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Hiii guys, I am going to narrate a real incident in my life. This happened one year after my marriage. My name is Salim ali, working as a lab technician in a private hospital, aged 28 and I am living in kannur, kerala. I married a beautiful girl named asna. She is fair in complexion and with average boobs and nice white pussy. She has flat tummy and her buttocks are not so big but she is in good shape. Now coming to the story, this is about my hot mother in law who is very innocent and illiterate but really sexy in shape. I don’t know to explain the body sizes in detail but she has got a superb figure like actress Swetha Menon with huge boobs and big ass with soft n big thighs. Her name is aleema aged 44. As I said she is illiterate and had studied up to second standard only and does not know new technologies in this world and she don’t have any WhatsApp or facebook accounts.

My father-in-law is having business in Bangalore so he wont be at home always. He comes only when there is any important functions in the house or when he thinks he need to take a break from his shop. I have a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law. Sister-in-law is already married and brother-in-law is working in Dubai. Now, on to the story!

I did not have any bad intentions towards my mother-in-law as I respected her as my own mother and I had a good loving,caring ,sweet wife in my life. But all this changed suddenly.
On a Sunday I was free at home sitting in my room in the upstairs and browsing Facebook when I heard my wife calling my name from ground floor. I immediately went down and saw my mother-in-law had just slipped from the bathroom and lying down there itself. She was unable to getup and my wife was trying to pull her up. I also tried to pull her up by lending my hands but it did not work. So I just took her completely in my hands from the floor and took her to the bedroom. This was the moment that changed my life forever! While I was carrying her, my hand was on the side of her right boobs and it was pressing my hands as it was huge and trying to pop out. When I looked her face I saw her boobs jiggling in the walking from the top of her nighty. I saw the whitish flesh of her boobs and both boobs were like fighting each other.

That is when I realised that my cock has started to erect and since I had worn my underwear it was not clearly seen by my wife coming behind me. I entered the bedroom and made her lay in the bed. My wife sat beside her and asked about her pain and she was saying that she had pain in the buttocks as she hit her ass in the floor while falling. I was standing beside her and that was when I realised the hidden beauty of my mother-in-law. She was breathing pretty heavily and her boobs were going up and down due to it. The shape of her thighs were seen from the shape of her nighty. Her thighs was really big and fat and she had an awesome shape in the hips.

I stood there for some time and when my wife asked me to leave them I just returned to my room. I went into the bathroom and for the first time after my marriage, I masturbated. You know whom I was thinking about! I had a great ejaculation and I was really horny about my mother-in-law. It is not that my wife did not satisfy me. She was really good in the bed and we had great sex at least thrice in a week. She would suck my cock and lick my ass and do everything that I need and same was with me when it came to satisfy her. We would try different positions by looking at the Kamasutra and enjoyed sex in our life very much. But we did not have any child as we had agreed to make a baby only after two years.

As I was thinking about my mother-in-law while lying in my bed my wife came in and I asked her about umma(mother-in-law). She said she was fine and there was just some pain in the buttocks and nothing more. Some rest would give her relief. I said that’s good and she went to the bathroom. I was happy that umma had no problems due to the fall.

Now on I started to think about umma daily and watched her walking through the house each and every moment when I was in the house. I was enjoying her beauty and raping her with my eyes every time I looked at her. She did not know my intentions neither my wife and they were happy in the life. They were as usual and mingling with me as before but I was having other things in my mind about umma.

Aleema My Innocent Hot Mother In Law

Now I was really crazy about umma as I observed her each part of the body through her nighty and I was dying to fuck her somehow. But I was afraid that I may land in trouble and it may ruin my marriage life. But my lust towards my mother-in-law grew day by day and it became unbearable for me and I was just getting angry with my wife for silly things due to the frustration. Somehow I needed to fuck my umma. So I decided to make some plan to get her into my trap and seduce her to get fucked by me.

It was when my cousin’s marriage was fixed and I and my wife had to stay at my own house for some days. So we went to my home leaving my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at the house. After my cousin’s marriage, we had to stay there one week more for some more functions in the house. At that time I came to know that my sister-in-law is going to her husband’s home as her mother-in-law has fallen sick and that she will return only after few days. So my mother-in-law was all alone at the house and then something cracked my mind. I planned to go to umma without my wife’s knowledge and try to seduce her there anyhow for a great fuck.

Next day I left my home in the morning as usual for my job. But I had already applied for a leave on that day without my wife’s knowledge and I straight away went to my wife’s house. I knew umma was all alone there and she got surprised by my visit. She asked me the reason for my arrival as my wife was not with me. I told her that there was a survey going on by kerala government about the health statistics of the people and it is compulsory or everyone that they disclose their health details to the government.

