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Hi Friends, I am a regular reader to HotSexstories.In stories somehow I felt most of the stories are fake, I fail to understand how can one make 5 times love in next 2-3 hours. Anyway I am hardly concerned about this. Let us straight come to the incident. I still remember I was sick my age would be around 18 and suffering form high fever. I used to sleep in my room. My mother came to see me when she touched my head and realized that I am suffering from very high fever.

She just slept beside me to take care of me if needed. She gave me warm hug. I suddenly felt her soft breast rubbing my chest. I became very excited, however she was my mother in next 2-3 hours I also hugged her and try to feel her breast warmth her beautiful arms, her hips my cock was very stiff. I hugged her very tightly to feel her soft body after some times I came after coming i felt the smell of my sperm and her beautiful hair.

However my mother gave me sonly love from that day I was fan of my mother. My mother is most beautiful lady for me in the world. I also tried to sleep beside her, but somehow she understood my intention and never gave me chance to hug her even. I remember that night when my father, my sister and my younger brother was out of town only me and my mother was at home. I forgot to tell you we lived in a Government colony in 2 bed room quater.

My mother was sleeping in her bedroom in mid night I saw her sleeping in a sensuous position and her breasts were partly visible and coming up and down with her breathing. I thought that I should make use of this golden opportunity but I was also afraid what my lovely mother will think about me. There were marathon of brainstorming about what should I do. My heart was dying to make love to her and but my brain said I should not do that.

I always love my mother like anything. I still love her like anything. She is most precious for me in the world at last my hear won and I planned to make love to her. I slowly went inside her bed room, my heart were making thudding sound. It was winter’s night. I was shaking with fear/excitment. I sat beside my mother and hold her shoulder with both of my hands. You must be surprised that why I did not mentioned her figure as I told you she is most precious for me so I do not want to reveal her figure.

Let us come to incident when I take hold of her arms touching her shoulder she awoke and realized that her son is there with some lustful intention. She started shouting. I kept one hand at her mouth to keep her silent, but still she was shouting. I was nervous. In nervousness I choked her throat with my hands and said Mom I love you, please do not think that I have come her to make love to you only. I am smart and you must know that few girls are always ready to make love with me.

She communicated that she will not shout and I should leave her neck. She persuaded me that she is my mother and I am very good boy so I should not make love to her. She also offered me money so that I can have sex with prostitute but I was admant. She understood that there is not any point in arguing with me. So she surrendered. She said do whatever you want to do with your mother. Tears were threatening to come out of her eyes. I wipe those tears off. I said mom beleive me I love you like anything,

I can do anything to get your love and she said please do not talk to me and do what ever you have to do. I do not know why I become shameless that moment and only love making with mother was my aim and first of all I kissed her forehead, then tried to smooch but she rejected it and then I unhooked ber blouse and requested her to lift her shoulder so that I can completly remove her blouse and bra and before removing her bra.

Goddess Mother

I emersed my head in visible part of her breast and passionately kissed her breast. This made me mad. I was becoming wild. I squeezed both of her breasts. Both were so tight and fleshy. Since there were enough time to make love to her. So I took her breast’s tit one by one in my mouth and licking them with passion. I did this for at least 15 minutes. There was not any reciprocal response from my mom, as she was not enjoying this she was doing this just for my happiness.

I kissed her shoulder and back and slowly I removed her saree she was in petticoat only. I untied the dori of petticoat and removed it. She was completley naked. Her face was expressionless. I kissed her and said mother please forgive me. I might be doing some wrong thing but I love you mom. I started to lick her body from head to toe. I paid special attention in licking portion near her vagina. I removed all clothes of mine and unioned my body with her.

I was enjoying my body’s contact with her. I requested her to be upside down on the bed. She obliged. I held her from back I was having each breast of her in my palm from back and squeezing them and kissing her back part of neck, shoulders. My penis was rubbing her sexy hips. I was enjoying this and perhaps my mother was getting excited after some time she said that I should finish my job early. She laid herself on bed in normal position.

My penis was very stiff and I squated her thighs and kissed her vagina. I instered my finger frequently to make it wet and had a very inqusitive look at vagina. I was excited; I asked mom should I insert my penis in her vagina. She said nothing I inserted my penis in her vagina. Let me tell you I felt best in my life. I am married and had 10-11 pre marial affairs but I never enjoyed this much ever. I took out penis from her vagina and re-insterd into her vagina.

I hold my mother very tightly and started fucking her in rythm. She resisted my smooch, but that time I was wild I did not paid attention to her wish and forefully smooched her with the rythm of fucking at the climax her hips and parts of body around her vagina were making rythemic movements. I was enjoying every micro seconds of my climax. I squeezed her breast very hard from right hand I was squeesing her hips.

She was also enjoying climax and both of us gasped after some few minutes. I was berathing heavily. I took quilt over us and holding my naked mother from back keeping hold of her breasts and both of us went in to deep sleep after 5-6 hours I awoke and requested her for 2nd round, but she was very angry. I requested her repeatedly and she obliged her. That was my first and last sexual act with my mother.

She is a lady of good character and she never gave me any opportunity to copulate with her and but I also salute her that she never revealed this to my father. I do not what to say to this incident. I enjoyed this act like anything, but I am also ashamed that and my mother became my wife for one day just for my happiness. She really loves me but I loved her for sex only from and that day I do not enjoy fucking any young lady. I wish I could fuck a middle aged lady. The above mentioned incident is real so you may not find any masala. I hope you like it.

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