Double Fun With Two Mature Women

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Double Fun With Two Mature Women

Hello Friends,

This is Rishi back again, after my first story about Trupti and Me i received a lot of comments and feedbacks. I thank each and everyone how read the story and commented abt it. Today i will share another sex incident between Me and Trupti and…. Story is bit long but worth.

After our first sexual intercourse we decided to carry-on this mutual sexual understanding and relation further on. I used to daily go 15-20 mins early go to pickup sonal for college, by the time she used to get ready in her room i and trupti used to exchange small kisses or a quick smooch.

Since they live in a bungalow, sonal’s room was upstairs. I used to wait in the hall for her to arrive. By the time she used to come down Trupti used to pop out a boob for me as quick snack.

Sonal was a lazy girl, she used to stay awake late night watching movies and daily soaps, and was dependent on Trupti to wake her up early.

After our relation started Trupti used to purposely wake her up 10 mins before I used to come and scold her that she’s been shouting out her name for half an hour.

This used to give me and Trupti a 35-40 mins window for us to be close to each other and smooch for some time. Her father ran a foundry business and used to leave home at 8 am for his factory which was 15 kms away from city.

So it used to be just me and trupti downstairs smooching and sonal upstairs getting ready for college. We used to get some chances where in we had sex sessions, this continued for a year and half.
One of Trupti’s close friends a Gujju Bhabhi Meena had a flat in Sykes Extension (Place where mostly Gujju and Marawadi families live in Kolhapur).

Later I came to know that Meena also used to bring her sex partner there for her pleasure. Trupti told me that meena could give her flat to us to meet during noon time (I had no idea what was to sprout out).

She told me the address and asked to check the same so that its safe for both of us. because we didn’t want anyone seeing us together there. I took the address and checked out the building. Since the flat was on the ground floor there was not much issues, as it was easily accessible from the parking there was less change of people seeing who goes into the flat.

I confirmed it to trupti that the flat was a safe place to meet and was not much in crowded area. Trupti told me that she’ll discuss with meena about when we could use her flat. I asked trupti what she had told meena, she just changed the topic saying “ Tula nusta zavayacha bagh re, bakicha mi baghate” (You just bother abt fucking, i’ll see to the other stuff) and smiled back.

After a 2-3 days trupti called me up and told we can meet next day noon at that flat accordingly arrange my schedule for same. I told sonal that I have to visit a friend tomorrow so I’ll leave college early and she’ll have to manage something to get back home. I wrapped up from college around 12.30 and called up trupti to reach there.
As the place was at equal distance from both my college and her home we decided to come separately so that no one sees us together. She reached by 12.50 and she had collected the keys from meena in the morning. I reached at around 1, waited a bit near the building, called her up to confirm where she was. She replied that she had taken the keys and was in the flat, and will keep the door a bit open so that I can get in without ringing the bell and no one in the building gets an idea that someone is in the flat.

I went in she quickly locked the door from behind and hugged me, it had been long since we will be having so much privacy for atleast 2-3 hrs. She was wearing a full length sexy satin red nighty hiding up the treasure within. We lip locked for a while and smooched. Our saliva mixed up and tongue fight started up to its best.

She bit me twice on the lips, the strawberry lipstick she was carrying was a feast to eat. She said the flat is our till 6 pm, meena will be coming around 6.30 we have to leave before it so that she can give the keys back to meena for her use.

She quickly dragged me to the bedroom, the flat was well furnished and posh since it was owned by a gujju family many show pieces were there. It was basically a 2 bhk flat with all doors having latches, I guess it was meant to be a place for fucking.

Trupti was looking a bombshell in that red nighty, I asked her when she bought it, coz it was a bit loose for her. She said it’s a surprise, she opened up the nighty upfront.

My eyes were just dumbstruck, she has wearing a 2 piece set inside it (like a micro bikini) hiding only her nipples and pussy line, she turned around her ass had eaten up the small string of thread that supported the panty.

