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Fucked My Virgin Cousin

Hello People. I am Arjun from Mumbai. I hope you all are doing well.

This story is about how I fucked my horny cousin sister. Her name is Nila. She is 23 with good height and an awesome figure. She is very fair with black hair.

This all happened one day when I visited my cousin’s place. She had given a few dresses to stitch to the tailor near my place. So she had called and asked me if I could drop her dress if I were going that way. I agreed.

I went to the tailor. The tailor confirmed one salwar suit, one long gown, one blouse, and ghagra. I called up my cousin and confirmed. It was all good. So I picked the dresses up and left for her place.

I reached her place in 30 minutes. It was almost 2 pm. I knocked on the door, Nila opened the door. She was in her nightdress, top and trouser, loose hair. She looked gorgeous. She asked me to come in and make myself comfortable. I handed over the dress bag to her and sat on the sofa.

Nila went in and got a glass of water. I asked her where her mom was. She said she was gone somewhere and would be back by late evening. Nila was alone at home.

While I was sitting, Nila was checking the dresses. She asked if I didn’t mind waiting. She would try the dresses, and if there is any alteration, she can hand it back to me to return to the tailor. I agreed, so she went into her room to try the dresses.

She came in 10 minutes wearing the first dress, salwar and suit. The fitting was so well that her curvy figure was perfectly visible. She asked as to how is it? I said it’s perfect and that she is looking gorgeous. She smiled and said thank you and went back, saying that will try the next one.

She came back in 10 minutes again wearing the long gown. I believe she wore that in a hurry. Her red bra strap was visible on her fair shoulder. She asked me as to how is it? I said it’s perfect with just one mistake and signal her about her bra strap visible on her shoulder.

She adjusted the dress thinking that the dress was not put up well. I said, “It’s not the dress, Nila.” I stood up, went near to her and held her bra strap. I said, “This is the one which was not dressed up well.”

Nila smiled and said, “Stupid, why you do it? You should tell me.” I said, “I tried, but you didn’t get it, so I have to do it.” She smiled and went back into her room, saying, “Let me try the last one.” I went back and sat on the sofa playing on my mobile.

This time Nila was back in 30 minutes. I was busy on my phone when Nila called my name and asked, “Raj, how is this one?” I looked at her and kept staring without saying anything. She was standing in front of me in just her blouse and ghaghra.

Her deep neck was showing her cleavage clearly. Her ghaghra below her navel was just perfect, showing her figure properly. I was staring at her when she called me again. I was back in my senses and said, “Nila, you look gorgeous and sexy.”

She smiled and went back to her room to change. I was sitting and thinking just about Nila. I could not take that view off my senses. After a few minutes, Nila called me. I went near her room and asked from outside what happened and why she called me.

Nila asked me to come in. I said, “But you are changing, then how can I?” Nila said, “Raj, please come in. I need your help.” With her permission, I pushed the door and went in. Nila was standing in front of the dressing table. However, facing towards me.

Nila said, “I need your help if you don’t mind.” I said, “Yes, tell me.” Nila then turned around, showing her back to me and saying, “Can you please help me get the hook off my blouse? It is stuck, and I cannot do it.”

I asked Nila, “Do you really want me to do that?” Nila said, “Do I have anyone else here? Please do it.”

I walked near her and stood behind her, looking in the mirror. We both were looking at each other. I could see her boobs in the blouse and her cleavage in the mirror and her sexy back in front of me. While I was staring at her, Nila said, “Raj, what are you waiting for? Please unhook my blouse.”

I was back in my senses and held her blouse from the back. I slowly unbuttoned the first hook. I had to struggle while doing the second one as it was stuck. So while doing it, my hand touched her back. Nila just moved as if she got some shock.

I tried again and touched her back again. Nila looked at me in the mirror and smiled. I somehow got the second one. I then went for the third one. I purposely touched her back and moved it on her back this time. Nila did not say anything. She just closed her eyes and was feeling my hand on her back.

I continued doing that until Nila was back in her senses and looked at me in the mirror. The third hook was done and then was the final one. I unhook that in a minute, and her blouse was open from the back. I could see her red bra on her bareback.

Nila did not move and stood there looking at me. So I stared at her. Nila broke the silence and asked, “What are you looking at, Raj?” I said I admired the most beautiful person on earth. Nila smiled and turned around.

I told her that she was the most beautiful and sexy girl I had ever seen. Nila did not say anything and was looking into my eyes. We had eye contact for a few minutes. Then I held her face and kissed her lips.

Nila did not say anything but was surprised. Without waiting anymore, I kissed her again and this time started kissing her. Nila, in a few seconds, started responding. She held my head gently started eating my lips. We both were in a deep kiss, rolling our tongues with each other, biting lips.

While kissing, I rolled my hand on her back, going down to her ass. I pressed her ass over her petticoat, lifted her a bit, and kissed her more passionately. Nila was in no mood to stop. I then stopped her and pushed her on the bed. I took my t-shirt off and went on top of her.

I kissed her from her forehead to toe. I went on top and kissed and bite her neck, shoulder. I pulled her blouse down slowly, took it off and threw it away. Nila was lying in her red bra and petticoat, and I was on top of her. I started kissing her boobs over her bra, pressed her boobs while kissing.

I put my hand in her bra, pressed her boobs hard, and pinched her nipples. Nila was moaning heavily and had her eyes closed. I went down, kissing and biting her cleavage and reached her navel. I kissed her navel and rolled my tongue around her navel.

