A Fall On My Aunt Which Changed The Life | English Sex Story

A Fall On My Aunt Which Changed The Life

Hello all… I am rajesh from visakhapatnam completed my b.Tech last year and currently in search of a job. I am 5.8″ with a average body.. I am going to describe a story which happened last month between me and one of my aunt.. About my aunt she is 5.6″ with a structure of 36b-30-38 white in color anybody see her walking will absolutely think of her…

Coming to the story I was at home all the time as I have no work to do my mom always asks me to help her in her work but I don’t care much about it . One day my mom said that my aunt living in my neighborhood wants my help as she is cleaning her house firstly I rejected but my mom insisted me so I went on my mom’s request. When I went there she was already cleaning the cupboards of kitchen when she saw me she welcomed me and said thanks for coming to help her..

Slowly I too started helping her and was cleaning the cupboards of the hall she was now standing on a chair and was cleaning the upper shelves of the cupboard I was doing my work suddenly I heard a voice of her crying I went to see what had happened I was shocked to see that she had fallen from the chair and got her back injured I asked her how it happened she said that she was taking something from the upper shelf when suddenly the chair got slipped and she fell down.. Due to falling from a small height on her back she had a pain and I help her in waking her up and gave support to walk I took her to the bed and helped in laying her on bed. She was in pain I asked her should she need a massage she said a “no” then when I insisted her she accepted by a little hesitance and then I brought the moov from the other room she was wearing chudidhar…

I lifted the top a bit until I could reach the injured area. Slowly started applying moov and started massaging slowly initially she was not responding I think it was due to the pain but after some time due to this massage I was aroused a little bit I started moving my hand all over her back now I was massaging her whole back slowly her breathing too got increased I observed some variation in her face she was not wearing a bra slowly

A Fall On My Aunt Which Changed The Life

I started touching the sides of her boob she was breathing heavily and started to moan a bit saying “hmm ….” in a relaxed manner I took it as signal and started caressing her boob from sides she hold my hand from side I was scared a little as she was my mom’s best friend and thought that she will say everything to my mother but to my surprise she took my hand deeper and allowed me to squeeze the whole boob.. I was in heaven when she did it. Then I slowly started squeezing her boob my other hand was caressing her butt… I was in total pleasure slowly she turned towards me and I was avoiding eye contact with her she held my face and took it near to her face and gave a kiss on my lip then we started kissing each other our lips got locked in each others mouth and were smooching vigorously.

We were in full pleasure I drank all her saliva and slowly moved towards her body I removed her top and was licking and kissing her whole body slowly giving love bytes at alternate places she was fully high and pushed my face to her pussy area firstly I kissed her pussy over her pants and then removed the knot of her pants and removed the pants she was now in her black panty the smell of sweat mixed with pussy juices made me more crazy I was always fond of sniffing a used panty it was like a drug for me slowly I removed her panty and sniffed it for 5min as it was my last breathe..

She hold my head and placed it near her pussy it was little hairy I was in full enjoyment as I was near the holy hole I got more excited and started sniffing and licking the pussy region she started to push my head towards the pussy I was unable to breathe but I managed and licked it for 20min suddenly she let out the juices from her pussy with a scream mixed with pleasure.. Slowly she pulled my head up and started kissing me again our lips got locked and kissed for 10min…

She was now rubbing her pussy with my dick and was saying to fuck her I readily accepted and removed my underwear she pushed me to bed and got on top of me she slowly held my penis and showed the way for the holy hole … I entered slowly it was little tight as it was not used by my uncle since 2 years which aunt told after our session… aunty was moving up and down slowly.. I held her and made sleep on bed and went for missionary position and was fucking he.. She was screaming in pleasure and dug her nails all over my back after 20min of passionate sex I was about to cum I asked her where to release the cum she said that she wants that inside her I cummed inside her and she too ejaculated at the same time we were sleeping on each other and smooching each other..

After some time it was afternoon uncle will come home for lunch aunt thanked me for the session and we again started our cleaning session…

After about 20min uncle reached home I was about to leave when uncle said to have lunch with them I was little hesitant to see aunty in front of uncle after our session but uncle insisted me to stay so I stayed back had lunch with them.. After some time uncle left for office again. I informed my mom that I had food with aunt and will be late in coming mom accepted as she was my mom’s best friend after uncle left we had 2 more sessions till evening we were cleaning the house being naked and had done kinky stuff during the cleaning of house.

I am thankful to you all as you read my story… sorry for any grammatical mistakes… you can mail your feedbacks at [email protected] . Any aunty/lady/women/girls in an around visakhapatnam want a secret relation can mail me am ready to help you in making your dream come true… please send your feedback….

Thanking you all once again for reading my story

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