Dost Ki Bahan Ko Chod Diya | Hindi Sex Story

Hello friends, I am Dilip and I belong to Delhi. I am regular reader of this sex website. I have read many sex stories or can say sex experiences of people who had shared here. I really don’t know whether sex stories or experiences shared here are real or fake. But, this gave me courage to share my real stories here will all of you who are sex fans or sex website fans.

I believe, you will like my story. This incident in between my friend’s sister and me. It happened almost a year before, when i came back to my native after completing my studies. I am the only son and we are only three members ay home. One day, my parent had to go some function. My mom was worrying for my meal. I have a childhood friend Deepesh. His home is just next to my house. His family and my family are friend. My mom requested his sister to cook for me.

Dost Ki Bahan Ko Chod Diya

When my parent went, my friend’s sister Preeti came in noon and asked for cooking? I said – yes and went to my room. I was changed my clothes and started playing game on laptop. Preeti got a phone call and she was talking to someone. I tried to listen their talks. I guessed that this call was from her boyfriend. He was asking her to come down to his room. But, she said – i am busy. I can’t come right now. I was saying, I am more eager than you to have sex. We have not done sex since many day. I am really thirsty. I was feeling amazed and thought, she is really sex addict.

I never saw her with bad intensions but after listening her talks with her boyfriends, I had noticed her body shape and figure. She was really sex bomb. Her figure must be 32 – 28 – 34. She was talking on phone. I had entered in kitchen. She was embarrassed seeing me. She noticed that i was seeing her with some different eyes. That’s why she cooked my food and left from my house. I had eaten my food and was thinking how to fuck her. Now, I was very eager to fuck her.

I knew that she will come in morning to cook my breakfast. I started a blue film on my laptop and to bathroom. She came and called out my name. I was remain silent and was watching her from inside. She came and started watching the pron. I could see, she was getting curious. She was feeling horny. Her breath was going up and down and I could see, her boobs were going up and down with her fast breath.

She was feeling hot and was lost in porn. Then only, i came out from bathroom. She saw and went to kitchen without saying any single word. I was scared that what she will say? Will she not complaint about this to my parent? I ate my breakfast and went to college. I came back in evening. After sometime, Preeti came for cooking and asked – what were you watching?

I said – nothing. why?

She said – i have to tell to your parent about this,

I said – please don’t tell anything to them. I will do what will you say.

She said – ok. You have to do one thing. She was wearing salwar suit. We came inside the room and she said – you have to lick my pussy.

When i heart, i was so happy. My plan was working. I was so eager to have sex. I had not waste time and kept my lips on her lips. I sucked her lips for 10 minutes.

I had removed her shirt and also her bra. I had taken her boobs in my hand and was pressing them hard. She was moaning in pleasure ahahah.. hmmm… hmmm… yes…. I had taken her on boob in my mouth and was sucking her milk… I sucked her boobs one by one for 15 minutes. She pushed me back and made me nude. She was so horny and was been wild with me. She took my 6 inch long dick in her hands and started pressing it. Then, she kept it in her mouth and started sucking it like lollipop.

I asked her – how many times, you boyfriend fucked you. She said – hmm… don’t talk about him now. I am enjoying with your big dick. His is very small in front of yours. I am enjoying you dick baby. I will break him up. She was licking and sucking me so well, that i had cum inside her mouth in 15 minutes. She was a bloody bitch and drunk my all cum.

Then we came in 69 position. She pussy was really awesome. She has cuite pinkish small clean shaved pussy.

She got cum in 5 minutes and i had licked her all cum. She said – please don’t delay. I can’t control any more. I need your dick in my pussy. Please fuck me deep. Fuck me hard… I can’t control… Please fuck me…

I had sat my dick on her pussy and then stroked. My dick went upto 2 inch in my first shot and then one more forced shot and my dick went deeper.  She was shouting in pain aaaaaaaa…. i am dieing… Please take it out…. oooo…. She was crying. I had ignored her tears.

I started kissing her and pushed one more time. Now, my entire 6 inch dick was inside her pussy. I was continuously stroking. After some minutes, her pain ruined and she was enjoying my dick. She was also pushing back her ass with my every shot. She was moaning in pleasure and abusing me. She asked to fucked hard. fuck fast… She wanted to fucked like bitch. I fucked her in doggy style too.

She had cum 2 times in 15 minutes. I was also about to cum. I asked her where to release. She asked – don’t worry. Leave inside. I had protection inside. I got cum inside her pussy and filled her pussy hole with my cum.

We slept nude for some time. My dick started jerking again. I hugged her and started pressing her pussy. She took my dick in her hand and sat it on her pussy and i stroked again. Her pussy was wet. My dick went inside in very first stroke. I fucked her for 30 minutes and released my cum inside her pussy one more time. I fucked her 4 times in 3 hours. We enjoyed alot.

Then, she left our cooking.

Next day, my parent came back. But, whenever we have chance. We enjoy sex.

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