She hugged me and started smooching wildly, she demanded a hard and long fuck and said she had a surprise for me ahead. She opened her purse and showed it to me, she had bought a Viagra pill for me so that we could use up the 4-5 hrs time slot to its full.

I was in two minds coz she was never so much hungry for sex, we used to do it 2 times a week, 3rd time would be a bonus for us due to sonal’s presence. Then I thought she must be happy for a place we have now and must be excited since we had a hell lot of time to use.
I just ignored it and had the pill. Trupti had brought some snacks for me since I had come directly from college, so I started having them, by the time she lied on the bed, opened out a bottle of mango pulp and poured it on her nipples and filled up her belly. I left the food aside and started feasting on her mangoes and the pulp. She started to moan loudly more like pornstars do, which was boosting up the mood.

I licked out the pulp clean of her nipples and moved to her belly button. Her moans started getting bigger and better. She quickly pulled me up and stripped me naked, and started to clean up my mango flavored lips and cheeks. I pushed her up the bed and poured out the pulp on her shaved pussy and started to lick it clean. She began lifting up her hips in pleasure and moaned out loud, and left out a huge load of cum. This was the biggest load of cum she squirted out since we have been fucking.

We laughed out on it. Her pussy was dripping her juices mixed up with the pulp. She said its gonna be a treat for me today. Saying this she started stroking my dick and placed on her fruity mango pussy lips and started to pull me in. She said she wants it hard no slow strokes just pumping hardcore sex.

Double Fun With Two Mature Women

She switched to woman on top and started riding like a cowgirl with her boobs bouncing and glazing yellow due to the mango pulp she rode my dick for a good 10 mins later I started pumping in hard strokes in missionary position, she started the moaning again we continued for 5-10 mins. Her moans were getting louder and louder, I told her to slow down someone might hear her, she denied and continued.

I thought she was getting carried away with the flow and was moaning due to the pleasure, She moaned out hard as if she had reached up her orgasm I too had reached my peak point and drained out a huge amount of cum in her pussy. She pulled me out and took the excess flavored cum and swallowed it up in a go.

Suddenly the door behind us opened, in came a lady mostly in her mid 30’s with amble lot of boobs and flesh on the right parts of her body. She was standing naked with only a thin gold chain in her neck, swinging her panty in her hand.She was clean shaved and the red saucy lipstick was looking dam on her. The lady said she didn’t wanna come in naked, but when she heard Trupti’s moaning it ignited her desires and she stripped outside itself and entered only after we were done.

I was shocked before I cud speak she said “Trupti Viagra mi anali hoti na, mag sagala kay tuch karun ghenar hoy?” (I had bought the Viagra, are you gonna keep the entire pleasure to yourself?) Trupti and the lady started to laugh out loud.

Trupti introduced me to the host Meena ! I was like what the fuck? Now what, both of them giggled and trupti told me the entire plot. Trupti had requested meena to lend her the flat for couple of hours to be with me.

Meena had agreed only on the basis that trupti has to let her have me for a session. Since trupti thought I wont mind fucking one more pussy for just one time. So she had agreed to it, the nighty she was wearing was meena’s and she was moaning to heat up meena who was waiting outside the door dripping out her juices.
Trupti told me she won’t force me in it, I can proceed only if I wish to have sex with Meena; she won’t mind if I deny it. Since she thought she had kept me in the dark about the plan and it shud be my call to continue further on. I checked out Meena, she was a beauty queen, rather a milf to be precise.

Meena asked me whether I was comfortable with it? I couldn’t deny the offer, who would obviously? I had two milfs standing naked in front of me, one just fucked hard the other dripping and willing to be fucked up.

I accepted their proposal on my conditions. Firstly since I was comfortable with Trupti & as she had told me Meena had a Sex Partner so I wanted to be safe. So I said I’ll have sex with her, but only using condom. I can’t risk it with Meena since I have no idea of whom & how many she must have slept with.

