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Exotic Sex With My Cousin

Hi, Guys and gals of indian sex stories dot net , this is Aryan (name changed), you can reach out to me at [email protected] with the feedbacks. Without wasting each other’s time I will start with the story.

This story is about my cousin and me when after so many phone sex instances we finally got a chance to get laid and I managed to take her virginity.

My cousin has huge and sexy melons and a freaking big ass. I always wanted to screw her ass and till now have not got a chance to go for it.

Exotic Sex With My Cousin

Since childhood, we use to smooch each other, play with her boobs pussy and she used to masturbate for me, do phone sex and until this day I got a chance to put my dick in her dripping wet pussy.

We went out for vacations and we being so horny for each other couldn’t wait for a proper session so when we got onto our flights she was sitting next to me and after flight actually had taken off and her cleavage was exciting as well as inviting me (i messaged her previous night to wear something deep so that I can see her cleavage) to touch her boobs. I acted that I am feeling cold and asked Air Hostess to give a blanket to cover myself, I knew she was horny as well so as soon as I covered my self she got in between the blanket, and I felt that my erected dick has her hand on it. It had gone harder and I put my hands on top of her boobs and started pressing them slowly. Lights were dim so hardly people could see and to my surprise, she came and gave me a kiss below my ears which made me hornier. I slipped my hands inside the top and then her bra and started pressing her hard to which she actually started masturbating my dick faster. I was so horny and turned on that I slipped my fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her. Finally, she made me cum and I went to the washroom and cleaned it.

My dick was so horny for her pussy that I couldn’t resist or wait to fuck the shit out of her. We finally reached our hotels, to my luck me being the only guy in my whole family. I was given a single room and she was sharing the room with my other cousin sister. I was teasing her throughout the day by texting her my dick’s photo and talking dirty with her to which she was also turned on. Finally, we all drank and were proceeding to each other’s room to sleep.
I texted her saying let’s go buy a condom and come back. She agreed to say that as soon as my cousin will sleep she will come and we can go. I was so horny that I was texting her all the dirty things until my other cousin would sleep and she was so turned on that she actually had her fingers on her pussy while texting me back. Finally, we left for this super market, so this is a 24*7 super market where u get beers all the time and you can buy condoms as well.

So we went there and bought 1 beer each (we already were high) and I bought a condom packet and while moving towards the hotel we finished that beer. I went first to check if everything is safe and called her in my room. So the actual fun begins now. I was so freaking horny as well as drunk I pushed her toward my bed and got on top of her. She was wearing a night suit with purple colored bra and panty. I was smooching her crazy and removed her top and bra and starting sucking her nipples which were erected and her huge melons had made me so freaking horny. I was completely erected and told her to come 69 (she gives amazing blowjob) she started sucking my dick and I inserted my tongue in her pussy and fingered her asshole to which she wanted to scream but my dick fucking her mouth she couldn’t moan.

I got so horny that i told her to come in missionary position. She was not ready for it as it was her first time and she was scared of pain and also losing her virginity to her cousin (which she always said she wouldn’t)

Finally i convinced her, wore s condom and got on top of her and pushed my dick inside and her pussy was so tight that i was unable to do it. So i covered her mouth with my hand, held one of her hands and pushed it too hard in her pussy she couldn’t scream but tears rolled down her eyes. So she wasn’t a virgin anymore and her brother had taken it. I removed my hand and started doing it slowly and she was screaming, ahh please do it slowly, fuck your sister bhenchood, i am all yours and her moaning was turning me on so much that i dint listen to her and started fucking her crazy. Due to tight pussy my dick was paining everytime i pushed it inside. We were kissing each other while i was fucking her. After a while i told her to turn around and its time to fuck her doggy style, she turned around oh freak her huge ass and hanging melons were enough for me to get crazy and more horny. I pushed my dick inside holding her waist oh fuck dis view was so sexy that i cant express. I started fucking her and she started moaning “chod iss kutiya ko mere kutte” tera lund lene ke liye taras gayi thi main to which i started spanking her ass while i was fucking her and her hanging huge melons were shaking crazy. I pulled her hair and with the support of hair i was fucking her to which she finally said to hold as she was cumming but as i was at a verge of cumming i didnot stop and she shouted rukh jaa bhen ke lode mujhe bhi mazze lene de teri randi ko bhi chudne ka maza lene de. I got more excited and scream teri chut mein bohoto ke lund jayenge to which she agreed mujhe sirf lund chahiye specially tera ( i will tell u more incidents in other story as well) finally i cummed and lied on too of her and cummed in the condom.

We have had multiple such instances. Comment and share ur review at [email protected] All aunties and sexy chicks are welcomed. 🙂

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