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Banged Friend’s Wife

Hi guys, My name is Daksh and I am from Delhi. My age is 26 years and I’m very much addicted to this website. Though I came to know about this website when I was in engineering first year since then I am a frequent reader of ISS.

Before I go ahead and explain you about my story let me tell you about the actress of the story, She is 28 years old lady who is the wife of my close friend. She has a chubby figure. This is a true life-based story as I don’t believe in fictions.

So Coming to the story now. I was working with an MNC in the year 2015 in Gurgaon where I met this couple. Both of them were new in the company. So I greeted them with “hi” till then I was not aware that they are husband and wife. Very soon we became good friends and then one day we were having lunch in the canteen where I came to know that the lady named Neha(Name changed) is the wife of darshit. I was feeling guilty as I used to stare her all the time. Slowly and gradually I became close to both of them and we used to have fun, chit chat.

A Couple of times I visited their place which was hardly 10 minutes from our office. She used to cook and then we all three enjoy the meal. But I never stopped staring her as she had good shaped boobs and curvy ass. At several occasion she caught me staring at her but didn’t say anything which gave me courage.

It was the month of July 2016, we organized a party at darshit’s place and invited 3 more friends there. We got few beer bottles, wine, and whiskey as everyone had their own preferences. We started boozing and after an hour or so, she started telling her story that why did she run away from her home, how did Darshit and she met and so on. While telling her story she got emotional and started crying because her parents never loved her.

We all got emotional and she went to the other room. We all went inside and tried consoling her. After few minutes all left to the other room and I said I will be coming in few minutes. I lay down beside her and started cuddling. she was sobbing and then I don’t know what happened to me, I hugged her tightly. Both of us were facing each other and in moments we found us kissing each other madly. We did it for 2-3 minutes and then she said that it’s wrong, we shouldn’t do it. I said there is nothing wrong in this and asked her to touch my penis which she denied. I put her hand in my pant and asked her to shake it. At first, she denied and then she started shaking it. She got more open to me but we couldn’t do anything else as all other guys were in the other room including her husband.
So we stopped and came back to other room. We joined the team again and enjoyed boozing. From now onwards I was always looking for the plan to fuck her.

I visited their place couple of times after that incident. She used to go in the kitchen and I used to follow her after making some excuse to her husband. I used to grab her from behind, kiss her and pressing her boobs. She used to smile but we never got any chance for a fucking session.We used to chat and phone sex.

Finally, the day arrived when I got the chance to fuck her.As usual, I visited her home in the afternoon as it was a weekend (Saturday). When I reached, I came to know that darshit has his shift today and he needs to go to the office at 6 PM. After hearing those words, I was on cloud nine and was just waiting for him to go. Even I could see the lust in Neha’s eyes too which was making me hornier. A Lot of things were going in my mind and here we go. It was 5:30 Pm and darshit were ready to leave for office. The moment he left the house, I ran behind Neha and grabbed her. She was smiling too. I kissed her lips and neck and started squeezing her nipples. She said that she needs to get drunk so that we can our sex more happening.

I went to the nearest Liquor shop and got 5 bottles of beer. We started boozing and all of the sudden she said that let’s play a game. Whosoever finishes a single bottle of beer in one go will be the master of the second person. And the second person has to follow whatever the winner asks to do. I agreed as I already that what is going to happen.

She finished her bottle in one go and I made in two go. So as per the rule, she was the winner and she said now it’s her turn. She asked me to unzip her lower which I did. and asked me to lick her asshole. I obeyed her and licked her asshole using my tongue with full intensity. The house was full of her moaning. To her surprise, while licking I pushed my one finger in her asshole and she screamed like anything. She pushed me away and asked me to undress her completely. I did and I undressed too.

Banged Friend’s Wife

She took my dick in her hand said that last time she couldn’t shake this little baby properly but this time she will do her best. She took it in her mouth and started jerking it. She did it for 15 minutes and I was about to cum but I didn’t want to. I asked her to stop or else I will shoot it in her mouth. She was ready to swallow it. And I had burst myself inside her mouth. She cleaned my dick using her tongue and asked me to follow her into the bedroom. Before this, we were in the dining area. We went to the bedroom, I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. Started licking her pussy this time. She said darshit never did this to her. This is the first time as darshit directly climbs over and fucks her. I whispered in her ears that she is gonna remember this moment for the lifetime.

After licking her pussy for 10-15 minutes she relieved herself. Now it was my turn to fuck her. I rubbed my dick on her pussy, and she was dying to get banged. I have a thick 7 inches long tool. So I pushed my dick in one go and she screamed. I started pushing to and fro and she started enjoying it. She was shouting in Hindi ” chod, Our chod” which was making me more energetic. I fucked her for more than 25 minutes and finally, I released inside of her. After this incident, I fucked her two more times in the absence of her husband.
She was ready to get pregnant but she couldn’t conceive. This the real story and you can send me the feedback on [email protected] Any lady, girls, Bhabhi, housewives can contact me for secret fun. I have two more real stories, One is with my cousin sister and another one with my social networking friend. Will tell you the story in the next part.

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