Meena was ok with condition she asked any more rules? I said since I am the the one who is kept in the dark I will go the Anal Way with Meena first later in her pussy. I wanted to fuck the bitches ass first.
She readily agreed and jumped on the bed, and started kissing me, she was a pro and knew all the trick of lip biting and lip pulling. I cupped up her boobs and started to press them hard, pinch her light brown nipples.

She was shivering, I asked her whats wrong? She said, it been over 20 odd mins she has been hearing trupti shout out loud and could control her desires. She had other plans to get introduced, but since the moaning drew her crazy, she decided to walk in naked. She started to suck my dick, she could taste Trupti’s juices and pulp, she was slapping her cheeks with my dick. I was feeling like a pornstar is doing it with me.

Meena was like a class topper in her sex activities and trupti a average student. She asked trupti to get the condoms from the other room, she opened her purse and took out small bows (used to tie up hair) she took three bows and slide them on my dick each an inch away from each other.

She then rolled out the condom on my dick, I knew what she had in mind. She was pro, she knew how to get the max pleasure from it. (Guys please try this, Instead of using regular dotted condoms, you should try this, it not only gives a ultimate feeling to the woman but also increases the ejaculation time. Since the bows held up the inner pipes and cum doesn’t flash out in a go.

It extends the drain time, also it enhances the effect on the inner walls of the pussy). I wish Trupti knew this trick, it would have been a sexual ecstasy for her. I got excited and said forget Anal, I’ll fuck you in the pussy first. She winked with a wicked smile, she told trupti to pour some oil on her ass hole and finger it a bit, so that by the time I enter her it will be ready for my dick and it won’t pain me much.

Trupti poured a generous amount of oil and just tried to push in a small finger, meena shouted “ek nako ga don dhakal, mala savay aahe gaand marayachi. Don mothi ghal, tyala trass nahi honar” (Don’t push in one finger, slide two, I’m used to anal sex, It will be easier and less painful hor him). She said she wants to ride first then missionary, She sat on my dick the bows were doing their job perfectly, each time my dick slid in and out it would give both me and her pleasure. I was working wonders, Trupti by then came up and sat on my face.

She said “ Maazhi pan chat ata, mazhya mule hila zhavayala mila aahe”( Lick me too, its coz of me that you are fucking her). I started to lick trupti while meena was riding me. Meena was a total bitch she hugged trupti from behind and started pinching her nipples and with the other hand was playing with her ass hole.

Trupti was in cloud nine, I was and cloud Ninety Nine. Viagra was doing its work, even after ejaculation my dick was stiff and hard. Meena said “Hyacha ajjun2 tass tar tatun rahil, Trupti mi ardha tass tar ghodywar basanar tu tuzha bagh kay te! Hyacha lawada aata maazha aahe. (His dick is gonna be like this for 2hrs atleast, I’m gonna ride for for half an hour atleast, you decide how to please urself, his dick is mine). Trupti replied “ Aatta puratach tuzha aahe, mi jaatana tyala gheun jaanar aahe. 6 wajale ki amhi nighalo, toparyant ghe kasa pahije tasa” ( He’s your just for a while, I’m gonna take him back at 6 while we leave, till then enjoy as per your wish)
I was like what to say and what not. Trupti cummed twice on my face, and meena twice. My dick and face were drenched in their juices.

Trupti got up and laid beside me, meena bend down and lip locked me and laid on my chest. Both of them started giggling again. I asked what happened ? Trupti said I feel like sleeping here itself the whole night. She said she’s gonna try he bow trick for sure asap. Meena patted my dick and said let it rest for a while my asshole is waiting for it.

She removed the condom and the bows and swallowed my entire dick in her mouth and sucked it for a min. and slept aside. I couldn’t believe what happened . Viagra sure does wonders, even if you cum out, dick remains hard and stiff throughout. I dragged myself to the corner of the bed and ate some snacks, drank water and closed my eyes for a while. I was fully tired and covered up in juices of the ladies.