I told her that it is for the health development of the state and it is an initiative by the health department of the central government. I told her that I was appointed to take the details of our panchayat and I thought it would be great to start from my own house and from my mother-in-law. I also told her that I had taken the details of my wife and showed some papers to her claiming that it is her health report. She believed it as she was illiterate and could not read the papers. She asked me about what she has to do for the report. I told her to get seated on the sofa and just give correct answers to my questions. She said ok and sat on the sofa with me.

I asked about her full name,age,height,weight,diseases she is suffering from etc. She replied very well and I also checked her bp and told her that it was a bit high. I said that I need to get her body measurements like boobs size,hip size,length of legs,hands etc. She got a bit shocked and asked me why it was needed. I said to her that as her bp was not normal it may be due to the size problems of the body. So I should get the sizes and compare it with a chart which has body size measurements and required bp for those bodies. She believed that also and agreed for it. I took my tape and at first I measured her length of hands and then I asked her boobs size. She said she don’t know it and then I asked her bra size. She said she was unaware of it and it is her daughter who buy the innerwears for her. So I said that in that case I should take the measurement and asked her to raise her hands.

She was shy but somehow slowly raised her hands. I stood in front of her and brought the tape from behind and I placed my hands with tape on her boobs. She just stood there looking at my face and I just smiled at her. I made the tape more tight and started to feel her boobs with my fingers as if it is happening casually. I told her that as the nighty is coming in between I am not able to get the exact measurement and without it I cant get the correct bp level for you. I asked her to remove the nighty and saw a shock in her eyes.

She said she cant do it as I am her son-in-law. I said that I agree that I am her son-in-law but now I am just a medical officer who came to take the health details of her and convinced her to remove the nighty. She slowly and in complete shyness started removed her nighty. I was really getting excited as she was falling in my trap slowly and now I am going to see her sexy body in naked. She removed her nighty and I was awestruck to see her body, specially her huge boobs in the bra. I just stared at them and I dont know for how much time but I came to my senses when she called my name. She had a pavada underneath which covered from her navel to the foot.

I went towards her and asked her to raise her hands. As she raised her hands her boobs got close and they were like popping out of the bra. I placed the tape and hold it tight and touched her boobs with my fingers and pressed them hard with my fingers. I told her that her boobs are a bit hanging and I just groped her right boobs with my hand and made it up and tightened the tape. She just looked at me in awe and I just smiled at her. I grabbed her left boob in the same way and made it up without asking her. I took the measurement of her boobs and as she was going to wear back her nighty I denied her saying that I need to take the size of hips and length of her legs too. She asked me to do it fast and I told her that she should remove the pavada so that I get her hip size.

This time she did not hesitate and she removed it in front of me. Now she was standing with only her bra and panties and I was just in heaven seeing her voluptuous body. I watched her pussy area which had hairs coming out of her panties and it was bulging like a mango. Her thighs were so fat and big that it was staying close to each other making her pussy bulge out. I went towards her and stood on my knees and took her hip size and length of her legs. My face was right in front of her pussy and I was getting the aroma of her hairy pussy. I was getting mad and I wanted to kiss them and bury my face into it. But I thought about my marriage life and I made another trap for umma. I asked her whether she didn’t shave her pussy.

She said she hadn’t done it in her life and she doesn’t know how to use a shaving set. I told her that unshaved pussy would have many diseases and sometimes bacterias would get in and even cause cancer inside the pussy. She got shocked and afraid by this and she said she did not know it and she is afraid of using shaving set in the pubic area. I told her that I will now check her pussy and see whether it is affected by any bacteria or not and then she can shave her pussy by saying to her daughter. She had no other choice as she was really afraid of any disease in the pubic area and I continuously frightened her by saying about cancer in that area.

I told her to lay down on the sofa and I sat beside her near her pussy. I slowly pressed over her pussy above the panties with fingers and told her that don’t worry it will be alright. She was looking at me with a sad face and I just went and kissed on her forehead and smiled at her. Now she got a bit relaxed and I started removing her panties.

She slowly raised her ass and I slowly removed her panties revealing her hairy pussy to me. It was a big black bush with long hairs and the clit was not at all visible due to the thick hair on the pussy. I told her that this is not at all good for your health to not taking care of your pussy like this. I told her that I am going to take a look at your pussy and examine it. She just nodded her head and I was happy inside that at last she has fallen into my trap. I slowly touched her pubic hair and pressed her pussy area with my fingers as if I am examining like a doctor. I then slowly tried to find out the clitoris in between the bush with my fingers and I finally found it. It was blackish in colour outside and slightly pink inside. I asked her to spread her legs and told her that I need to examine it deep inside to confirm whether there is any infections in it.

