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First Time Sex With Village Girl

I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. I’m married and having two kids. My whole life is lustful indeed.

As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

In 1992, I was then resided in service quarter at Rajshahi. The quarter was a long tin-shed building along with a road. Each quarter has 8 feet wide verandah at the both sides and two rooms. The indoor space divided with a small yard (compound). The yard was ended with a 10” high boundary wall. There was a steel door with the wall to go outside (back of the quarter). At the backside every quarter allotted with two small pieces of lands, we cultivated vegetables there.

One day after returning from office (as usual my office time 7:30 AM-1:30 PM) I noticed that a frock and a pajama which was unknown to me dried on the yard. I asked my little maid Rini about those dress and she informed me that the dress belonged to Shefali. WHO IS SHEFALI, I asked. Rini informed me SHEFALI COMES FROM NEARBY VILLAGE, SHE DELIVERS MILK FOR US. I understood that the dress belonged to the milk-girl and she, for any reason, took bath in our bathroom and dried her dress.

From the size of the dress I guessed that the girl’s height might be 4’-0” to 4’-3”. So she absolutely an immature girl, no doubt, I thought and forgot about the girl. My wife often visited her parents as my kid did not then go school. So after few days my wife went to visit her parents and I alone remained in the quarter. My wife also told Shefali not to deliver milk till further requires.

After several days, in the very morning I remembered that last evening I watered the vegetable garden backside of the quarter and I forgot to collect water pipe, it must be stolen. I ran to the backyard and saw the pipe wasn’t stolen and I collected it hurriedly that I had to start office soon and I forgot to lock the steel door.

Returning from office I unlocked my quarter (front door) and entered into the drawing room. It was April and the weather temperature was high. I switched on the fan and rested for few minutes and then went to the bedroom. The doors were glassed it’s upper half, it was dark inside and I moved aside the curtain and let the light come. While I was changing my dress, suddenly look at the yard and saw, there dried a frock and pajama. At first I wondered but then remembered that the dress belonged to Shefali and I forgot to lock the backdoor.

I thought that the girl might be in the quarter, but what she is doing? She must understand that someone has entered into the house, because I made huge sounds in the room. I looked at the backdoor and saw that the door is hooked inside. My evil thought poked into my mind and I began to feel my carnal desires in my mind. I soundlessly opened the door and peeped in the verandah. What I saw, my one heartbeat missed and it began to throb loudly.

The girl was sleeping deeply at the one end of the verandah. Gentle breeze played in my verandah and it was always cool there. In the summer hot day the girl was sleeping tensionless. My guess was accurate, she was about 4’-3” tall but her body construction was healthy. Perfect fair complexioned girl lain on her flank facing towards the wall, I could see only her back side. She washed her dress and wore only her scarf. Rapped her waist with one end and covered her body with other end.

As she was sleeping deeply she wasn’t conscious about her cloth. The scarf only covered her waist till knee but her whole back was uncovered and the back of the girl looked so nice and sexy that soon my 8” long penis erected hard as an iron rod and my carnal desire grew at the highest and I decided to see the girl. I thought if she immature, I would at least rub my penis with her tiny pussy and eject to cool my aroused sex.

I went to the girl on tiptoe and sat beside her back. I carefully touched her back and caressed the supple fair back. Then I stooped forward to look at her front and when saw another heartbeat missed and my heart again began to throb louder. The scarf had completely moved from her body and her shapely round turnip shaped fair tits were partly visible because some portion was hid under her arm.

I carefully grabbed her arm and raised aside to make a full view of the tits and I could see the one tit from a side. The tit was accurately medium sized turnip shaped and the puce nipple was mushroom head shaped. I softly touched the nipple and titillated carefully. I screwed several times but she did not awake. Then I gripped the tit and pressed softly but still she was sleeping, she was in deep sleep. Then I pulled her to roll her for lying on her back and then her both tits were visible. Those were so nice shapely round and firm, there is none nicest that it.