I passed out for a while, I heard a moan and giggle, when I opened my eyes, meena had a dildo in her hand and has drilling trupti’s ass. Frankly Meena was a champ I wish I could fuck her forever.
She saw me and said lets finish it up, she came crawling towards me and took my dick in her mouth, lubricated it. Slid over a ribbed condom and told trupti to pour some more oil. She lay flat on the bed facing down so that it will be easy for me to penetrate her since it was my first time doing anal. She knew all the tips and tricks to get it done as per her wish. I adjusted my dick on her asshole and pushed a bit, it just slid in.

She must have been frequently getting visited up her asshole. It was a joyride for me, duet o the lubrication and the easiness of her asshole it was easy for me. I rammed her for 10 mins, trupti came upfront and spread her legs giving meena access to her pussy, meena fingered her and licked in between. She made trupti cum in no time. Trupti was upset that it was quick, it showed up on her face.
She was now feeling bad for sharing me with Meena, since she knew it was Meena who had enjoyed a lot today. Little did she knew it was me who was the lucky person in that room. Trupti told me to wrap up fast. I wasn’t done as yet.

She said “ Sod tichi gaand aata, chal apan jau, hichi khaaj tuzhya ekatyane nahi bhagayachi” ( Leave her ass, let go, her satisfaction level is way beyond, and you alone won’t be enough for her). I pumped in a few more strokes and fell over her back, my hand went to her boobs, I started pressing them slowly.

Trupti went to the bathroom to clean herself. I asked meena “ Avadala ka? ” (liked it?), she reached for her purse and gave me her card said “ajjun dein hi nasatana mala bhet, ajjun khup shillak aahe tuzhyashi karayacha” (I’ll give you more, meet me when she’s not with you, still there’s more to do with you).

Trupti freshened up and came out, she dragged me away from meena and took me to the bathroom. I got freshened up.
Meena was sitting naked with her legs folded giving a clear view of her pussy, She started teasing me my moving her finger over her pussy line. She said now you know the place, trupti you can use it, if you wish to let me use him.

Hearing which trupti just waved her hand. We left the place, trupti left only after she was sure that I had left. She didn’t want me lingering around that place.

She told me to go home straight and call me from our landline to make sure that I had reached home. I knew she felt like she had lost me to meena, but I made sure she didn’t have any idea about it. I went ahead and gave her a call from my landline for her to be sure that I had reached home.

Next day morning I called up sonal and told her I won’t be able to attend college today and she shud leave alone. She said fine and told trupti that I wasn’t coming since I had weakness and she’ll be going all alone. Trupti called me back as soon as sonal left, I told her my dick was paining and calfs and thighs were all cramped up.
She giggled and told that I should have stopped after fucking her pussy. Even they had thought that I won’t go anal after that session, but since I woke up, meena insisted that she’s gonna have me from behind be what may. She asked me come home after some time, I woke up after an hour and went to their house, trupti stripped me naked. I was like what now, she said she’s gonna massage my dick and legs so that the cramps and pains are released.

She poured out the oil on my dick and started to slowly massage it. I said please don’t try and make me fuck you, she said “ are mazha lavada aahe, kadhi pan gheu shakate me tyala. Aaj rahude kaal khup damshack zhaali aahe na tyachi, apan udya hot kadhu” (This dick is mine forever, I can have it anytime I want. Today let it rest, it worked overtime yesterday, we’ll have sex tomorrow). I rested while she massaged me, and left after some time.

I called up meena after 2-3 days, she said it took me long to call back. She said she couldn’t thank me for that day. She was willing to me so that she could share her heart out.

I said I was ok with meeting her too, she said she’ll call me up and tell the time, place to meet I knew very well.
I will post my sex encounter with meena later on.

So friends this is my another sex encounter. What happened between me and Meena will share in another sex story. Please share your views and comments.

Any aunties, bhabis who need sex in kolhapur on “No strings attached basis “, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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