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Hi all, Bullet Raja is back. Thanks to all the readers who gave their feed backs for my early story. So here is the continuing part of “Aunt became close to Uncle’s Friend”.

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After seeing her hot sex video with Praveen, I jerked at it for 2-3 times a day. Now I wanted to something extra, I wanted her for real. So, I started to plan to blackmail. I should be very careful as I was scared that she might tell to uncle. I had to wait for 3-4 days as I knew uncle would be going out on a business trip for a week. I planned to blackmail her anonymously, so I got a new number. I waited for the day my uncle would go on a trip.

Finally, that day came. Uncle left early in the morning. Aunty was in red sleeveless nighty looks like she had to satisfy her husband before leaving for a long trip. I could not take my eyes off her 34” ass. She went to sleep, but my mind was to get her panty again. I went to the bathroom to find her used panty there. I could still feel the wetness of her clit in that panty. That smell made be crazy and gave me hard on immediately. Licked her panty and then jerked off at the smell and then went to bed.

I didn’t go to college that day and stayed in the room telling I was sick. I waited until afternoon for her to get free. She was in green saree today. I could see her milky navel and her C cup side boob. She was watching some TV serial outside on sofa. I sat in my room kept the door open as I wanted to see her reaction to my texts and I started to text her.

Me: Hi…. (waited for her to response. She saw the message but didn’t reply.)

Me (as salesman): Hi…. I’m e-marketing salesman from a saree company you purchased recently. Need to take your opinion on that. (aunty looked bit shocked, as she knew I was talking about the saree gifted by Praveen)

Aunty: Hi… sorry, I think you are texting the wrong number. I didn’t buy any new saree.

Salesman: I got this number from your husband Praveen. He had bought red saree from our shop.

Aunty: (she was in shock): Where is your shop? (I think she wanted to make sure that shop is not nearby)

Salesman: Our shop is in Chennai. Looks like your husband got that when he came here for the trip.

Aunty: Okay. Saree was nice.

Aunt Became Close To Me

Salesman: May I ask few more question madam, feedback from the customer.

Aunty: I am busy now. Do not disturb. (She didn’t like to continue the conversation).
(I thought that I need get her attention now to continue chatting)

Salesman: Did the 34 size bra fit you well madam.

Aunty: What are you asking? I know that he didn’t buy any bra from your shop.

Salesman: Madam, you look sexy in yellow blouse.

Aunty was shocked to read that text. She didn’t reply.

Salesman: It’s okay Kavitha, don’t feel shy. (By mistake I mentioned her name).

Aunty: How do you know my name, who are you, you are not salesman?

Me: *sent her one pic*. (In the pic, she was standing in front of Prasanna with her pallu down, Her huge melons were trying to get out of her yellow blouse).

Me: I know more about you Kavitha. I know how naughty you are. So don’t act innocent. (Aunty looked bit nervous. She was not replying still).

Me: I know Praveen calls you Kavim so even I will call you Kavi too. I got few more pics of you naughty Kavi if you do not reply I’ll put it on the internet.

Aunty: (She was crying) Please don’t do that… pleassseeeeeee.. tell me who are you and what you want?

Me: Right now you can call me Sir, I’ll tell my name later. I just want to chat with my sweet Kavi. I want to know what you are wearing now.

Aunty: Sir, I’m wearing saree.

Me: I want a kiss from you now. send me a pic, remove your pallu so that I can see your cleavage and then take the pic. Send it in 2 mins else I’ll send your pics to message to 80*******9 (uncle number).

Aunty was scared now and had tears in her eyes. I saw her getting up from the sofa and going to the bathroom. Looks like she will be sending me the pic and I was waiting.

Aunty: Please don’t send any pics to my husband.

Me: Kavi, I asked you to send your kiss. I didn’t ask you to beg. You got 1 more minute.
Aunty sent me the pic. She took a mirror selfie when I could see her black blouse and face with tears on her face n her red juicy lips.

Me: Naughty Kavi looks like you are not wearing any bra inside. Sule (whore), I don’t want you to cry, wipe those tears and then send the pic. (This time sent me the pic with the horny look with one figure in her mouth. Such a bitch).

Aunty: Can I see you now?

Me: Not so early bitch, in the night. I know your husband is not there at home. Wait for my text at 10 in the night. If you don’t reply in 10 mins then I’ll send the pics to your husband. See you later bitch.

I saw aunty coming out of the bathroom with wet eyes. I went out and asked her what happened. She just said that something fell in her eye and went to her room.

What happened next?????? How did I continued to blackmail her and made her open her legs for me?????
I will be continued all this in coming parts….

Hope you enjoyed the reading and had fun with the story. Do send me your feedback @ [email protected]

Signing off Bullet Raja
Happy Fucking Fellows……..

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