She wore the scarf at her waist by making a knot beneath her naval hole. The deep naval hole made soft view there. The end of the scarf made a fissure for the tension and her fair colored banana tree shaped thighs were visible. My penis was tingling inside my lungi and dripping pre-cum. I unknotted the scarf and removed from her waist and her very very very nice and soft fleshy pussy was visible. But the pussy was pressed inside her thighs, I slightly parted her legs and the whole pussy was visible, that was a camel toe pussy. The whitish pussy lips and pubic surface was covered with few sparse pubic hairs, the hairs were not so dense for her age. I descended my head and took my nose closest her pussy and sniffed the sweet aroma of the pussy.

I touched the soft and fleshy pussy lips and caressed and parted the lips with my thumbs and I saw the tiny clitoris was hid inside the lips and the pussy hole was very pink in color and a narrow dark hole went inside her body. I didn’t want to rape her, though it was easy for me. I decided that by any means I have to fuck this girl, otherwise a soft pain I should feel into my heart for the rest of my life. I wanted to awake her and pushed on her soft belly and called HELLO, HEY GIRL, AWAKE, HELLO, HEY, AWAKE, HEY WHO ARE YOU, WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING HERE?

She got up like a released spring and seeing me she dragged her scarf soon and covered her tits and pussy and looked at me in a frightened deer. I had already decided to play a trick for fucking her with her full consent. I asked her with an angry voice HEY GIRL, WHO ARE YOU? HOW YOU HAVE ENTERED INTO THE HOUSE? WHAT IS YOUR INTENSION? HAVE YOU ENTERED FOR STEALING?

She became very confused to hear my so questions at a time and her expression told that she would start crying any time. But she took a long breath and softly told AMI SHEFALI, OI G(N)AO THEKE ASCI, AMI APNEDER BASAY DOODH DEI (I’m Shefali, came from that village, I deliver milk to your home).

 THIK ACE BUJHLAM, KINTUE KHON TO BASAY KEU THAKENA, TUI BASAY DHUKECIS KIVABE, KENO DUKECIS, CHURI KORAR MOTLOB, TAI NA? (okay understood, but now nobody present in this house, how you have entered, why, for stealing, is not?

 NA SIR, BISWAS KOREN, AUNTY-RA ASCE KINA DEKHAR JONNYO AMI GET-E DHAKKA DICI AAR KHULE GELO, GATE KHULAI CILO. G(N)AYE PANI NAI, EKTA KOL CILO TAO NOSTO, PUKUREY KHALEY PANI NAI, TAI GOSOL KORAR JONNYO DHUKCI, BUJHTE PARI NAI, AMARE MAF KOIRA DEN. AMI EKHON JAIGA? (no sir, believe me, I pushed the door to check whether aunt has come or not and the door opened, the door was unlocked, there is deficiency of water in the village, the only tube-well is unserviceable, no water in ponds or canals, so I have entered for taking a bath, I have made a mistake, forgive me please. Now can I go?

 TUI CHOLAY GELE AMAR KI HOBE? (if you go then what will be to me)

 MAAINE (mean)

 AMI TOKEY CARBO NA, TUI NISCHOY CHURI KORTE DHUKECILI, AMI TOKEY SECURITY-R HATE DHORIYE DEBO. (I shouldn’t leave you, you must enter for stealing, I will handover you to the security personnel).

 SIR, NAA, SIR, DOYA KOIRA AMARE MAF KOIRA DEN, AMI AAR KUNO DIN ASUMNAA. AMARE SECURITY DIYENNA. AMARE JAITE DEN, AMAR MAYE AMARE KHUJBO. (sir, no, please forgive me, a will never come. Don’t handover me to the security. Let me go, my mom is waiting for me).

 THIK ACEY, TOKE CERE DITEY PARI KINTU EKTA SHORTEY. (okay, I will release you, but one condition)

 KI SHOROTO (what is that)

 AMAKE EKTU MOJA KORTE DE, TOR ETO SUNDOR JINIS, EKTU CHEKHE DEKHI, TARPOR, CHOLEY JAS. (let me enjoy your so nice things, let me taste it and then you will go). I touched her breast and pressed.