She was shivering like a fish, so I went further down and untied her ghaghra knot. I made it lose and pushed it a bit down. I saw her red panty and started kissing her over her panty line. I went down and pushed her ghaghra completely down.

Nila was now only in her red bra and panty. I also took my jeans off and went on top of her only in my boxers. I started kissing her from the top and went down to her boobs. I pulled her bra down without unhooking. I started sucking her nipples and rolling my tongue around her nipples.

Nila was moving her head here and there and was moaning loud. I took my boxers off, and while sucking her boobs, I rubbed my penis on her wet panty over her pussy.

Nila had her eyes closed and moaning. I went down, kissing and reaching her pussy. I kissed her inner thighs, Nila started shivering with each touch of mine. She pressed my head between her legs. I held her leg and spread it, and started licking her pussy over her panty.

Nila was moaning loud and screaming. I pulled her pussy lips over her panty with my teeth, Nila screamed. I stopped and asked if she was OK. She nodded as yes, and so I continued doing that.

After a while, I slowly took her panties off. She had no hair on her pussy. It was smooth like silk. I started licking her pussy and spread her pussy lips with my finger. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy. I went as deep as I could and started rolling my tongue inside her pussy.

Nila held the bedsheet tight and started screaming in pleasure. After a while, I stopped and came on top of her. I kissed her and asked if she was ready for my dick inside her pussy.

In a low voice and with eyes closed, Nila asked me to be gentle. This is the first time she would take a dick inside her pussy. She said that she was a virgin and this was her first time. I was happy to hear that. I promised her to be gentle.

I went down and licked her pussy and made it completely wet and lubricated. I rubbed my finger on her pussy and tried to insert it in her pussy. Nila screamed and moved up to avoid it. I again tried and held her tight and rubbed my finger hard on her pussy.

Her pussy walls were a bit loose now, and so I placed my dick on her pussy. I applied my saliva to my dick and pushed it inside her pussy. Nila again moved and avoided my dick inside her pussy. I held her tight from her shoulder and asked her if she was ready.

Nila was scared of pain but nodded as yes. So I pushed my dick a bit hard inside her pussy. My dick head went inside her pussy, and Nila screamed in pain. I did not wait and pushed again, and my complete penis was inside her pussy in one go.

Nila was screaming in pain. Tears rolled out of her eye, and blood started flowing out of her pussy. I asked if she was OK. She said that it was hurting and could feel something huge inside her. I kissed her lips and locked her lips, and started going in and out.

Nila wanted to scream and moan loud but had my lips on her lips. She pushed me hard and started moaning loudly. Soon the pain vanished, and her scream was changed to moan in pleasure.

After fucking her for a while, I took my dick out, cleaned it with her panty. I cleaned her pussy, which was covered with blood. I then inserted my finger deep inside her pussy and finger fucked her for almost 15 minutes. Nila had her first orgasm and felt relaxed. My finger was all wet with her juices.

Her pussy was all wet. So I turned her around and guided her in a doggy position. I inserted my dick from back deep inside her pussy. I held her from her hips and started giving slow jerks. Nila’s boobs were bouncing with every push.

I held her boobs and pressed them hard, pinched her nipples. I started fucking her hard from the back, and so was Nila enjoying the fuck. As this was her first time, I did not want to penetrate a lot. I made her lay on the bed on her back and came on top of her in a missionary position.

I wanted to fuck her deep and hard. I asked her to fold her legs from her knees, hold them, and spread them wide open. I placed a pillow below her hips. I went from the top and inserted my dick deep inside her pussy. Nila was in pain but liked it. I started fucking her from the top as if I were drilling her pussy.

After a few pushes Nila could not bear it and left her leg loose. I held her legs from her thighs and kept fucking her.

After a while, I kept her legs on my shoulder, held her from her thighs, and fucked her deep and hard. Nila was enjoying every bit of it. I then paused, left her leg on the bed. I inserted my dick again inside her pussy, and fucked her in a missionary position.

After a few minutes, I told Nila that I would cum. She asked me to load all my cum inside her pussy as she wanted to feel it for the first time inside her pussy.

After a few more strokes, I loaded all my cum inside her pussy and fell exhausted. Nila kissed my neck and whispered thank you in my ears. I kissed her back and bit her ears. Nila pushed me aside and asked me to let her go and clean herself. She took her bra and panty and went to the washroom.

Nila was back after a bath in 30 minutes, all this while I was lying naked under the bedsheet. Nila opened her wardrobe and got another pair of bras and panties of blue color. I took it from her hand, smelled it, kissed it, and handed it back to her.

Nila smiled and hit me, and asked me to get a shower. I came back in 20 minutes with a towel wrapped around my waist. Nila had changed the bedsheet and was ready in her t-shirt and shorts. She put her bra and panty to dry in the balcony connected to her room.

I went near her, held her from her back, and kissed her neck. Nila said that her pussy is still hurting and feeling a burning sensation. I said that it should be all good in some time. Nila turned around and kissed me on my lips, and said thank you for this wonderful experience.

We went inside the room. I got ready and told Nila that I should leave. Nila hugged me tight and bid me goodbye. After that day, we started chatting every day. Our chats were more of sex and naughty stuff.

Nila used to share her pics in bra and panty and sometimes naked. I used to see the pictures and delete them for her privacy. We still meet, and whenever we get to, we have sex and enjoy it to the fullest.

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