Bathroom Surprise For My Aunt | English Sex Story

Bathroom Surprise For My Aunt

English Sex Story

I’m 22 years old from Belgaum, Karnataka. Anyone close by can email me on Anyone can contact me and avail me to pleasure you’ll. I have a 6-inch cock.

This story took place when I had a vacation after my 5th sem exams. My aunt whose fig goes with 36-34-36 with fair complexion. Her eyes with big and with a bright spark. So she called twice or thrice to come for vacation to Pune and I couldn’t resist the invitation. So I reached there the morning and got freshened up. She was wearing a gown where her fig was highlighted. I had my breakfast and was watching tv. She took bath and came out by wrapping a towel around her. My head turned to a CCTV camera. Her white skin and wet hair blown my eyes. Her boobs were ready to pounce out of her towel and her huge ass couldn’t fit in that towel. So she went in to change the clothes and she has a small kid. The kid went running to room and pushed the door and to my surprise she was wearing panty which I could see her ass from the back. She caught my eyes and I pretended to see her. She closed the door.

Bathroom Surprise For My Aunt

My Viber got hard that I had to press it hard to make it flat. Next day, as the house was small she used to sweep the house and I was sitting on couch and she came sweeping the floor towards my legs and she bent down to clean and I could see her huge cleavage which erected my cock. She saw me pressing my cock but she pretended and continued to sweep. I had lost my control and wanted to fuck her huge ass. The bathroom was such that it had another small space like to wash clothes. I took bath and went to put on clothes in that space and the miracle was she didn’t notice that I was there and she started to take off her clothes and got ready to take bath. I was hard again. I thought to fuck her right there. I took off my clothes too and got ready to pounce on her. As her kid had gone to play school and husband for office early in the morning and would return late night. So no one to interfere. She started taking bath and applied soap to her face and immediately I grabbed her and started rubbing my cock on her ass. She screamed aghhhh….I held her mouth and kissed her hard her eyes grew to widen I held her tight. Then slowly I started sucking her lips and inserted my fingering her pussy and she became quite then she held my cock and pulled me and started kissing. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked from the tip till the balls. She pulled my balls and sucked them like a pro. I turned in the shower and started to kiss her from back and squeezed her boobs and twisted them. She was moaning while kissing.

I sat there and spread her legs. One hand on boobs other in pussy and my mouth kissing her. She started to moan louder and held my cock with her hand to punish me started to stroke it hard. We both were moaning and rubbing simultaneously. Nw she laid me down and sat on my face and rubbed her pussy helding my head. She rubbed her pussy and I licked it. She moaned ahhhhhh…..aaaauch……yea honey sucks it, baby. Then she sat on my cock and pounded. Her huge ass hit and made noises, so loud that bathroom was echoing. I was about to cum I told her but she dint agrees and I cummed inside her. Then I lifted her and fucked her. She jumped on my cock. Then I fucked her in doggy style. and we got exhausted. Sat under the shower for an hour with peace. Then we came out and wiped ourselves and slept in bed nude. T

hen she said she wants my cock while sleeping. So she put my cock in her pussy and slept gelding me. and said it was best than her honeymoon. We fucked again in the after noon. After our lunch we watched tv. The building was of 10 floors and the flat was on top floor. It had a big window to a hall which was open like a gallery. We sat on window and started to fuck thr. She was having a view outside while I fucked her from the back. She was shouting outside the window like any1 would call for some1. I’m sure the downstairs ppl might’ve heard her moaning. She enjoyed the cold breeze and I fucked her. ……… ….. …… …. …. …. ….. ….she was laughing like she was drunk and asked fuck hard and ram her pussy and tear it apart. She was about to cum and suddenly she woke up and held my mouth to her pussy and loaded her cum in my mouth. It was like a pure honey. She moaned yeaaaaa….drink it suck it all yeaaaaaa…..ahhh. and she rubbed it hard. I wanted to fuck her anal. She never tried that so I asked her shall I fuck that too.

She laughed and said fuck any hole u want it’s all yours. So I went to kitchen and got some oil it has a round aluminum spoon. So I took it applied on my cock. Then I asked her to bend so that I can apply on her asshole. I took a full spoon of oil and poured on her hole but it was not going inside so I inserted along with the spoon and she screamed out loud. Then she removed the spoon slowly and threw away. She turned in anger and held my neck and pushed me on the flooring said let me show u how it pains. She sat on my cock and slowly my cock entered a bit in and she shouted. She did it slowly but was not completely in. So I held her ass and have a jerk. She moaned loudly with big eyes and I didn’t pay attention and increased my speed and made her oily and continued for 30min and fell on the floor laughing and exhausted for the day.

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