 NAA, NAA, SIR, DOYA KOIRA AMARE JAITEY DEN, APNAR PAOT PORI. (no, no, sir, please leave me to go, I am falling your feet). She tried to grab my feet, I moved my feet away.

 BUJECI, THIKACEY, TOKEY SECURITY-REI DIYE DEI, OR AKI KORBE JANIS? RATER BELAY CHAR PA(N)CH JON MILEY TORE NIYE MOJA LUTBE, TOKHON BUJHBI KEMON LAGEY, DARA DAKI SECURITY. (I understood. Okay, I have to handover you to security, do you know what they will do to you? In the mid-night four or five person will rape you, then you will realize, okay let e call the security). I acted like a am going to call them. She grabbed my hand and looked at me with gloomy eye and told THIK ACE, TOY BESHI BETHA DIBEN NA TO? AMI KUNO DIN EISOB KORI NAIKA, AMAR VOY LAGTASE. (okay, but will you hurt me much? I have never done such, I’m frightening).

I smiled and told DHUR BOKA, TUI NEJEI AMARTA DHORE DEKH. (how fool, measure my thing by grabbing it). I dragged her hand and kept on my erected hard penis to grip. She gripped my penis and shouted astonishingly UMMA, KOTTO BORO AAR MOOTA, AAR KI SHOKTO, AMI MOIRAI JAMUG AAIJKA. (hi ma, how long and fat, and how hard, I must die today). I laughed GADHATA BOLEY KI, EIDA NILEY JODI MORBI TAHOLEY TOR AUNTY TO ROJ EITA NAE, SE TO MOREY NAI, BORONG AMAR EITA NA HOLEY TAR CHOLE NA. (how fool you are, if you will die for taking my thing then your aunty takes this regularly, she did not die, but she cannot go without it.

She got enough courage and I noticed that she kept gripping my penis tightly. I replaced her scarf from her breasts and grabbed and pressed both breasts for few minutes. I caressed her pussy and she parted her legs to give me easy access. I sniffed her pussy and titillated her clitoris and her nipples then she shivered in ecstasy and I inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole. I felt hungry and then remembered that Shefali also ate nothing. I told her to get up and take some food with me. She again covered her body with the scarf and went to the bathroom. When she returned I gave a piece of cake from the fridge. She happily ate it. Then I gave her some rice and curry from my part and she ate all with satisfaction, though my hunger didn’t relieve.

After finishing lunch she told me to hurry because she already made delay and her mom will anxious for her. I told her to go to the toilet and wash her pussy with soap. She couldn’t understand but went to the bathroom and return after few minutes. I snatched the scarf from her body and made her stark. Then I laid her on the bed and began to knead her breasts hard. She complained that my kneading hurt her, so I began to suck her breasts and slightly bit her un-puffed nipples.

After few minutes I parted her legs and placed my head inside her thighs, I sniffed and got soap scent from her pussy. I just touched my tongue with her camel toe pussy lips she got up like a released spring and shout EIDA KI KORTESEN SIR, NONGRA JAYGATE MUKH LAGAITESEN KENO? (what are doing sir, why you touch your mouth on that dirty place)? I declared TUI JANISNA, TODER EI JINISTA HOLO AMADER SOBCHAITE PRIYO JINISH, EITA CHATAR MOJAI ALADA, TUIO MOJA PABI. (you don’t know, yours pussy is the best favorite thing to a male, licking this gives extra pleasure to us, you also enjoy).

I began to lick her pussy lips with groin and pubic surface. I licked and bite her whole pussy, brackish pre-cum was oozing from her pussy hole and I licked it nicely. She began to moan AAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAAH SOTTI KHUB MOJA LAGTASE (really I am enjoying it). I asked her TOR KI SHORIRKHARAPHOYSE? (is your menstruation starts)? JI SIR, SAAT MAS AGE, EKHON PROTI MASEI HOY (yes sir seven month ago, now regularly every month).

