Curvy Mom Satisfies Son’s Needs | Mom And Son Fucking Story

Curvy Mom Satisfies Son’s Needs

English Sex Story

As you already know, it is common for a son to feel sexually attracted towards his mom when he has reached puberty.I was no less. First, let me give you a glimpse of my mom.

My mom is a typical traditional Indian woman aged 47 with fair skin complexion, with 36C-sized boobs, long black hair(knee-length) which sweeps her curvy booty as she sways her hips while walking. My mom is illiterate and is a housewife. She does not expose her body to me that much but I often see her big and dark areolas and her hard nipples at night, through her see-through nightie and get an instant boner.

I had started fantasizing about her since the age of 18 and since then I have been masturbating to her nude videos and pics which I secretly took by placing a spycam which my friend gifted me for my 19th birthday on a shelf which is found in the bathroom.

My dad is very strict and I was always afraid to make a move towards my mother. My mom was a very friendly woman and told me about everything about her relationship with dad. Dad often scolded her for petty issues and I used to lend a shoulder to my mom as she cried. She told me that she was fed up with dad as the latter did not give her as much attention as she was expecting.

One day, my dad went out of town for some work and I little did I expect that my eternal longing for fondling and sucking my mom’s long and hard nipples and licking her hairy and pink and juicy labia, would come true.I was a horny 19-year-old teen at that time.

It was 2 in the afternoon and mom was going for a shower as usual after finishing her household tasks while I was busy masturbating to her videos while enjoying the fapping sound she was making while washing her ass and her love hole. I could hear some moans too. Probably she was enjoying every bit of the act which she thought I was unaware of.

You all must be wondering how the fuck I knew what she was doing. Simple. She used to shower with me when I was still an innocent child. She would scrub my back, and wash my little dick (at that time) with so much affection. Sometime she would even kiss it and stroke it while smiling amusingly. She liked the way my little cock would become erect and she used to say

“You naughty boy”

Obviously, I did not know what she meant at that time. Then she would take some soap in her hands and splash it on her ass crack with one of her hands and rub the foam on both of her holes(which made the fapping sound) while occasionally putting one of her fingers in her anus in and out while massing her dangling melons with her free hand.I used to watch her acts curiously, unaware that she would be mine in the incoming years.

Coming back to our fuck sex story, I was busy beating my meat when I heard a sweet voice saying:

“Son, can you please scrub my back for me, honey?”

Naughty thoughts rushed to my brain and my snake throbbed 4 times and precum was oozing out of my piss hole.I saved my load to quench mom’s thirst for my hot cum. I was completely naked. So I put on a pair of blue training shorts which was made of very light-weight fabric. I had no time to put an underwear and my hard cock was pressing against my shorts which now looked like a tent.

I quickly ran down the stairs and entered the bathroom where I found a silhouette of mom’s hourglass figure. My heart started to pound and my dick was throbbing in my shorts. I coughed to make her aware of my presence and she said
“Ohh honey, you’re here! I hope mommy has not disturbed you”

“Not at all mommy, I am always free to please you.”, I said.

She asked me to enter the shower, where she was sitting on a small chair.What a view that was! She sat there facing away from me, her ass cheeks popping out and her boobs hanging freely, which was so huge that they were visible even from the back. Steamy water was dripping all over her milky body. I started shivering despite the heat that was in there.I could not resist anymore and I decided to fuck her on that day and at that time itself.

She handed me a piece of cloth and gave me instructions on how to scrub her back with a loving smile. So, I started to get into action. I got closer to her and as I was much taller than her, I could occasionally take a peek at her shiny and milky melons from above. My cock was going crazy in my shorts. I started rubbing her back gently and passionately until mom said

“Honey don’t be so gentle to me, scrub it like a man. I like it rough”

I was confused by this double meaning sentence. I started to scrub her back harder and she let out occasional sounds of pleasure.

“Ooouuuuhhh. ah. that’s how I like it, babe”

Curvy Mom Satisfies Son’s Needs

I could not control myself anymore. I took out my dick from my shorts and started stroking it slowly and passionately. My dick is not that huge: it is 6 inches long with a big pink head and a thick chocolate shaft.I was proud of it.

As I was near ejaculating, I started moaning too. Mom’s whispers of pleasure made it worse. Mom noticed that my speed of scrubbing was decreasing and turned her head to look at me. She was shocked when she saw me beating my thick rod with immense pleasure.I was so lost into her that I did not notice that she had caught me red handed.

“What are you doing son!!?” I came back to Earth. I could not hold it anymore and ejected my load on her back. Some spurts of cum landed on her pinks lips while the cum on her back made way to her ass crack. Then, I came to my senses. I was scared as fuck. Mom was awestruck. This was so awkward.

“S…sorry mom,” I said

“It’s okay baby, It happens. It’s just that I never expected that you would feel sexually attracted to me, your mom.”

I was feeling very guilty and kept quiet. Mom got up and I soon forgot what had just happened as I saw all her assets in real after such a long time of masturbating to her photos and videos. She closed the door behind and asked me to sit down on the chair. She went on the knees and grabbed my cock. I was not expecting that at all. She started squeezing it up and down while looking in my eyes.

“Ohh my baby, you have grown so much. any woman would go crazy for that big head of yours” she said in a teasing manner

I nervously said “y..yess mommy”

“I know how much you want to make love to your mommy. I can help you out with that. But promise me that you’ll not tell anyone about it. Especially your friends. I don’t want to be seen as an incestuous mother. I only want to satisfy your needs”

“I promise mom” I replied after regaining my confidence

She then took my cock in her mouth and wrapped her lips around my shaft. Her mouth was so warm and wet. She twirled her tongue around the tip to tease me and started bobbing her head up and down. I got up and started deepthroating her.I could not take it anymore

“I’m cumming mom!!!”

On hearing that she started twirling her hot tongue faster around my cock and her lips were acting like a suction pump. I went crazy and shot my hot fluid deep down her throat and she swallowed it all. This was my first and best blowjob ever. This was the beginning of a new relationship with my mother and we fucked each time dad was not around. This is how my mom became my slut. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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