She said ok and I proceeded by spreading her legs with my hand and I cupped her pussy with my right hand. She got a bit shivered by that and I asked her is there any problem? She said nothing and I continued. I touched her clit with my index finger and slowly made rounds with it. She was getting aroused by this and I slowly started feeling her thighs with my left hand and I brought my two more fingers to the clitoris and increased the speed of the rounds. She looked into my eyes curiously and I just nodded her that it’s nothing. I told her that now I will need to insert my finger inside to know about the infections and it is really necessary. She nodded her head and I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy and slid it in deep into her pussy.

I then took it out of her pussy and again inserted it deep. She got an electric shock and she just raised her ass from the sofa for a second. I looked at her and she was staring at me. I asked her is there any problem? She said no nothing and I asked whether I shall continue. She said yes and I again started finger fucking her slowly with one finger. Now she was starting to get wet inside and I could feel it on my finger. I slowly slid my index finger too inside the pussy without saying to her. She did not expect that to happen and she let a moan aaaahhhhhh.
I started to finger fuck with both the fingers and after some time I inserted one more finger into her pussy. She closed her eyes in pain and pleasure and said Salim what are you doing?

I said her that I am trying to know the depth and thickness of the pussy and then only I can know whether there is any infection inside it. She did not say anything to it and I increased the speed of fingering. Her body has now started reacting to my fingering and she was become wetter. Her pussy juices were coming out of the pussy lips and I was thriving to taste it very badly. I bought my face towards her pussy and I touched her pussy lips with my tongue. She remains calm without any reactions with her eyes closed and biting her lips. I then slowly started licking her pussy lips along with the fingering and her smell of pussy was really driving me crazy. I bite on her pubic hair and pulled it with my teeth and then I started madly licking her pussy lips and pubic hair with my tongue like a dog.

She pulled my head with both her hands and raised her head looking towards me and I stopped fingering looking at her. She asked me what are you doing?Why are you licking my pussy? It is bad there and not clean and it is not good to lick ladies pussy. She also said that I am your mother-in-law and you can’t do this to me, not even my husband has done this to me. I told her that I am not trying to have sex with you. I am just trying to help you and by licking your pussy only I can know the taste of your juices and then only I can know about the infection inside. If there is infection then the juices will have bad taste and pussy will have bad smell inside. But for that, I should lick deep inside your pussy and smell it and that is what I am trying to do to you. Umma, being illiterate and not knowing anything about this believed all my words and said ok, then you carry on.

I then slowly opened her pussy lips with both my hands and looked inside.It was wet there and I could see the pussy juices. I inserted my tongue into it and started drinking her pussy juices and then slowly tongue fucked her. She was in heaven and she just grabbed my head and said ohhhhhhhhhh saleeeeeemmmmm..Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhh uuuufffffffffffff……. I realized she was now in my control and inserted my two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking. Along with it I was licking her pussy lips and all around her pussy like a mad dog and increased the speed of finger fucking gradually. She held my head tightly with both her hands and she was moving her head to both sides without able to bear the pleasure she is getting.

She was moaning very loudly now calling my name saleeeeemmmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuhhhhhhh..Haaaaaaa huuuuuuuuuuu uuufffffffffffff…… I then brought my both hands up towards her boobs and started pressing them gently. She was not in a mood to stop me now and I started crushing her boobs very hard with both my hands. I inserted my hands below her bra and slowly pinched her nipples and she let an uuufffffffff sound to it. Then I stopped licking and went towards her. She looked into my eyes and I was caressing her boobs and nipples with both my hands. She has now come to her senses and looked at my hands and said what are you trying to do salim? Before she said next line I kissed her on her lips. She resisted by moving her head sideways saying nooooooooooo……..!!!!!!

I removed my hands from her bra and hold her head and said I love u ummmaaaaa..Plzzzzzzz I want to fuck u badly. She got shocked by it and said noooo this is wrong, you are my son-in-law and you have my son’s age. I can’t have sex with you. I am only for my husband and I won’t cheat him. Leave meeeeeee…She started to getup and I hold her tight and made her lay down there itself. She resisted and pushed me down off the sofa and got up from there with her nighty in the hands and walked towards her bedroom. I got up and followed her to her bedroom and before she closed the door I forcefully got in and took hold of her from behind.

I touched her pussy lips with my left hand and started making rounds over there and I slid my right hand inside her bra and started crushing her boobs. I kissed her on her neck and started licking the sides of her neck. She was resisting by holding her legs tight but I did not let her go . She was now getting aroused with my moves and I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her pussy and started finger fucking her. At this moment she lost all her control and she let a huge sigh aaaaahhhhhhhhh.
I madly licked all over her neck and played hard with her boobs. She was saying noooooo….Ahhhhhhhhh…..Stop this plzzzzzzzzzzz….Saleeeeeemmmmmmmm…….Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…….Stop it plzzzzzzzzzz……

I did not stop and continued fingering and made her spread her legs with my hand and continued finger fucking. Now she did not close her legs instead she started to bent over her legs and body due to the pleasure and she was now all out of control. I turned her around all of a sudden french kissed her. She was not responding to it but I madly almost ate her lips with my mouth and inserted my tongue into her mouth.