Then I removed my lungi and parting her pussy I sat between her thighs and knelt down there. I bent my stiffed up penis and set with her pussy, I parted her pussy lips by one hand and set my penis bending with other hand and then gave slight pressure to shove in. My circumcised strawberry shaped pointed penis head popped into her well lubricated pussy hole and restrained at the groove of the circumcised line. She got heavy pain. She complained that her pussy was aching. I halted for few seconds and then again applied some pressure, my 6 inches perimeter penis slid over the pussy and she began to shout loudly.

Then I tried for few more times to insert my penis but each time it slid either over or down the pussy. It hit her asshole few times. After that I raised her legs upwards jointly and her pussy flourished at her backside. I then inserted my penis through her groin touching the pussy and fucked her thighs till my ejection and when I ejected my semen drenched her belly and naval area completely. I then wiped her body and gave her a 20 taka note and told her to come again tomorrow and told that she will get more money tomorrow and let her go. She went bathroom, washed herself and wore her dress and went away.

Next day I was waiting for Shefali but she didn’t come. I became slight disheartened but I was damn sure that she must come, she didn’t control her greed. The second day passed and she didn’t come. Every day I kept my backdoor opened. In the fourth day, the day was a holiday, I was washing clothes in the bathroom, then I felt someone is poking me from the back. I turned back and saw Shefali was smiling. I acted like angry and she informed me that her mom became sick suddenly and for that she couldn’t come. I told her to lock the backdoor and go to my room.

Soon I came to my room and opened the fridge. I kept some delicious dry food and ‘Kachchi Biriani’ for Shefali. I warmed those and gave her to eat. She ate the whole items with a great pleasure. She told me TUMI KHUB VALO, AMI EISOB JIBONEO KHAINAI (you are very good, I have never tasted these foods). I laughed and caressed her and pressed her breasts, those seemed slight larger to me and planted a kiss on her cheek, she became very glad. When she was eating the food I completed two jobs in the kitchen. Firstly broke an egg and took some albumen separately in a cup. Secondly, fried rest of the albumen and the yolk. I gave her the fried egg and she again became very glad to me.

Then I dragged Shefali to me and she soon came into my hug and I hugged her tightly and gave some kiss. Amazingly she also kissed me and became giggling. I removed her attire one by one and made her stark, yes, her breasts grew larger than that day I saw. I grabbed the breasts and I felt softer also than previous. I as usual suck her breasts fro few minutes and licked her pussy for few minutes and then told her to wait. I had collected a special lotion which makes human muscle senseless. I took that lotion and applied some at the Shefali’s pussy hole and inside the pussy canal.

Then I brought the cup of albumen and poured that on Shefali’s pussy. Albumen of the egg is the most slippery thing in the world. I test the lubrication and it was heavily lubricated. I placed some old rags beneath her bum, I was damn sure that when the hymen will be torn, it must bleed and the blood will soak by the rags. Then I knelt down between her thighs parting legs widely and set the penis at the pussy hole. I applied pressure and the penis head popped into the pussy hole and restrained at the groove. I then applied more pressure from my waist and at last the fat penis inserted its body into the pussy canal but it got barrier of her hymen membrane.

I slightly pushed and asked Shefali BAYTHA LAGSE NAKI? (do you feel pain) She waved her head mean NO. I took a long breath and pulled back my penis about one inch and then grabbing her breasts with both hands I gave a jolt. Three things happened at a time, my penis shoved about 4 inches through her pussy hole, she gave a loud shout AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH and a warm stream of blood was oozing from her pussy canal. I covered her mouth with my hand, she impatiently moved for a minute, I kept inserting my penis into her pussy then I removed my hand from her mouth.

