her wet juice on my fingers.I took it out and lick it.Saanvi had her jucies on my dick.Now Pooja was begging me to fuck her.She could not take it anymore.I asked her that she was on her periods, he said she had lied to avoid getting hammered for all other days and she could not have handled it. I was furious now.

I was fucking Sanvi in anger aswell “Fuckkkkk take it bitch sssss ahh fuck.Sluts want my cock huh.How does that feel. Ahhhh fuck u like it ” Saanvi was moaning and screaming.Ahhhhhhhsss fuuuckkkk mmmmmmff aiiiii sss ahhh sloooww fuckkkk aaaaaaahhhhh” I took my dick out and gave Saanvi to suck.I ordered Payal ” lick Saanvi’s asshole,” she said “Kya.Mai nahi kar sakti.Please” I said to her ” jhut bolti hai na.Chal chaat.Lick her ass.It’s your punishment itch or else I’ll call all the staffs of this hotel and they will fuck your holes 4 at a time ” she was scared and said ” il suck her pussy.Gaand kyu?” I said ” gaand marni hai iski.Teri bhi marnga.Ab chup chaap chat” she started licking.I was standing beside the bed, Saanvi was in doggy style over the edge and sucking my cock with Payal again in doggy licking her ass hole.

Saanvi was in full heaven and moaning with muffled voice.”Mmmffff ” after about 20 minutes of sucking and licking I took my cock out and asked turned Sanvi around still in doggy style.Is so much fun to fuck some one ass in doggy style.

I said to Saanvi ” get ready, I’m going to tear your ass.” and ordered Pooja to hold her hands.I applied some spit and lubricants on my cock and started pushing it in Saanvi’s asshole. It was so tight and tough to get it in.

I was able to get in but slowly and inch by inch.Saavni was in pain and screaming “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhsss fffuuuucckkkk nnoooooo noooooo.Ssss takkeee it out raajj.” Pooja had held her tight.Finally, about 5 inches in and I was fucking her ass hole.Her ass rim was stretched to the limit.She was exhausted screaming in pain and blood was there on her ass rim.

I held Sanvi by her boobs and gave a hard push to shove my whole dick in.She gave a loud cry and went semi-conscious.Ahhh.I held her arms and pulled her back.Now I was standing at the edge of the bed and Saanvi was in knee down position with her back to me and my cock up he ass.Ahhhhhhsss emmm. I was moving and moaning slowly.

I told Pooja to lick Sanvis cunt while I fucked her ass. Wow…Sooo tight. All slim girls out there I would love to fuck yall. Now Saanvi was back in consciousness and enjoying both pain and pleasure,” ahhhh.Saanvi came for the third time and after 1 hour or so all were exhausted.Pooja was fingering herself and I was about to um.”Aaahhhhhhh come in my mouth Rajj I wanna eat it ” I took my cock out and gave it in Saanvi’s mouth.”Ahhh”I came in her mouth.

She drank all my cum and licked every drop off my cock. Pooja begged me to fuck her now but as a punishment, I told her to sit there quietly. ” you have an amazing body Saanvi and I must admit fantastic holes.Hahaha.I would love t o fuck you day and night next time I’m here.” ” anytime Raj.

Which fool would say no to such a great fuck and such big cock.” we kissed and hugged and slept while I ignored my wife’s cry for fuck and Saanvi teased her by rubbing Pooja’s pussy and pinching her boobs. Pooja could not do anything.

I was woken up by a blowjob.Saanvi was up and sucking my cock at 7 in morning.I saw Pooja and she was asleep. She looked so cute while sleeping.Saanvi told me she wanted another session and to do it in the shower as she had her duty at 8 am and even we had to leave by 11 am.

She gave me a blowjob and I fucked her in standing position,in doggy style and she came on my cock twice.This time she allowed me to cum in her. Ammmsss.Ffffuck what an amazing time. We got dressed while Pooja was still asleep.I walked with Saanvi to the resort main building and promised to be back soon. I was feeling bad to leave a woman unsatisfied and hence I decided to go and fuck Pooja before we leave.

As I was returning I was the hotel manager Mr.Singh approaching. He put a hand around my shoulder and said ” I’m sure your vacation here was fine, and your honeymoon of course” I replied ” yes Mr.Singh.Your staff is great. I had an amazing time” Singh said ” yes. Honeymoon with two girls is great” looked at him. He said he was near the beach and heard us so he came for inspection and saw me Saanvi and Pooja having sex. I told him to stay away from Saanvi, instead, he said ” I’m not interested in her.

Ever since I saw your wife I wanted to fuck her.She has a great body.I wanna lick her ass.Ammmsss. You let me fuck her and I will let u off the payments.” I thought for a second, either way, my bill amounted to 5+ lakhs which my dad was going to pay and had no idea about my wife.

Pooja had lied to me and almost ruined my vacation, why not punish her and get an off aswell. “Hmmm.Well, Mr.Singh, I will let you even fuck her ass hole but, you will have to give me free stay and services for a lifetime and, only fuck her with a condom and I will fuck her aswell.”

He thought for a second and agreed. I told him to wait outside and come after 10 minutes as il turn Pooja on first.We went near the shed and I went in and licked Pooja as she was sleeping. She was moaning.”Mmmmmmmfff ssss sahhhhhhh sssssss aahhhhh” she woke up and held my head on her pussy hard. I was nude already.I made her 69 for about 5 minutes and then made her suck my cock I doggy. That’s when sing came in.She was shocked and tried to cover up.

I told her the scene and she was not agreeing. I again told her about the staff gangbang and she agreed to get fucked by Singh. Singh took off his pants and he had a 5-inch dick. I said to Pooja that she is lucky she won’t suffer much. Now I went behind Pooja and put my dick in her cunt.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss.”She moaned and Singh gave her in her mouth.She was getting fucked in pussy by me and mouth by Singh.

Now I made her lie on my chest facing me.And sing wore a condom.I smooched her and held her tight as Singh first licked her ass for a minute and without any warning shove his cock up her ass hole.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she screamed but I kissed her and muffled her voice.Mmmmmmfffff” we started fucking her and her screams turned in moans, and she was now enjoying.Aaaaass aaasss aiiiiiss fffffuck me fuck yes yes baby.My me.Aaii.

After some time Singh came in her ass and I came oin her pussy.I told Singh to leave now as she licked my cock clean. Finally, we took shower and got dressed. Pooja promised me to serve me whenever I wanted in future. I met Saanvi and we exchanged contacts and promised to meet and fuck whenever we meet, while Singh gave me a VVIP card and a voucher which gave me what he promised.

So, guys, this was my honeymoon with the receptionist. Please write to me on [email protected] or drop me a mail to get in contact with me and I will add you on hangouts. Write your reviews and requests and I will reply asap. Please wait for more stories as it takes time for Indian sex story to publish them. Inbox for sexting,sex.Etc.

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