A Hot Evening With My Girlfriend | GF Fucking Sex Story

A Hot Evening With My Girlfriend

Hi everyone,

This is Ravi from Jharkhand. With good education and comparatively good looks, I have managed to gain a good reputation among everyone. This is a story of me and my only girlfriend Riya whom I love a lot. We are school friends and she is Vry Vry beautiful. I really mean that. She has been approached by many boys but I m the lucky one. Talking about her stats she has a perfectly beautiful face. Gorgeous eyes. Lips great. And the thing which attracts the most. She has a wonderful sexy pair of breasts of size 34. A well-built ass to crave for.


Now coming to the story. We met in our hometown in the evening. It was dark around 7.00 pm. It was a kind of silent place with no one around. We were roaming around holding each other’s hand and hugging each other.


We both were eager to make out and enjoy each others company in a different way. It showed in her eyes. So after walking few distance ahead, I was searching for such a place where we can make love. And luckily I found a place which was between 2 houses. The space left between 2 houses which were covered by trees all around. I saw that no one is watching us and I made her enter that place carefully. It was risky but we were horny AF.


As soon as we went inside that place covered with trees and moon light coming all over, it was a romantic moment for us. She immediately hugged me tightly. I too hugged her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Then by taking her cheeks in my hand and looking into her eyes I slowly put my lips on her beautiful kissable lips. It was amazing. The feel of lips touching each other was great. I started smooching her slowly with all the feel. I used my tongue to make her lips wet and make it more seductive. What was more surprising that she kissed me back greatly. Her kissing skills were amazing. We kept on kissing each other rigorously without realizing that we are at an outdoor place. Our lips went wet, our breath went away. We stopped and hugged each other.

A Hot Evening With My Girlfriend

As it was a cold evening , she wore a thick sweater. I pushed her onto the wall nearby , took both her hands to the wall and started kissing her neck which made her moan very quickly. (Girls get seduced with this ) She took my head in her hand and was enjoying the kisses on her neck. While kissing I put my hands on her sweater which had 3 buttons on its top part. I started unbuttoning those while kissing her neck and then her lips. As soon as the buttons got free, I spread her sweater and kissed her chest very sexily. She loved it. Then I took a step ahead by putting my hands on my favourite part of her body. Her breasts her boobs her chuchi which is the sexiest part of her. I grabbed her breasts from above the sweater and pressed it gently. She was amazed. I made her turn backward towards the wall, threw her hairs to the front and started kissing her back. Now slowly I started lifting her sweater from the back , she was shy but still, I did so by keeping on kissing her back..


And slowly I removed her sweater and threw it on the ground. Now my baby was in her black colour bra and was looking amazingly sexy. Kissed her back she moaned and taking tole of that moment I slowly unhooked her bra hooks by which she was shocked. I started pulling her straps down by her arms by kissing her arms as the strips went by. Later she said this was romantic. Pulled off her bra and kept it in my pocket. Turned her around and there it was. Those breasts which I crave for. Sexiest breasts in the world I can say. Perfect size, perfect nipples (darkish brown) looks amazingly hot. She was shy which was obvious. I was Vry hard and I took both the breasts in My hand ( it was so so soft) , and I started pressing it hard. She moaned heavily but still, I continued pressing her boobs up and down. Touching both the boobs together and then separating them. Was fun. Chuchi Dabana is great fun.

After that, I went down a bit and slowly took my tongue out and circled through her nipples by which she was mad. She holds me tightly. I knew she is getting horny. I licked her nipples and then took that nipple in my mouth deep inside and started sucking it fast my like a baby. Sucked it for good 3-5 mins and did the same with the other nipple.


To make it sexier I put some saliva on her breasts and nipples and started massaging her breasts by pressing it hardly and then pinching and pulling her nipples. She was aroused. And wanted more.


Then I started kissing her navel which was so sexy. She was in heaven I suppose by her reaction.


Then I stood up hugged her she also hugged me tight and during that hug, I tried to unbutton her jeans, she hesitated but I convinced her that nothing will happen.


I unbuttoned her jeans , pulled it down and took if off her legs. Pushed her to the walls and went down and started kissing her sexy milky thighs which are a visual treat after her breasts. She was in a state not to reply. I took a bold step and during kissing her thighs I pulled her black panties down too. She was very shy and started pulling me up but I refused. She had to surrender and she did. I took that panty off and kept it near. Now my baby was completely nude in front of me and it was the best view one can see. A complete package of beauty in the face. Great boobs. Amazing figure. So so sexy.


Without wasting much time I started lip locking her because that is what helps me gain control over her. As we started kissing I took my hand towards her pussy. Went through her bushes (was dense). Then I touched the hottest and sensitive part of a girls body. Her pussy. She was extremely wet down there. Was hot and an amazing touch. While kissing I started rubbing her pussy slowly by spreading her legs a bit. She went mad and I continued. I played with her clit, the opening of her pussy. As she was wet and I sat down to spread her legs and went between her legs to taste her pussy. As soon as I put my tongue on her pussy she holds me tight. I knew she was horny. So I started licking it heavily. From up to down, I licked each inch of her pussy. Believe me there’s nothing sexier in dis world than being able to lick a girls pussy. I started taking all her juices all her wetness inside me. I loved it. She was enjoying a lot.


What happened now shocked me. She said in my ears slowly to finger her. I was so happy. I hugged her took her nipples in my mouth spread her legs and inserted my middle finger in her pussy hole slowly. She hugged me tightly. It went inside totally and I finger fucked her for 5 minutes. It was great. She was amazed by this kind of love.


As it was getting late we had to leave that place as it was getting riskier. Hope you all enjoyed this story which is 1000% true. For feedback – [email protected]m

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