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Blackmail Sex With My Maid

Hello, porn sex story readers, I am 30 years old man living in Singapore. I had a Filipino maid working in my house.Her stats are 34 26 34. She has a very cute face and sexy voice.

I always suspect some money is missing in my home. So I put secret cameras in the house. I kept my wallet in the bedroom and went to the bathroom. Once my maid came to my room, I pretend as if I am taking bath but watching the secret camera from my phone.

Once the maid stole the money and put in her bra, I came out with my towel. Then she finished cleaning and went to the hall to clean. I copied this into a pen drive and I played it in the hall.

Once she looked into it, she got scared and started crying and gave the money to me. I told her to give all money as some money is still missing. She said that she did not take any money.I told her,” you to need to give me all the money, otherwise, she will send to jail”.

She told me that she had nothing with her. I told,” I need to check” and asked her to keep her hand up and move her legs to a V shape.I came behind her and touched her navel first, she got scared and asked what was I doing. I told her,”if you speak a single word also I will call the police. You must be silent till I check you fully.”

She started crying and I told her,” I should not listen to any sounds”. She was silent but crying. I moved my hands from navel to hips keeping my head near to her cheeks. I moved around and slowly moved to her boobs.Again I went back to her and touched her boobs, which are with cushion bra. I told her I need to check her bra and immediately put my hand inside the bra. She pushed my hands and started crying.

Then I told her that she stole the money from day 1 and need to pay huge money or listen to me to avoid the police. She agreed to do whatever I want instead of calling the police.Then I again put my hands inside the bra and caught the nipples. Then, I started pressing it.

She started crying loudly. I again warned her but she was still crying. Then I took the phone to call police and then she begged me by falling on my feet. With that, my towel came down and I was nude in front of her. Then I got angry and I was about to dial. Then, she immediately took my dick and started giving blowjob. And started playing with my balls.

Then, I pressed her boobs for some time and turn around and hugged her tightly and started giving deep lip kiss. Initially, she was not responding after some time, she started responding.Slowly, she started the cooperation as there was no option. After 10 min of deep kissing and pressing her boobs and touching her pussy, we were fully on. Then, slowly came out of the kiss and told her to be my slave for next 6 months to avoid police. She accepted.

I told her to get nude within 1 minute, she did it immediately and told her to make me nude and suck my dick. She did the same. Then we moved to the bed and she told she will suck my whole body. I agreed. She sucked my whole body starting from my feet and slowly moved to my ass.

Blackmail Sex With My Maid

Initially, I avoided but she told,”I will surely enjoy”. By telling that, she touches my ass with her nails. I really felt something good then she started licking my ass and moving near to my balls and my ass. I was really on cloud 9.

Then, I started sucking her whole body including her ass and pussy. When I was licking her pussy, she was arousing with, “ah ah yaa some more please sir fuck me, please.”

I never stopped. I fucked her with my tongue. I know most of the girls like more foreplay than an actual fucking job.I sucked her some more time. Then went to her mouth and suck her lips and tongue.Then, I fucked her pussy with full force, where she started crying because of pain.

Then, I slowly moved my dick and started playing with her boobs and sucking and pressing her nipples.By doing that, I was parallelly doing deep lip lock.She was about to come which I knew from the way she was kissing with the more aggressive way and started holding me tighter than before like a girlfriend and started to hold me tight and bit my lips. She told me to finish as she was done with her satisfaction.

Then, I told her that it was me who should decide whether to finish or not I wanted to fuck her ass. She begged me not to do that as it was a virgin ass.I told her, “don’t worry I have KYC gel and I can apply some oil either of your choice.” She told,”please don’t fuck in my ass please fuck my mouth or my pussy.”

I said no, then I applied KYC to her ass started pushing it. But it did not enter that easily and she started crying with pain and slowly pushed front and back and at one point of time, I pushed with full force. Then the whole dick went inside and she started crying with pain and slowly she started enjoying that. I fucked her ass for some time and then she requested to fuck her pussy. I fucked her in the doggy style and I came fully and slept on her.

She asked me whether I can stay with him if I take for the full-time maid. I agreed and took her for the full-time maid and fucking in different styles which I will share in next sex story depending on the response.

Hi, girls and aunties, currently I am in Singapore and will leave the country for another 1 month and will come back to India. I am available for phone sex and came2cam sex and sexting. Also as a good friend just to listen to your problem, until you become comfortable. After one month I can meet you in India if you are interested. Mail me to [email protected]

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