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Fucked My Friend’s Hot Mom

Hello, Porn sex story readers. I’m back with another story of mine. Those who don’t know about me, then please go through my previous stories. Now coming into my incident, this story is about me with my friend’s mother. Yes, guys, it’s true. Her name is Ayesha and 45 years old. She is the perfect milf and doesn’t look too fat. Her son is a friend of mine and I’m not new to her family. Her husband works in one of the MNC company and moves to nearby cities because of his work. For every Muslim festival, I was invited by them and I invited my friend to Hindu festivals. So, I don’t have any intentions of my friend’s mother.

One day I received a message from unknown number through WhatsApp. That person is a lady and said that she saw me on a road while coming out of the gym. First I didn’t believe her, I thought some of my friends playing with me. Later she called me and talked on the phone. Her voice is so sweet. I asked her what she wants. She said directly that she interested in me.

Let’s see the conversation between us,
Me: So, you want sex with me?
Ayesha: It depends on our chat.
Me: Ok cool tell me about yourself.
Ayesha: I’m Safia, 45 years old housewife.

I don’t know she was my friends mother later I came to know while having sex with her.

Me: OMG! You are a lady and also a Muslim?
Ayesha: So, what? Don’t you want to chat?
Me: Not like that, How you came to get interested in me?
Ayesha: I like your body, that’s why.

Me: What about your husband?
Ayesha: He is busy in his work always. He is not interested in sex anymore.
Me: So I think you have children. Right?
Ayesha: Yah. One son and daughter.
Me: I can’t believe that you are really interested in me.
Ayesha: What can I do then?

I asked her picture but she said no. I asked her that how can I you then? For that, she said ok and I received a selfie of her with face burka. I praised her for her body maintaince at her age. I chatted like this for some days. One day I asked her to do sex chat. She said ok but only with pictures. I agreed too. So, we exchanged with private pictures of us like her boobs, pussy, dick. I decide to send a masturbate video to her. She agreed and exchanged our videos too.

Our chats went like this for some days. I think later a week, we decide to hook up. But she agreed on one condition that she won’t allow me to see her face and always comes with face burkah. I agreed with her. She booked tickets for the waste movie and send that to me. I went to the theater and after some time, she came and sat beside me. I called her with her name. She said to wait for light off. After light off, I kept my hand on her hand. To my surprise, she directly keeps her hand on my dick. Since it was empty theater and also couples everywhere. So, we don’t have any problem.

She was in a blue saree with a matched blouse and covered with face burka. She stroked my dick for some time and later bent down and sucked my dick without removing burkah. After some time, I said her that I’m going to cum. She increased her pace and drink my cum and praised the taste of my cum.

I asked her to remove face cover but she denied. Now I held her boobs with removing her saree pallu and pressed over boobs. They were so soft and felt to suck. I Slightly removed her blouse hooks under her saree pallu and went in, started to suck her right boob. They were so nice to suck and soft and white.

After some time, I slowly kept my hand inside her saree and started to fingering. Later I went down and went inside her saree and started to suck. After a while, intermission bang and light on. Suddenly she said that she is going home and asked me to not follow her.

I asked why she said that she has some work. I said ok. I too went home after some time she left. I received a message from her for appreciation. I said thank you. Later some days, she asked me for the fucking session. I agreed too. She booked a hotel and invite me there. I went there and met her in the room. She was in pink saree with matching smooth blouse. She kept one condition for fucking. I asked her what.

Ayesha: Don’t remove my saree fully and just unhook my blouse and don’t remove blouse too. Raise my saree for pussy and ass.
Me: But why?

Ayesha: I have some work, so I want to make quick dress up.

I said ok and push her into bed and I went top of her to kiss. But she denied for kissing because of her face. So, I take off her saree pallu and unhook her blouse and started to suck her boobs. I slowly went down and raised her saree and started to suck her pussy. She started to moaning and held my hair to her pussy. After a while, she cummed over my face and I asked her to suck my dick. I removed my tee and she bent on her knees and unzip my pant.

I removed my pant, she started to suck my dick under burkah only. Later she asked me to fuck her in doggy style. She bent in front of me and I started to push inside her ass.

But it doesn’t and I asked her some oil. She rubs my dick with vaseline and pushed my dick into her ass. I started to increase my pace. She moaning heavily, in that situation I pulled her burkah fastly.

OMG! I was shocked. To my surprise, she was the mother of my friend. She started to cry not to tell anyone and her so desperate for sex. I console her and understand her pain. I gave my word to her and we started our session. I started to fuck her pussy in missionary position. Her boobs are moving like balls while I fucking. I asked her that I’m about to cum. She said cum in her pussy. We slept there for some time and later she went to her home and me too. That’s it for now guys. Hope you enjoy my session.

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