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Hi! Today after giving a deep thought, I am going to narrate an incident happened in my life recently.

By nature I am a very shy person and do not generally talk to the ladies. This incident happened when recently I was in Ahmadabad. I keep on traveling a lot and generally I prefer to travel by my own car only because of time setting of train and my home being about 25 kms. from the station it is very difficult for me to catch the train. About a year back my friend got transferred from Jaipur with his wife. I could not attend his marriage and hence had not seen his wife before. Her name was Sunita.

When I saw Sunita for the first time, I was stunned. Though she did not have any fair complexion, but she had a fantastic figure. The bulge of her boobs and butt was fascinating me always. She usually used to wear dress. Slowly, I started my contact with Sunita. My friend, Sunita and me used to meet many times but somehow I also did not have any courage to talk much to her except hi and hello neither she was showing any interest.

One fine day, while I was traveling to Baroda, I got a call from my friend and was asking about general things. Then he asked me about my whereabouts. I said I am in Baroda. He asked when I am returning, I said I should be leaving from Baroda by about 6 p.m. He said that’s nice, if you could bring along his wife Sunita also, since she had gone to one of her relatives and planning to come back by evening. I happily agreed though at that time there were no such intentions or thought in my mind.

Because of some work, it was delayed and by the time I could leave it was already 9 p.m. I called up my friend and apologize, he said no problem Sunita must be waiting and then all three of us talked on a conference call and agreed a place where we had to meet. I picked up Sunita from a meeting place at about 9.30 p.m. and directly started for Ahmadabad. She was sitting besides me only. Immediately after we left, I got a call from my friend that he has to leave for Chandigarh urgently by late night flight and he was leaving for Airport for catching late night flight to Delhi and hence I should leave his wife at home. Then he talked to Sunita, upon which Sunita was though angry a bit but later agreed.

While we crossed to toll post of Baroda, there was a shere darkness on the highway and I was driving my car at a speed of 70 kms only per hour so that I can spend more time with Sunita. Initially for 15 – 20 mts, we did not talk to each other. But later we started talking on general things about her past studies etc. When I raised the topic of their marriage life, she said it is o.k. not too good and not too bad. I asked why, she said my friend comes very late from office and travels very frequently and not spending too much time with her.

I said it is sad, but then there is no choice also left out because of the kind of job he is into. But immediately I got the point that their sexual life may not be good. Later when we crossed one destination, and my hand was on a gear I suddenly felt a touch of human body on my hand. I was stunned and happy to know that yes today may be the day when I can have a chance to see this lady of my dream and play with her in all respect. I took the car on side and started the parking lights. We were silent and her eyes were down in shyness.

I slowly put my hand over her and we exchanged the signal. I said if you don’t mind can we go on a back seat? She nodded and we exchanged the seats with closed car only without getting out of car. While I touched her a sensational feeling went out in my body and I immediately had a bulge. Then I slowly put my hand on her head and slowly was moving my head from here head and while my hand moved towards her eye area I suddenly found wetness. I thought she was crying. I asked the reason why she was crying upon which she said that please do not reveal this to any body but your friend is impotent and that is why after five years of their marriage they could not conceive a child. She immediately caught my two hands and said that if I can help here conceive a child because she wanted to be a mother.

She said it will be secret and will not be revealed by either of us to any body. I show off that I was sad to hear this but inside my heart was dancing. I said if that is the case why we should not go to her home and do the rest. She said it is a nice idea. Then we kissed each other for five minutes caress each others body and moved to Ahmadabad. In a hurry I ran my car at a speed of 130 – 140 on express highway and reached their home in one hour time.

Dost Ki Wife Ko Choda

We got down from the car and since it was a cold night there was no neighbor out in their society. She opened the lock and we moved in to her house. She said just wait for some time and come to her bedroom after five minutes by that time she will be freshen up. After five minutes I went to upstairs and knocked the door of her bedroom, she said coming it is open. I slowly moved in and she was standing in front of the mirror. I slowly went behind her and caught her and started kissing the her neck and biting her ears. She was moaning slowly. She said prithvi please don’t say this to any body else their life will be in mess. I said I promise this will not be revealed to any body. Slowly I put my hand on her left boob and started pressing from over her clothes only. She closed her eyes and started moaning. I was feeling here breath and it was a great feeling for me too. Then slowly I inserted my hand inside here top to have a feeling of her boobs. These were very soft. She stopped me there. Still here eyes were closed. I then removed my hand from here boobs and turned here around and started kissing slowly on here forehead, cheek and then i stuck my lips slowly on her lips. She was bit resisting but when forcefully I inserted my tongue inside her mouth, she started responding and started caress my back. I was also caressing her body and in front of the mirror only I started pressing her buttocks, which I liked very much. Then slowly I removed the shoulder buttons of her dress and lift the top from over her. She was in her black bra and salwar. She was dying in her shyness. I started kissing on her nevel and cleavage. Then I put my hand in her salwar. She immediately took it out and said go slow. She wants to enjoy the whole session slowly. Then we did a foreplay in kissing each other. Meanwhile, I removed my shirt and trouser and I was only in underwear. She saw a bulge over my underwear and immediately hold it and removed my underwear and hold my cock in her hand. I then slowly released the string of her salwar and she was in bra and panty in front of me. I immediately took her to bed and started kissing all over her body. Then I turner her around and opened her bra hook. When I saw her boobs, I was out of control and started sucking her boobs one by one. Then i went down and started pulling her panty slowly.

She was still resisting but in seconds, I made her completely nude. She said it is first time I am doing this with other man. I said for me it is also first time only. By this time she was already aroused. Without wasting much time, she said that she will come over first. I slept down and she immediately hold my cock and guided it over to her pussy and inserted it inside. She was enjoying and jumping over me. I felt hot inside.

I caught her boobs and started pressing. After about 10 minutes she moaned loudly and came and lied over me. Then it was my turn. I came over her and pushed my dick inside. She closed her eyes and I started stroking. In another 5 minutes I was about to come. I asked her to open her eyes and asked what to do. She said please come inside her since she is actually doing for child only. I shot a load of cum inside her and we rested for about another 10 minutes.

She asked me to leave. But I said no there should be one more session. She said no. But then I said please let us have a bath together. She liked the idea. Then we went to here bathroom and switched on the shower. We had a bath together during this session also there was a load of foreplay and during this time only I inserted my tongue in her cunt.

Immediately after bath she wrapped a towel on here body and was sitting in front of the dressing table. I went there and opened the knot of her towel, she put her hands on her face, but since I wanted the second session, I threw her on bed once again and after some more foreplay we again fucked each other. By this time it was already morning. I had a cup of hot tea and left. In the evening again she called me and asked me to come over to here house. This session went on for about 4 days till my friend came back. After 3 months, I heard from my friend that she is pregnant and then my friend got the transfer to Chandigarh.

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