Tears shaded from her eyes and she requested MOREY GELAM SIR, UH KHUB BAYTHA KORTACEY VITOREY, JOLEY JACCEY, APNER PAYE PORI DOYA KOIRA AMAREY CAIRA DEN (I am dying, severely paining inside, burning, I’m falling your feet, please leave me to go). I didn’t take out my penis and tried to convince her to absorb the pain for a while. I rested her for about three minutes and the pain reduced and bleeding stopped. I then tried to start to move my penis but she again shouted in pain. At last I pulled out my penis and told her to suck my penis.

At first she didn’t agree to take my penis into her mouth but then she took it into her mouth and began to suck. Shefali sucked my penis and I kneaded her breasts and kept a look her nice camel toe pussy lying oppositely and intentionally ejected my load into her mouth. Then I applied more lotion at her pussy and left her. I gave her some pain killer tablets and told to take double doze at once, she took it. I gave her a 50 taka note and told her to come in the next day.

Next two days Shefali did not come and I feared that she wouldn’t come. I couldn’t sleep well in night and couldn’t work properly at office. In the third day, returning from office I saw that Shefali was sitting in my verandah. I became very glad to see her. She told me AMAR OI JAGAY KHUB BAYTHA HOICILO TAI ASI NAI, RAAG HOYENNAA (my private part was aching severely, please don’t be angry). I planted a kiss on her cheek and told her to wait for few minutes. I soon changed and freshen up and arranged lunch for both of us. I called her to take lunch and I sat beside her right side. While taking lunch, I hugged her with my left hand and pressed her soft breasts. I asked her about the pain and she informed me that the pain fully cured.

I took her in my bedroom and began to suck her breasts and licked her pussy and she also sucked my penis. After about 15 minutes I prepared for fucking her. I lubricated her pussy with egg albumen though it already lubricated with her pre cum but I didn’t want to take risk. I parted her legs widely and placed my body between her thighs and set my penis at her pussy hole and applied pressure to pop the penis head. After inserting the head of the penis I stooped forward and applied more pressure from my waist and my penis inserted about 4 inches into her pussy.

The pussy canal was so tight that it grasped my penis squeezing. Though Shefali made some sound of getting pain but I didn’t care about it. I pulled back about 2 inches and gave two jolts and my penis shoved into her pussy till its base but the length of her pussy canal was about 6½ inches and my penis obstructed with her womb mouth and stuck. The last one inch didn’t insert. Then I began to push and pull my penis through her well lubricated pussy hole and she began to shout AAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA HUUUHUUUHIIIISSSSHHHIIIISSSSHHH IIIISSSSHHHOOOHH in pain.

I was fucking continually without care about her shout and the camel toe pussy was giving me immense pleasure from that fucking. The tight pussy wanted more strength and energy and I was sweating. I was kneading and biting her shapely breasts and applied some scar mark on the boobs. After few minutes she became calm and I asked her how she was feeling and she told MOJA LAGTACSEY, KHOOB MOJA, ARO JOREY JOREY DEN (pleasure, immense pleasure, fuck me faster). I applied my full strength and accelerated the speed and she then began to moan in ecstasy AH AH AH AH AH AH AH OH OH OH OH OH OH AH AH AH.

I was fucking Shefali with my full interest and got exceptional pleasure from the tight camel toe pussy, while fucking I was observing stared at her pussy that how my penis shoved in and came out. The pussy canal mouth gripped my penis tightly and some white sediment were gathered there. After fucking about 20 minutes at such position I rolled her body on her flank and raised upper leg straight towards the roof. Thus her pussy hole opened widely and I shoved my penis with some jolt and began to fuck grabbing and kneading her sweet breasts.

Within 10 minutes later she became her orgasm and began to moan louder and impatiently waved her waist. At one moment she moaned AAAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHH AAAAAHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH and ejected her orgasmic load drenching my penis. She laughed at me and I saw a peace shadow in her appearance. I ran my penis for more five minutes and pulled out and from the pussy and ejected my load on her belly.

After that day she came regular and I fucked her satisfactorily. When my wife returned it was stopped and whenever my wife left the quarter Shefali came to me and I fucked her. I also paid her some monetary incentives. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely can mail me at [email protected]

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