First Sex With Divorced House Owner | English Sex Story

First Sex With Divorced House Owner

Hi everybody.

I am krishna from chennai.My age is 26.My native place is dharmapuri.

I am staying in an apartment since last three years. working in a private company.

I am new to iss.Good to be here. I am an athelete. I am 6 feet tall.So I look slim and fit.
Coming to my story.

My house owner was a divorced women. Her age was 29 years old. She have a son 5 years old.Because of some family issues she got divorce and staying alone. But she have four rental home. So she is well settled and she is very beautiful chubby and have very fair and shiny skin tone. Her lips always look pink.She have very black hair and black eyes. she have dimple in her cheek.She always have smiling face. overall she is gorgeous and sexy chubby women.Very very attractive.

She is staying alone with her son.Her mom will come and go for every two months once.

I am in ground flour. She is in first flour. We used to talk when giving rent and paying bills. Thats all.No other conversation.Whenever I go to dry my cloths on roof top.She will smile when I see her.That smile will make you to go crazy on her.She have very nice teeth.So her smile was so beautiful. But I will stare at her boobs and lips whenever I get chance.She never mind that.

She never covered her boobs with some shawl or cloth.She will look awesome in t shirts.
Now coming to my incident.
I used to help her some times..

During this auyudha pooja she was cleaning her home for pooja. She have to clean her home and have to take all utensiles from her kitchen cupboard to clean. Its very high to her. She came down and called me for help. I went to help her.At that time she didnt covered her boobs.I started to stare at her boobs.I am standing on stool.So its very clear to see her boobs..She came to know that I am looking at her boobs.Then she covered it with towel.

After that I started conversation about her life and family and loneliness.

She said some story how she got married and how she got divorced .
I am just listening and asking something.Then later I started help her to clean her home.To make my relationship strong..

She is then very open to me.She asked about my family and studies.
Finally she came to girlfriend matters..I said I have no girlfriends..I have just hi bye friends.She started to make fun on me..Then I started to flirt her.

First I said .U r looking good.She just smiled and after 2 min asked “Really?”
I said “Of course”

I started to flirt more than.
I said “I used to sight u sometimes”
She smiled again and said”I know “.I was surprised..Then I found that she is interested .
Then I flirted her directly.
I said “Ur lips r pink.I like to see it often”
Again no reply.Only smile.

It was afternoon..We finished cleaning utensils with some flirting.
Then started to clean her bedroom and bathroom.
She said “Thanks for ur help.I will clean my room myself”
I said”Thats ok.I will help u”
Then went inside and started to remove bedsheets and blankets .While folding bedsheet I was standing near to her and started touching her boobs with my elbows.
She moved a little.Then again touched .She didn’t move.
And she still standing there.
Here the game starts.

Third time I touched and kept pushing towards her.She was looking at me.I turned and looked her face.
Her eyes say yes for that..
I slowly dropped bedsheet and turned towards her.
She took my hand and kept on her boobs..
I was really surprised of her activity.
My dick got hardened and hands are shivering. because it was my first time.

I slowly pressed her boobs and she was still looking at my eyes and touched my dick.She was married so she know wat to do with me..
I started to press both boobs.
It was so nice and soft. I cant resist myself.
I hold her neck back and started to kiss her.

She is so hot.Started to kiss deeply. sucked her lips for 10 min.
She moved away from me and said me to close the door and come.
I went to hall and closed it..
She removed her nighty and standing with bra.She didn’t wear panty.
I was like seeing an angel.
She was such a white girls.She didn’t shaved her pussy. its harry.Big boobs.
I went towards her and removed bra and sucked it hardly.I pushed her on bed and opened her legs and saw pussy.
U wont believe me guys it was such a pink pussy.I cant believe that she have baby.

I started to lick it. its not nice to me actually. salty.I don’t like it anyway.But I sucked it till she cum..She got orgasm..
She was moaning and said, “Fuck me soon”.
I removed my clothes and
I kept her hand on my dick to make it hard..
She did it well.It got very hard.

First Sex With Divorced House Owner

I kept it in the heaven hole.I pushed it slowly.Ohh myy goood. I dont know whats there in that hole.It was tight but slipperryy and hott. very awesome feeling.
Woooowwww.That s great yummy feeling. I cant resist myself from going inside her.

This was my first sex. its so smooth and silky pussy. very wet. so I fucked her very fast and fast to make her scream.As I expected.She started to scream then ..I still fucking fucking till she cum second time..It was very nice to hear her scream. she is holding my dick tight using her pussy. then after some 10 min I started feeling to cum..I told her.She told to cum inside. because she did contraceptive operation already.So I cummed inside fullyy. Ohhhhhh mmmyyyyy goooddd. whattt a feeling it was. I was shivering after cumming inside her.So good and hoottt feeling. I will never forget it.I was lying on her for some time and took out my dick later. then cleaned my self . hugged her tightly and said.”Any help?. pls call me.”She smiled and kissed me on my cheek. I kissed back on her lips. deeply.Then I left to my room.

She is my best sex partner.That was my first and last sex.Her mom came now to take care of her child. since that I didn’t get chance to fuck her.But I touched her when giving rent this month(oct 2017).She was smiling.And I have chance to fuck her again.I will publish it if it happen..
Thank you all.
Give me feedbacks.

I need ur valuable feedbacks.Mail me at [email protected]
Thank you all..

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