I started tickling with her tongue with my tongue and then she reacted with her tongue. She also started to circle my tongue with hers and started to kiss me back. She was now in all ecstasy and she was now licking all over my mouth like a dog. I removed her bra and walked her towards the bed without breaking the kiss. I knew if she came back to her senses she would resist me again. So I fell to the bed along with her kissing and licking her lips and tongue and I brought my right hand to her boobs and started playing with it. I pinched her nipples and made rounds over it with my finger and made to and fro action with my finger on her nipples. She was now moaning like mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh…….Hhhhhh…..Hmhhhmmmmmmmm…….

I started playing with her other boob also and her nipples. She continued moaning and now I broke the kiss and went down to her boobs. I took her right boobs into my mouth and started sucking it. I pulled her boobs upwards like a vacuum machine and she raised her body with pleasure. I bite on her nipples and she left a moan aaahhhhh..

I started making round around her nipples with my tongue and played with her nipples with my tongue. She was now in heavenly mood and she was moaning high. She caught my hair and pulled towards her boobs and I licked her nipples faster and pulled her boobs upwards madly. Then I went on to lick her other boob the same way and she was now completely enjoying my foreplay. I had played with her boobs for almost half an hour licking and biting and pulling the boobs vigorously. After the sucking it was all red in colour all over both the boobs and I smiled at her and winked.

Now I went down to her navel without wasting my time and started sucking there. I inserted my tongue into her navel and made rounds with it. She was moaning and breathing heavily now and her boobs were raising up and down very fast.I again lend my hands towards her boobs and started pressing them hard along with the navel sucking. She held both my hands and pressed them hard towards her boobs. I pinched her nipples and continued licking all over her navel. Now it was the time for the holy place in her body, her pussy!

I went down and gently planted a kiss on her hairy bush. I then spread her legs and cupped her pussy with my right hand. I moved her pubic hairs over her pussy to see her clitoris and then I inserted my tongue inside it. She left a sigh and held tight to the bed with both her hands. I started tongue fucking her and she was making sounds like eeehhhhh…….Uuufffff……..Aaaaaahhhhhhh……

I then started licking her pussy lips and was really tasty with her pussy juices all over it. I spread her pussy lips really wide and started licking it getting her pussy juices on my tongue. She was moaning loudly calling my name and telling me not to stop it. I was licking all over her pussy like a dog and I spit inside her pussy number of times like I had seen in porn videos before my marriage. She now held my head and pressed it deep into her pussy and I was not able to breathe. Still, I did not stop and licked it madly and inserted my middle finger into it.

I finger fucked her along with the licking and gradually inserted two more fingers into her pussy. She let out a big moan and said you will tear my pussy now. She was now in heaven and after 20 mins of finger fucking and pussy licking, she was cumming. She made huge noise
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..Gggrrrrraaaahhhhhhhhh…..Uuuuufffffffffffff………I licked all her pussy juices and only wetness left in her pussy was my saliva.

She was completely tired now and I lay beside her planting a kiss on her lips. She smiled at me and looked into my eyes and I kissed her more deep and she kissed back passionately. I asked her how did she feel. She said that she did not know that there are things like this in sex. My husband had never made rounds around my nipples with fingers or tongue.He just kisses there and suck on it like a baby and press the boobs hard with his hands and just pinch my nipples. Then he would directly go to fucking her. He never sucked me on my navel and I never knew navel could be used for sexual pleasure and it would give this much of pleasure to me. My husband never licked my pussy not even kissed it since it was bad aroma there and I and my husband always believed that it is a bad thing to lick the pussy. We never knew people would suck on the pussy and it would give such immense pleasure to me. I was in heaven and lost complete control of the body when you started licking my pussy.

I asked her whether she was satisfied sexually with what I did to her. She said she was completely satisfied and she said that she never knew women would cum after sex. She had seen only her husband cumming into her pussy or in the bed and never thought women could cum in sex.

I hugged her and planted a kiss on her forehead and she hugged me back. We then french kissed passionately for almost 10 mins and suddenly the doorbell rang. She got shocked and suddenly got up of the bed looking or her nighty. She immediately wore her bra and panties and put her nighty over it and went to look in the mirror. She just made her hair straight and went to the bathroom and washed her face. I also went to the dining hall wash basin and washed my face and straightened my hair with my hands. Then I went to look onto the door as the doorbell kept ringing. I saw it was my wife’s uncle and aunt and I opened the door and welcomed them and umma came behind me smiling at them by adjusting her scarf.

To be continued………..

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